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The 48 Best Places to Register for Wedding Gifts

From Amazon to Anthro, and everything in between.
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Updated Jul 28, 2020
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It seems like there are hundreds of places to create your wedding registry—and it's true. With so many retail stores and brands offering registry tools, narrowing down the best places to register for your wedding might be challenging, especially since the idea of having to play favorites between your beloved brands can leave you feeling exhausted. Don't stress though—we're the experts here, and we know how to create the best wedding registry for your personality. We've compiled a comprehensive guide of places you can register for a wedding, from big box retailers to online boutiques. We also break down everything to know about each service to help you determine the best places to register for your wedding.  

Why You Need a Wedding Registry

Before we divulge the best places to register, it's important to outline the basics first. Shortly after you get engaged, make a registry as guests will want to give you plenty of congratulatory gifts. A registry will ease their shopping process while helping you get gifts you want. Even if you don't think you need traditional wedding gifts, it never hurts to register for beloved household products—you can even set up a cash fund or specialty registry if that better fits your needs. 

Registering at multiple stores makes life easier for your guests. In previous years, it was encouraged to set up at least two or three registries for a variety of gift options. However, thanks to modern universal registry tools (like The Knot Registry!), it's easy to compile all of your gifts in one, easy-to-access list. (That means guests won't have to toggle between multiple URLs, and you don't have to manage a bunch of different websites either.)  

The size of your registry depends on your guest list. The best wedding registries are just over double the size of the guest list. This ensures that loved ones have plenty of gift options at a variety of price points. You should also regularly update your registry to make sure that options don't sell out and add more as gifts get purchased. 

Here's the thing: Nobody will think you're greedy for registering for a variety of wedding gifts. In fact, they'll appreciate having plenty of great options. To help you decide where to set up wishlists, we break down the best places to register for your wedding. Find our top picks, as well as the best honeymoon funds, charity sites, specialty stores and more.  

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Our Favorite Registries

Looking for the crème de la crème? Your search ends here. Below, we break down the very best places to register for your wedding. From universal tools to personalized wishlists with expert assistance, these registry services will make the gifting experience seamless for everyone involved. 

The Knot Registry

Why you'll love it: Obviously, we suggest our universal registry, and not because we're totally biased. The Knot Registry is the most flexible tool on the market, because it allows you to add gifts from any store or site in addition to letting you add top registry items directly from The Knot Registry Store. Our comprehensive registry means when you register on sites like Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Anthropologie, Etsy (and more!), all of your registries will be aggregated in the same place on our site. Plus, guests can easily see which gifts have already been purchased, and they can browse pre-selected collections from our favorite retailers. The Knot Registry can also be easily linked to your wedding website, which makes it easy for your guests to find in the first place. You can manage your registry with The Knot on our website or on the go with our app, making it one of the most convenient registries out there. 

Another plus: When it comes to finding the best items to add to your registry, we've done much of the research for you. You can browse top wedding gifts with our curated registry collections as well as The Knot Registry Awards winners. 

Potential downsides: You might have to explain to some guests, particularly those who are used to old-school registries, that your entire registry is in one spot. This shouldn't  be too difficult though—our registry is designed with users in mind, meaning any of your guests can use it (even your grandmother). 

Bonus perks: You can add cash funds to your registry if traditional gifts aren't your thing. (And yes, asking for a cash wedding gift is totally acceptable.) Our site allows you to label different cash funds too, meaning guests know if they're contributing to a daytime excursion on your honeymoon or a puppy fund. You can also track gifts purchased from your registry in an easy-to-read list that includes details like guest name, order status and purchase date.

Where to start: Create your registry on or on The Knot app.


Why you'll love it: Amazon sells just about everything. It also has a universal registry program, which means you can add items to your registry that aren't on using a browser extension. Customers can also shop Amazon Smile to support their favorite charities with their registry. There's also a thank-you note feature which allows you to track which guest gave you what.

Potential downsides: You don't have the option for a traditional "walk through the store with a scan gun" experience, nor can you see things in person before you register for them.

Bonus perks: You can browse curated selections of items, like "dinner and serveware" and the most popular items people are registering for. Or, you can check out products from celebrity collections too. Amazon Prime members get a 20 percent completion discount, as well as free shipping and other perks.

