The 25 Best Places to Register for Wedding Gifts Online and in Stores

These are the top wedding registries for everything from housewares to honeymoon funds.
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Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
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Updated May 12, 2022
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It seems like there are hundreds of places to create your wedding registry—and it's true. With so many retail stores and brands offering registry tools, deciding where to register for your wedding might be challenging, especially since the idea of having to play favorites between your beloved brands can leave you feeling exhausted. Don't stress though—we're the experts here, and we know how to create the best wedding registry for your lifestyle. We've compiled a comprehensive guide of the best places to register for a wedding, from big-box retailers to online boutiques. We also break down everything to know about each service to help you determine which ones are right for you.

But before we divulge the best of the best wedding registries, it's important to outline the basics. You should make a registry shortly after you get engaged, as guests will want to give you plenty of congratulatory gifts. A registry will simplify their shopping process while helping you get the things you really want. The size of your registry depends on your guest list. Having enough items ensures that loved ones have plenty of gift options at a variety of price points. You should also regularly update your registry to make sure that options don't sell out and add more as gifts get purchased.

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How to Decide Where to Register for Wedding Gifts

Registering at multiple stores makes life easier for your guests. In previous years, it was encouraged to set up at least two or three registries for a variety of gift options. However, thanks to modern universal registry tools (like The Knot Registry!), it's easy to compile all of your gifts in one, easy-to-access list. (That means guests won't have to toggle between multiple URLs, and you don't have to manage a bunch of different websites either.) Still, you might feel confused about where to start and which retailers and registries to prioritize as you're compiling your list. Use these helpful tips to make those decisions easier.

  • The wedding gift website you choose to register with shouldn't cause any headaches for you or your guests. You want a registry that's easy to use for everyone involved.

  • Consider whether you prefer retailers with a wide variety of products or appreciate stores with fewer, but more carefully curated, items. You should also think about what kind of gifts you want to add—tried-and-true favorites from well-known brands or handmade, artisanal treasures?

  • Is it important for your guests to be able to shop in person? This may be especially true for engagement parties and wedding shower gifts. If so, you should register somewhere that has physical store locations near your loved ones.

  • Think about what you want to achieve from your wedding wish list before you decide where to register. Not every couple is outfitting or upgrading their home. You might find that you'd rather skip the traditional wedding registry and set up a honeymoon fund or charity donation instead.

The Best Places to Register for Your Wedding

To help you decide where to set up wish lists, we break down the best places to register for wedding gifts. Find our top picks, including the best honeymoon funds, charity sites, specialty stores and more. (Psst, you can add products from any of the stores on this list to your registry on The Knot using our bookmarkable browser button, and registries created with our partner stores can even be synced automatically.)

Couple opening registry gifts from The Knot Registry at home
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The Knot Registry

As the most trusted and highest rated wedding planning platform, The Knot has helped over 25 million couples celebrate their love to date. And when it comes to your wedding registry, The Knot Registry is the most flexible tool on the market. It allows you to add items from any store or site in addition to your favorite picks from our very own store, which is chock-full of exclusive gifts at a wide range of price points, as well as gift cards, experiences and cash funds. What more could you possibly need? Set up your everything registry on our website or all-in-one wedding planning app in minutes. Sharing your wish list with guests is easy too. Our registry syncs gifts from the most retailers directly to your free wedding website.

    • What you'll love: Our comprehensive registry means when you register on sites like Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and Wayfair, all your registries will be aggregated in the same place on our site. You can also add cash funds if traditional gifts aren't your thing, labeled to let guests know exactly what they're contributing to. We recommend taking advantage of all our amazing resources when it comes to finding the best registry items. Start your wish list with the products our couples and editors love the most: winners of The Knot Registry Awards. This year, we've given our official seal of approval to the very best housewares, gift cards, cash funds and more. To complete your list, browse personalized picks at every price point and check out our expert-curated registry collections including gift ideas for small spaces, travel essentials and coffee paraphernalia. Once you've customized your registry exactly how you want it, enjoy free shipping and returns on every item from The Knot Registry Store. Finally, track gifts purchased from your registry in an easy-to-read list that includes details like guest name, order status and purchase date.

    • What your guests will love: The Knot Registry isn't just super convenient for you, it's also simple for guests to use. Your loved ones can access your registry with ease through your wedding website and check out on our safe, secure interface. It's clear which gifts have already been purchased, so your guests don't have to worry about accidentally buying you a second set of dinner plates. They're also able to see which gifts you've selected as a "Top Choice," which makes deciding what to get a whole lot easier. With The Knot Registry, your loved ones can give you a gift that really counts.

    • Potential downsides: You might have to explain to some guests, particularly those who are used to old-school registries, that your entire registry is in one place. This shouldn't be too difficult though—our registry is designed with users in mind, meaning any of your guests can use it (even your grandmother). It's one convenient link for your entire wedding wish list.

    Barware from Wayfair online wedding registry store


    It's easy to set up your Wayfair wedding registry online or on the Wayfair app. The site's streamlined design makes getting started a breeze, so you can jump right in and start adding items big and small to your gift list. Registry specialists are available to help you create and manage your list. Shipping and returns (within 90 days for store credit) are free.

