Bridal Shower: No Wedding Shower for Second Wedding?

Q: I am the maid of honor -- for the second time -- in my friend's second marriage. She doesn't want a wedding shower; she's having a family wedding luncheon and not inviting a lot of friends. I really don't know what to do. What is the etiquette for the maid of honor for second marriages? I would like to do something special for her, but I'm not sure what -- she keeps saying she wants to keep everything really intimate. Any suggestions would help!

A: You sound like an MOH from heaven! Hopefully the bride knows how lucky she is. Etiquette for any maid of honor -- be it a first wedding or an eighth or ninth -- is to be there for the bride and listen to what she wants, then act accordingly. Sounds like your bride wants to go low-key this time. No shower? That's one less thing for you to do! It's perfectly understandable that you want to do something nice for her in your role as MOH -- maybe you should consider doing something low maintenance, with just the two of you. Go out for coffee, drinks, dinner, to a spa for massages, or even to get your nails done. The idea is to do something together, your treat, to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Have fun!

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