Where to start: Register online at

Bed Bath & Beyond

Why you'll love it: Bed Bath & Beyond offers a ton of beloved brands both in-store and online, so you'll find everything from fancy crystal glasses to practical organizing accessories. You can make an appointment to visit a store and build your registry with a consultant. Bed Bath & Beyond has in store registry events and a curated online list of customer favorites to help you with making registry decisions.

Potential downsides: Bed Bath & Beyond is known for affordability, which means the selection of high-end luxury brands is limited.

Bonus perks: Family and friends can contribute to your registry by giving recommendations for particular products they love. There's also a postwedding discount offered to scoop up any items you really wanted, but no one purchased off your wish list.

Where to start: Create your Bed Bath & Beyond registry online or in stores. You can manage your list through the Bed Bath & Beyond website or app. Or, make an appointment in one of their stores for an in-person experience.


Why you'll love it: Anthropologie believes that creating a registry can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. Your registry will stay open for up to a year after your event, and you can enter two different shipping addresses to accommodate for moves and other big changes during your engagement and after.

Potential downsides: Anthropologie has plenty of eclectic items, perfect for those who stay ahead of the trends. Because of their boho selection, you may not find what you're looking for in terms of simple, minimalistic designs.

Bonus perks: There's a 15 percent completion discount, meaning you can purchase remaining registry items for less after your wedding day. Your guests can have gifts wrapped for $4 a box. Even though some larger items don't apply, Anthropologie can sometimes include a gift message for free.

Where to start: Start your registry online or with the Anthropologie app. Or, scan registry items at your local store. Select locations also offer private consultations for one-on-one assistance.


Why you'll love it: Etsy is an online marketplace for over two million sellers. With their registry tool, you can register for special items like handmade bowls, unique pillows, personalized wall decor, and eco-friendly lighting—the list goes on and on. Etsy offers variety, craftsmanship and originality that an average department store doesn't.

Potential drawbacks: Each seller has its own return policy and shipping methods, so you'll want to check each item's listing for all the details before adding it to your wishlist. Etsy doesn't carry certain must-have products (like kitchen appliances), so you might want to have another registry to stock up.

Bonus perks: This might be one of the few places you can actually register for vintage items. If antiques are your thing, Etsy is for you.

Where to start: Create your registry and manage gifts on

Crate & Barrel

Why you'll love it: Besides their gorgeous modern-classic furniture and home goods, Crate & Barrel offers engaged couples private registry events for one-on-one attention and advice. The brand also offers a 15 percent completion discount in stores and online for three months after your wedding.

Potential downsides: If it's even possible, you may end up registering for too many gifts. 

Bonus perks: Just in case you're moving around during the time of your wedding, you can even add two addresses when you create your registry. Your registry will also remain active for 18 months after your wedding day for late gifters. 

Where to start: Create your registry in stores, online or with the Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry app.

Pottery Barn

Why you'll love it: Three words: free design services. When you create a registry with Pottery Barn, you're given access to their team of design specialists who can help you curate the exact aesthetic you're looking for. Guests also have the option of sending you gift cards that work at Pottery Barn and its sister stores, Williams Sonoma and West Elm.

Potential downsides: Pottery Barn products tend to come in at higher price ranges, so you'll want to be conscious about giving guests gift ideas at all price ranges. 

Bonus perks: You get a postwedding discount of 10 percent off your registry for up to six months after your wedding. You may receive bonus gifts when guests purchase specific items off your registry. Pottery Barn also offers a thank-you tracker service so you can remember who gave you what and send your thank-you notes promptly.

Where to start: Create your Pottery Barn registry in stores or online.


Why you'll love it: If you need to stock your home, Wayfair is your one-stop shop. When creating your list, browse exclusive curated collections and mark your favorite gifts as "Most Wanted." You can also enable group gifting for larger-ticket items, meaning guests can contribute a specific dollar amount toward the product rather than paying for the entire thing. You'll receive a 20 percent discount coupon code to use as many times as you want (but not to exceed a total value of $20,000) for six months after your wedding.

Potential downsides: There's no in-person shopping, but the detailed descriptions and reviews on the site will help you make educated decisions.

Bonus perks: Registry specialists are available to help you create and manage your list. Shipping and returns (within 90 days for store credit) are free. You can also download a list of who bought you what, which will be a huge help when you're writing thank-you notes.

