How to Ask for Charity Donations Instead of Wedding Gifts

There are multiple ways your wedding can support a good cause.
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Updated Oct 02, 2020

A wedding registry is a must-have for to-be-weds, but traditional gifts aren't for everyone. If serving platters and linen sets don't spark joy, there are plenty of modern ideas that may fit your lifestyle better, like experiences or wedding registry donations to charity organizations. There are plenty of ways your wedding can give back, and the most convenient way to approach it is through your registry. Luckily, it's easy to create a wedding charity registry and spread the word to guests. If you're wondering how to ask for charity donations instead of wedding gifts, the answer is simple thanks to modern registry tools. You can easily ask for wedding registry donations to charity and traditional gifts, considering some guests will want to get a physical present to celebrate your marriage. Overall, a gift registry will make shopping easier for everyone.

If wedding registry donations to charity are on the top of your wishlist, here's exactly how to inform guests. We break down how to ask for wedding donations, as well as "in lieu of wedding gifts donations" wording examples you can steal for your wedding website.

How to Ask For Wedding Registry Donations to Charity

The best way to ask for wedding donations to charity is through your registry. You can also use The Knot Cash Funds feature or set up a GoFundMe Registry to raise money for a cause close to your heart. Plus, with an all-in-one registry, you can ask for wedding donations as well as any traditional gifts for your newlywed nest.

Universal registry tools (like The Knot Registry) act as an aggregator, allowing you to compile gifts from any store or organization in one spot. Certain sites may add an extra fee to guests, so it's important to know what terms and conditions apply before you make any decisions. The best part, though, is you can easily link a universal registry to your wedding website.

Other registry sites also specialize in wedding donations. You can create a separate charity registry through crowdsourcing sites like JustGiving. Keep in mind that using these may mean guests have to toggle multiple URLs on your wedding website. Alternatively, do some research to see if your preferred charity has an established wedding program. Some organizations may have wedding donation funds available directly through their site. Guests might prefer the ease and security of donating money directly to the organization, so consider every option before making a final decision.

While third-party charity registry sites are good options, don't overlook the ease of a universal registry. Not only will The Knot all-in-one tool be easiest for you to manage, it'll make shopping simple for guests too.

"In Lieu of Wedding Gifts" Donations Wording Examples

The best place to spread the word about your charity registry is through your wedding website. It houses your wedding details, making it the easiest place to share registry information too. If you want to ask for wedding registry donations to charity, write a message explaining your choice on the welcome page of your site. Below, we outline "in lieu of wedding gifts donations" wording examples that you can copy.

Loved ones know we are passionate about [charity name]. In lieu of gifts, please consider making a donation to [charity link] in our names. We can't wait to celebrate with you.

[Charity name] has played an important role in our lives. [Explain why.] In lieu of wedding gifts, we ask that you consider making a donation to [charity link]. However, for those looking for additional gift ideas, we have created another registry for your convenience at [registry name].

Your presence at our wedding is more than enough so, please, no gifts required. If you're interested in blessing us with a present, please consider donation to [charity link]. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

We have been overwhelmed with generosity since our engagement party. For this reason, we politely request no gifts. If you'd like to help us celebrate, consider donating to [charity link].

After spending [X] years together, we are blessed enough to have everything we need. However, for those who have expressed interest in celebrating our marriage with a gift, please consider making a donation to [charity link]. There will also be a wishing well will be present at our reception.

We've recently been asked for gift suggestions by friends and family. Please know that your presence on the day is more than enough, but for those who have expressed an interest, we've listed the charities below that are closest to our hearts. A contribution would be most appreciated in lieu of a gift.

We are very lucky to have nearly everything we need to begin our next chapter together. In lieu of wedding gifts, please consider donating to [charity link] instead. However, for friends and family who have expressed interest, we have created a gift registry for convenience here.

Your presence at our wedding is the best present. In lieu of wedding gifts, we encourage you to consider donation to [charity link]. For your convenience, though, we have also registered at [gift registry] to help us begin married life.

Keep in mind that wedding gifts from guests are encouraged, not optional. When creating "donations in lieu of wedding gifts" wording, be careful as to not insist guests donate to a specific charity or organization. Your message should simply share why you've chosen to support a specific organization, as well as how guests can contribute. Some guests might not feel comfortable giving a wedding donation online, while others might prefer to give a physical gift instead. For those reasons, it's always best to include additional registry information just in case. This will ensure that loved ones don't buy items you already have or don't want. Plus, opening a wedding gift (or two) after your nuptials will be a sweet way to kick off married life.

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