Where to start: First, make a Wayfair account. Then, create and manage your registry online or on the Wayfair app.

Williams Sonoma

Why you'll love it: Williams Sonoma is owned by the same company that owns West Elm and Pottery Barn, meaning gift cards you receive from your registry can be used at any of these three stores. (You can also add gifts from all three stores to one registry.) Williams Sonoma also offers product help after your wedding, so if you can't figure out how to use that high-tech juicer you registered for, its staff can step in.

Potential downsides: Although Williams Sonoma does have home goods for every room of the house, it specializes in kitchen equipment. While you'll be able to deck out your cooking space, you may want another registry to cover all the bases.

Bonus perks: You can make a one-on-one appointment with a registry specialist or attend a private shopping event with experts who can help craft the perfect registry. You also get a 10 percent discount on everything left on your registry up to six months past the event.

Where to start: Register online, in stores or through the Williams Sonoma app.

Sur La Table

Why you'll love it: For the couple who loves to spend their evenings creating feasts in the kitchen, Sur La Table  assigns a registry concierge who's able to help you through the entire process. There's a comprehensive online guide to all the Sur La Table brands and products to help you select everything you need. It also offers a 10 percent completion discount and remains active for 18 months after your wedding date.

Potential downsides: Sur La Table is a specialty kitchen store, so consider making another wishlist to complete the other rooms in your home.

Bonus perks: You can get certain extra gifts just for registering, or when certain items on your registry have been purchased. 

Where to start: Start your Sur La Table registry online

The Best Home Registries

Whether you're looking for bedroom basics or trendy accent pieces, these registries cover all of your newlywed nest needs. Keep browsing to see the best places to register for home gifts. 


Why you'll love it: Dillard's carries a wide variety of products for the home. It's a full-service registry experience, meaning specialists are available to help you through the process.

Potential downsides: Dillard's stores are mostly located in the South, so guests in the North might have to shop solely online.

Bonus perks: The department store offers a 20 percent completion discount, which is one of the highest available. There's also no need to register for gift cards; they'll automatically be added to your list.

Where to start: Register and manage your list online or at a Dillard's store.


Why you'll love it: Zola is a universal wedding registry that lets you compile all of your gifts in one place. You can also set up cash and experience funds if you don't want traditional gifts.

Potential downsides: Zola has so many registry options (like being able to add any item on the internet) that it's almost a little daunting. 

Bonus perks: You can install a browser plugin to add items from any store. If there's a boutique in your hometown that doesn't have a registry service, you can add their products to your registry with Zola. 

Where to start: Start your registry online at


Why you'll love it: If high-end brands are what you're after, Bloomingdale's is an ideal registry destination. The store has consultants that work strictly on wedding registries, and they're a consistent resource while you're going through the process. It offers completion discounts too: 10 percent off for the first six months after your event and 20 percent off on a day of your choice within three months of your wedding date.  

Potential downsides: Bloomingdale's offers a huge variety of items, but not a huge variety of price points. This may not be the most wallet-friendly option for your guests.

Bonus perks: Since Bloomingdale's has clothes, it gives discounts to registry couples for certain clothing items, including 20 percent off dresses, suits, jewelry and intimates. Look out for invites to in-store events, such as spa days and men's styling events.

Where to start: Start your Bloomingdale's registry in stores or online, and manage your wishlist through the store's app.


Why you'll love it: You have up to one year after your wedding to return any gift from your Target registry. There's also a 15 percent completion code for whatever's left on your registry that your guests didn't purchase for you. Target allows for group gifting too, so your friends and family can chip in together for bigger gifts.

Potential downsides: You may not be able to register for that luxe cashmere blanket you've always wanted, but you'll be able to get practically everything else.

Bonus perks: Target has a universal registry tool. If you see something you love that Target doesn't carry, like something handmade from Etsy, you can still add it to your Target registry. The store has also partnered with Honeyfund, so you can add honeymoon experiences and cash to your registry.

Where to start: Create and manage your Target registry online, in one of its stores nationwide or on the Target Registry mobile app.


Why you'll love it: We bet there's not one wedding guest who doesn't have a Walmart near their home. The convenience is great for you too, since you can manage your registry online and via the Walmart app. Scan items with your phone to add them to your list.

Potential downsides: Forget the high-end products. A Walmart registry is sure to include lower-priced items. But the selection is wide, so you might be surprised to find many of your favorite brands in the store or online.

Bonus perks: Printable cards allow you to easily spread the word about your registry. Your registry will stay active for two years after the wedding date.

Where to start: Register online or download the Walmart app and scan items in-store.


Why you'll love it: Trendy brand Snowe is known for ultra-luxurious sheets and sleek, minimalistic home accents. If you have high-end taste and a low budget, this chic brand is for you. 

Potential downsides: Snowe only has one brick-and-mortar store in the Hamptons, so in store shopping may be difficult for some guests. 

Bonus perks: In addition to a 15 percent completion discount for you, guests will also receive $20 off a purchase for themselves. 

Where to start: Create and manage your Snowe registry online

West Elm

Why you'll love it: Mid-century modern furniture, tableware and decor items for every room in the home? Yes, please. Book an appointment with an in-store design consultant at West Elm to help you choose the perfect products to merge your and your fiance's styles and outfit your pad. West Elm offers a 15 percent completion discount to use after the wedding.

Potential downsides: If you want classic or traditional pieces, you probably won't find them here.

Bonus perks: West Elm offers a group gifting option that allows guests to chip in smaller amounts toward pricier gifts. It also provides "Partner Perks" which are discounts to use with partner brands Minted, Pure Barre, Mark & Graham, Drybar and more. You can also register for gift cards that are good at West Elm, Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn.

Where to start: Create and manage your registry online or at a West Elm store. 


Why you'll love it: As a universal registry, MyRegistry allows you to add a special button to your internet browser and add any item from any website to your wishlist. Or, you can sync your registries from sites to have all the info in one place. The beauty of MyRegistry is that you don't have to feel bound by just two or three stores (or places that have their own registry systems). You can choose items from any brand while also registering for cash gifts and charity donations. 

Potential downsides: Even though MyRegistry is free to use, cash gifts and charity donations are charged a handling fee. You may not be able to get a completion discount for some of the items if you're not registering with the store directly.

Bonus perks: You can also take the MyRegistry app with you to stores and scan items directly to add them to your list. If the store doesn't have a website, snap a photo and fill in a few details about your pick.

Where to start: Create your registry online or using the MyRegistry app, or create a store registry then sync it with your MyRegistry account.


Why you'll love it: A David's Bridal Company, Blueprint is another aggregate registry site where you can add items from top retailers, boutiques and any website using a plugin button. Guests can look at all the items you're registered for at once and filter them by price instead of poking around to different sites to get all the details.

Potential downsides: Guests who are wedding registry traditionalists may not get it. They'll shop directly through Blueprint, so they may not be able to use store coupons.

Bonus perks: You can register for cash, designate big-ticket items as group gifts (so guests can contribute a dollar amount toward their purchase), and also import a registry if you already have one. The site's interactive Register by Room feature helps you create your list and make sure you're covering all your bases throughout your home.

Where to start: Create a Blueprint registry online, and install the Blueprint button to your internet browser so you can add items.


Why you'll love it: You can add affordable products, and even furniture, for every room in your home to your IKEA wishlist. Guests can shop either online or in-store.

Potential downsides: IKEA's products are some of our faves but they're not all heirloom quality. Plus, not everyone has an IKEA store near them.

Bonus perks: You'll be able to register for IKEA gift cards and manage your registry online, in-store and on the IKEA Gift Registry app.

Where to start: You'll have to join IKEA Family (the brand's loyalty program) so you can register online or at an in-store kiosk.

Neiman Marcus

Why you'll love it: You'll find a variety of high-end home products for your registry at Neiman Marcus. When you register, you'll receive a coupon code for $100 off a $400 purchase. It also offers a 10 percent completion discount.

Potential downsides: There might not be a lot of items in a low price range. Also, there are limited locations in the US, so your guests might not all have a store near to them.

Bonus perks: Guests will love to take advantage of free gift wrapping and free shipping on registry purchases. And for you, returns are free too (unless the item is monogrammed or otherwise personalized). You'll even get 10 percent off catering and dine-in food purchases at the Neiman Marcus restaurant.

Where to start: Make an appointment with a sales rep at a Neiman Marcus store for in-person assistance, or register online


Why you'll love it: CB2 is like Crate & Barrel's little sister. The brand has items for every room in your home, all with a stylish, modern vibe. Plus, you can share your registry with friends and family easily through its email notification feature.

Potential downsides: CB2 has limited brick-and-mortar stores in the US and Canada, so if your friends are far from one (and they're the type who like to shop in store instead of online) this could be tricky.

Bonus perks: CB2 will help your guests by including gift wrapping and a personalized gift message for free. They can buy online and pick up in store too, making last-minute shopping less of an expedition.

Where to start: Create and manage your CB2 gift registry online


Why you'll love it: The Belk app lets you scan items with your smartphone to add them to your registry. The app also has checklists and thank-you lists to help you make sure you get everything you need and thank your guests for their generosity.

Potential downsides: Belk only has physical stores in certain states (mostly the southern US), but you can always register online.

Bonus perks: Belk has engagement parties in stores where you can create a new registry or add to an existing one. During these events, the completion rate reaches up to 25 percent. You may also earn rebates for free gifts if guests purchase certain registry items.

Where to start: Register in one of Belk's stores, online or with its free registry app.

Restoration Hardware

Why you'll love it: Your Restoration Hardware registry stays open for two years after you make it, and you can enter two different shipping addresses. Going on an extended honeymoon? No worries—you can ship your gifts to someone else. 

Potential downsides: Restoration Hardware carries bigger items like furniture, but isn't as helpful with smaller items like kitchen tools or linens.  

Bonus perks: Restoration Hardware allows you to add gifts from a variety of their own RH collections. Depending on the severity of your online shopping addiction, this could be totally worth it.

Where to start: Register online or in stores.

Scully & Scully

Why you'll love it: At Scully & Scully, the registry program is a "hold all gifts" format. Instead of receiving gifts as guests purchase them, you accumulate credit from those purchases that you can use however you want within the store. If a guest buys you a $200 bedspread from your list, you can use that $200 on the comforter or something else. This makes selecting the products for your registry seem a lot less final.

Potential downsides: There's only one Scully & Scully store in the country and it's in NYC. The format may also be confusing for some guests who aren't familiar with the "hold all gifts" style. 

Bonus perks: If dinner parties are important to you, Scully & Scully has a huge selection of tabletop products. You can have a one-on-one consultation to see different styles and patterns of china and get personalized help in choosing.

Where to start: Create your Scully & Scully registry in store or online.


Why you'll love it: Macy's offers a newlywed discount so you can get an extra 20 percent off most of the items left on your registry up to six months after the wedding. Plus, its Registry Star Rewards program allows couples to earn points as people shop for them. So when you receive a gift or buy something from Macy's (like a rehearsal dinner outfit), you can earn points that translate into a gift card.

Potential downsides: Macy's has so many products that you may get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of registry potential.

Bonus perks: Macy's hosts in store events with entertainment, refreshments, and personal consultants to aid in the registry process.

Where to start: Create your Macy's registry in stores or online. Enlist the help of wedding and gift advisors in stores. 

Kate Spade

Why you'll love it: Kate Spade may be known for handbags and accessories, but the brand also carries pretty dishes, glasses, bedding, bath accessories and other home accents. 

Potential downsides: Kate Spade items are whimsical, stylish and fun but you might not want them in every corner of your home. Consider registering elsewhere too so you get a good mix.

Bonus perks: You can designate different shipping addresses for pre and postwedding if you want. You can also register for Kate Spade gift cards.

Where to start: Create and maintain your Kate Spade registry online.

Ballard Designs

Why you'll love it: Ballard Designs goes above and beyond the essentials to offer stylish options for couples who are into home design. Browse furniture, bedding, bath items, lighting, tabletop items and much more.

Potential downsides: The aesthetic skews toward the traditional, so you might not find what you're looking for if you love modern or bohemian decor. There are only nine retail stores in the US, so guests that prefer to do in-person shopping might not have that option.

Bonus perks: You can register for gift cards, which is super smart if you're moving in the near future and aren't yet sure what you'll need to make the new house a home. There are a lot of items available that can be monogrammed for a personal touch.

Where to start: Create and manage your Ballard Designs registry online.


Why you'll love it: Boscov's has registry consultants in stores (and online) to help couples build registries and then monitor the lists in case something goes out of stock or everything gets bought early. Additionally, when a couple registers at Boscov's, they get personalized cards to put in their shower invites that give guests a 10 percent discount when shopping for the couple. 

Potential downsides: Boscov's stores are located mostly on the East Coast.

Bonus perks: Couples get a 15 percent shopping pass discount just for registering. Boscov's gives couples 10 percent back on every gift their guests purchase from the registry, and the couple can use that to purchase remaining items. On top of that, the store gives couples a 10 percent completion discount on almost all items.

Where to start: Create and manage your Boscov's registry online or in stores.

Design Within Reach

Why you'll love it: Design Within Reach is a go-to source for authentic modern design for the home. While you might think of DWR as a furniture store, there's also dinnerware, bedding, bath items and much more you can add to your wishlist.

Potential downsides: Design Within Reach doesn't have as many product options as, say, a big department store does, but if you really dig its ultra-modern style, you may appreciate that it's curated. Also, gift options may be pricey for some of your guests, so you probably want to register elsewhere for affordable items too.

Bonus perks: Easily manage your registry on the Design Within Reach website. You can also add gift cards to use toward future purchases, which might be ideal for those really big ticket items.

Where to start: Create and manage your DWR registry online.


Why you'll love it: Frontgate carries items for every section of the home—even outdoor living and pets. The brand is known for personalization abilities, so this is the place for you if you love monograms.

Potential downsides: Frontgate is a luxury brand, so there might not be much to add to your registry that'll appeal to guests who are on a tight budget.

Bonus perks: You can book in-store appointments to get expert help on creating your registry.

Where to start: Create and manage your Frontgate registry online or in-store.


Why you'll love it: When a guest buys a gift off your Gearys registry, you'll get an email that allows you to digitally "unwrap" the gift and see the value. The value is added to your registry account as store credit. Then, whenever you're ready, you can make final decisions and purchases with that flexible account. You can even choose items that weren't on your original registry. The money in your registry account never expires, so if you change your mind about your china pattern three years down the road, you could use any leftover credit to buy a new set.

Potential downsides: Gearys only has store locations in California, so guests need to shop in person if they want to have the tangible gift to bring to your shower or wedding. All online orders are delivered as "gift letters" via email. The store specializes in luxury items, so you might not find the practicality or affordability you're looking for.

Bonus perks: You'll receive a personal registry consultant to help you select the perfect items.

Where to start: Create your Gearys registry online or in stores.

Heath Ceramics

Why you'll love it: If you're really into design and have been pining for the stunning dinnerware, tabletop accessories and home decor at Heath Ceramics, this is your chance to get some. There are two registry options to fit different needs. With their conventional registry, guests shop in-store or online and then have gifts shipped to you. With their virtual registry, guests shop online only, and their purchases are given to you in the form of credit you can use toward any registry items you choose.

Potential downsides: Because many of the items at Heath are made in small batches, things can go out of stock at times. Seasonal items, furniture and tiles aren't able to be added to a registry. Gift cards can't be put on a registry either but guests can still choose to purchase them for you. You won't find a toaster oven or vacuum at this store, so you might want to create another registry elsewhere too.

Bonus perks: Heath Ceramics offers a one-time completion discount of 15 percent.

Where to start: Create and manage your Heath Ceramics registry online.

Hudson Grace

Why you'll love it: You'll be proud to entertain using pretty and timeless Hudson Grace products. Guests can shop in-store or online, and it's easy to maintain your wishlist through the Hudson Grace website.

Potential downsides: Some items are limited edition or one-of-a-kind and could sell out. There are only seven Hudson Grace locations in the US, which complicates in store shopping.

Bonus perks: Guests ordering online will have the ability to include a personal message with your gift.

Where to start: Create your Hudson Grace registry online. For a walk-through of the store with a registry specialist, make an appointment with your nearest store.

Jung Lee NY

Why you'll love it: At Jung Lee NY, you can meet with a design professional so they can learn about your lifestyle and design taste. They'll recommend a list of products customized to you and your future spouse. Essentially, you'll make your registry with the help of a professional interior designer. Don't have time for an in-person meet? You can create your registry online instead.

Potential downsides: There's only one brick-and-mortar store location, and it's in NYC.

Bonus perks: Chatting with your design professional about your ideal design aesthetic, interests and style may help inspire your wedding decor too. You can also decide whether you want items shipped to you immediately or after the wedding.

Where to start: Start your Jung Lee NY registry online, or set up a meeting with one of the team's professionals. 

Z Gallerie

Why you'll love it: Z Gallerie is a member of the family, which means it can be synced with other lists on the website.

Potential downsides: MyRegistry is an online service that doesn't offer in-person help, so it can feel less personal than some other options.

Bonus perks: MyRegistry allows you to register for cash gifts as well as more traditional gifts, which is nice for those with registry indecision. 

Where to start: Create and manage your Z Gallerie registry online or with MyRegistry's app.

The Best Cash & Honeymoon Fund Registries

It's common to register for cash in addition to gifts. Monetary donations are often used to cover honeymoon expenses, though they can be put toward anything you want (or need), like a home starter fund. Here, we outline some of the best cash and honeymoon registries. (To see our full honeymoon registry roundup, click here.) 

The Knot Cash Fund

Why you'll love it: You can register for cash through The Knot Cash Fund to use toward everything from date nights to home renovations to the honeymoon. Contributions, made by guests online, get transferred directly into your bank account.

Potential downsides: There's a 2.5 percent transaction fee for this service but it gets paid on your guests' end—not by you. 

Bonus perks: You can track your cash gifts through The Knot Cash Fund site and receive a notification email each time a guest contributes.

Where to start: Create a newlywed fund online or on The Knot app.


Why you'll love it: Want to go on a killer honeymoon? Register for it. Honeyfund allows you to create a wishlist for every aspect of your newlywed trip, including airfare, hotel stay, car rentals, activities and more. You'll receive digital gift cards to use throughout your vacation.

Potential downsides: There's no fee for the service if you get only gift cards, but if you'd prefer cash, you'll be charged a small fee for online transactions. Last-minute or late gift-givers might miss the opportunity to buy you that horseback riding excursion or romantic dinner before you've left for your trip.

Bonus perks: Honeymoon items aren't the only things you can register for at Honeyfund. You can turn it into a universal registry that includes other sites and stores where you've registered. You can also register for cash.

Where to start: Create and manage your Honeyfund registry online.


Why you'll love it: Like some other alternative registries, SoKind allows you to register for cash and charitable contributions. You can also register for non-monetary things like  help landscaping your new yard, homemade meals, or quilt squares to stitch together to create a huge "quilt guest book," for example. If your guests are talented, handy or crafty, the list can go on and on. 

Potential downsides: Monetary transactions don't go directly though SoKind, so guests may have to write and mail you a check or send the money through PayPal (in which case, you could be charged a fee).

Bonus perks: Guests pay what they can, so even if someone can't afford to pay for your entire honeymoon flight, they can still contribute.

Where to start: Create a SoKind registry online.

Traveler's Joy

Why you'll love it: Traveler's Joy is a registry service that lets you collect money toward your honeymoon as opposed to traditional gifts. You create an account based on your honeymoon and the activities you want to do, and Traveler's Joy lets your guests contribute monetary gifts to use toward your honeymoon wishlist. The "gifts" you ask for can be experience-based or practical. If you're going on a cruise for your honeymoon, you can add extra excursions like scuba diving, or more tangible products like sunglasses and sunscreen. 

Potential downsides: There are some service charges involved, including a deduction for credit card processing and the cost to host and service your registry.  

Bonus perks: Unlike other honeymoon registry sites, Traveler's Joy lets you book your honeymoon through whomever you'd like. You don't have to use a specific travel agent or company; instead, you get the cash to use toward your purchases. Traveler's Joy also lets you split up the cost of an item, so if your couple's massage is going to be $200, you can turn that into four gifts of $50.

Where to start: Start and manage your Traveler's Joy registry online.  

Honeymoon Wishes

Why you'll love it: Honeymoon Wishes is one of the most luxurious honeymoon fund sites. It's billed as "America's Most Trusted Honeymoon Registry" for a reason. 

Potential downsides: Because of its pedigree, the site comes at a higher cost than most other honeymoon fund sites. There's an added seven percent fee for gifts, billable to you or your guests at checkout. There's also a processing fee for credit cards.

Bonus perks: The brand has an extensive list of honeymoon destinations thanks to their exclusive partnerships with cruise lines and hotels that other registries don't have. They also offer live customer service and cutting edge security.

Where to start: Create and manage your Honeymoon Wishes registry online

The Best Charity Registries

Perhaps you'd rather link your registry to a charity to raise money for a cause. Here, we outline the best places to register to give back. 


Why you'll love it: GoFundMe is one of the most recognizable crowdsourcing platforms. To date, their wedding registry program has raised over $2 million. 

Potential downsides: GoFundMe's wedding registry service is exclusively available through The Knot (but we won't say that's a bad thing).

Bonus perks: The super-simple process can be done in five minutes or less, and there are plenty of options since GoFundMe has thousands of charities to choose from. Because of the exclusive partnership, you can easily add your charity fund to your universal registry on The Knot. 

Where to start: Start and manage your GoFundMe registry online


Why you'll love it: JustGiving lets your guests donate to a charity instead of (or in addition to) buying you gifts. JustGiving sends the donations directly to the charities for you, so you don't have to worry about the logistics.

Potential downsides: You may need another registry. As much as we love the idea of being charitable, you might also want to treat yourselves with a couple kitchen appliances. Plus, JustGiving charges a fee that helps keep the organization running.

Bonus perks: You can log into your JustGiving account to see which guests have donated. If they share their email address, you can easily copy and paste to email them a thank you note.

Where to start: Create an account and a wedding-specific fundraiser online.

The Best Specialty Registries

Yep, specialty registries exist for couples with super unique interests. From Costco to Domino's, see our favorite niche registries below. 


Why you'll love it: If you're Costco-obsessed, you're going to love the ability to add all the cookware, appliance, bedding, decor and other items you love through its partnership with Once you set up your account, you can start shopping; just click "add to registry" on each item's product page.

Potential downsides: It's an online-only registry, so there isn't that in-store experience. Plus, you probably aren't going to find high-end designer home goods. 

Bonus Perks: You can register for Costco gift cards to use for future purchases. And since you'll be registering through, you can add other stores to your wishlist too.

Where to start: Create your Costco registry online or on the app. 


Why you'll love it: Oenophiles, this is the registry for you. If you're constantly stocking your wine collection, ThirstyNest allows you to register for bottles and barware for your newlywed nest. 

Potential downsides: As much as you might want to only register for wine, consider also creating a traditional registry to give guests more options. 

Bonus perks: ThirstyNest makes it easy to register for gifts thanks to their one-click service. Instead of browsing pages of wine and corresponding glassware, their pre-selected bundes make it easy to find expert-approved pairings.  

Where to start: Start and manage your ThirstyNest registry online


Why you'll love it: Because you can register for pizza, that's why! Pizza for the night you spend writing thank-you notes? Sandwiches for the day you move into your new home? A full spread of eats for the bachelorette party? All those and more can be purchased for you by your wedding guests. They choose the occasion and send the corresponding e-gift card your way.

Potential downsides: You'll get your pizza gifts as e-gift cards, so there's a chance you could forget to use them. (Don't!)

Bonus perks: Guests have the option to print out the e-gift cards and slip them into a card to give to you at your shower or wedding. You can really use them for anything at Domino's—it doesn't have to be what the gift-giver has specified.

Where to start: Create and manage your Domino's registry online


Why you'll love it: Your registry doesn't have to be about what you do indoors. If you're the nature-loving type, it can include camping gear, bike helmets, backpacks for an upcoming expedition and more thanks to REI. Guests can purchase both in-store or online.

Potential downsides: Some REI items are available in-store only and not online.

Bonus perks: Customer service reps are available in REI stores to help you choose items for your list in person. Your REI registry will be accessible for a year after your wedding date, so guests can keep giving if they like.

Where to start: Create your REI registry in store or online.


Why you'll love it: If you love cooking, entertaining and downright beautiful objects, you'll be obsessed with Food52's curated selection of goods by artisans and small merchants. Every little thing on the website feels like a boutique find.

Potential downsides: There's no permanent storefront, only the occasional pop-up shop. You won't be able to see items in person before your register, and guests will have to shop online only.

Bonus perks: Food52 offers a 10 percent completion discount on most products for six months after the wedding. The site has tons of curated lists to help you choose registry items room-by-room, or based on style or theme.

Where to start: Register and track your gifts online.

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