    • What you'll love: If you need to stock your home, Wayfair is your one-stop shop. When creating your list, browse a wide variety of indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as housewares and appliances from popular brands like KitchenAid and Le Creuset. You'll receive a 20% discount coupon code for any registry items on your list that went unfulfilled. You can use the code as many times as you want (but not to exceed a total value of $20,000) for six months after your wedding. Plus, convert any gift to store credit before it ships (the sender will never know!). Finally, you can download a list of who bought you what, which will be a huge help when you're writing thank-you notes.

    • What your guests will love: Similar to The Knot's "Top Choice" feature, Wayfair's registry allows you to mark certain gifts as "Most Wanted." This makes it easier for guests to decide on a gift as soon as they view your wish list. You can also enable group gifting for more expensive items, meaning guests can contribute a specific dollar amount toward the product rather than paying for the entire thing.

    • Potential downsides: There's no in-person shopping, but the detailed descriptions and reviews on the site will help you make educated decisions.


    We're all familiar with the incredible range of items available on Amazon, but did you know the site also has a universal registry program? That means you can add items to your registry that aren't on Amazon using a browser extension. Amazon Prime members get a completion discount of up to 20% with their online wedding registry, as well as free shipping and other perks.

    • What you'll love: There are featured collections of items on the site (think: "health and wellness" and "hosting") to inspire your selection. Additionally, browse the most popular items people are registering for to see what's trending and what other couples love. Have enough stuff in your home already? Instead, why not support your favorite charities with Amazon Smile? Or browse gift cards for airlines, experiences and more. Finally, the registry site's clever thank-you note feature makes it easy to keep track of which guest is responsible for each gift.

    • What your guests will love: It's easy for guests to find your wedding registry on Amazon. All they have to do is type your or your partner's name into the "find a registry" search bar and a list of matches will appear. It's possible to further filter the results by event location and date if necessary. On your registry page, gifts that have already been purchased are clearly marked as such. Similarly, certain items can be marked as high priority, helping loved ones to choose the things you really want and need first. Finally, guests can take advantage of group gifting or financing for big-ticket items.

    • Potential downsides: You don't have the option for a traditional "walk through the store with a scan gun" experience, nor can you see things in person before you register for them. There's also a chance that products from third-party sellers may become unavailable or that prices will fluctuate, requiring you to update your wish list more often.


    Target is another popular universal wedding registry where you can compile your must-have items from any store all in one place. For example, if you see something you love that Target doesn't carry, like a handmade serving bowl from Etsy, you can still add it to your Target registry. It's possible to create and manage your Target registry online, in one of its stores nationwide or on the Target Registry mobile app.

    • What you'll love: You have up to one year after your wedding to return any gift from your Target registry. There's also a 15% completion code for whatever's left on your wish list that your guests didn't purchase for you. For the items that do get purchased, you'll have access to tracking information to make organizing those thank-yous a whole lot simpler. The store has also partnered with Honeyfund, so you can add honeymoon experiences and cash to your registry too.

    • What your guests will love: Target allows for group gifting for items over $100, so your friends and family can chip in together for bigger gifts. It's also one of the few great online wedding registries with stores nationwide, so your loved ones can more than likely find a nearby store if they want to. And again, guests can make a quick and easy decision by opting for a gift you've marked as "Most Wanted."

    • Potential downsides: While Target has an incredible range of home goods, electronics and more to choose from, there are not as many curated collections as some other online registries. It's up to you to sift through the site (or store) to find the best gifts. Additionally, the completion code can only be used once in store and once online, so we recommend planning your shopping list carefully.

    Williams Sonoma

    Williams Sonoma is an online and in-store registry option with items for every room of your home. That said, the site specializes in cookware and kitchen appliances, so it's an especially great fit for any eager home cooks. Register online, in stores or through the Williams Sonoma app. Then, you can make a virtual appointment with a registry specialist or attend a private shopping event with experts who can help craft the perfect registry.

    • What you'll love: Williams Sonoma is owned by the same company that owns West Elm and Pottery Barn, meaning gift cards you receive from your registry can be used at any of these three stores. (You can also add gifts from all three stores to one registry.) The site's app features curated collections, gift tracking and digital checklists to support you every step of the way. After the wedding, Williams Sonoma offers product help, so if you can't figure out how to use that high-tech juicer you registered for, its staff can step in. Plus, enjoy a 10% completion discount for six months postwedding.

    • What your guests will love: Guests can help you get the things you really need and want by contributing to a gift card to put toward big-ticket items.

    • Potential downsides: Williams Sonoma's wedding registries take a little longer to update after guests make a purchase than some other retailers. Your gift list will be updated within one to two hours online and within 48 hours in stores, so there's a chance you might receive duplicate items and have to organize returns.

    Colorful pots and pans from Crate & Barrel wedding registry store
    Crate & Barrel

    Crate & Barrel

    If you want a wish list that encompasses every corner of your home, Crate & Barrel is one of the best wedding registry stores. The site has stylish furniture and decor as well as kitchen appliances, tableware and outdoor items. Create your registry in stores, online or with the Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry app.

    • What you'll love: Besides their gorgeous modern-classic furniture and home goods, Crate & Barrel offers engaged couples private registry events for one-on-one attention and advice. For even more inspiration, the site has curated collections and examples of real couples' registries. The brand also provides a 15% completion discount in stores and online for three months after your wedding. And just in case you're moving around during the time of your wedding, you can add two addresses when you create your registry.

    • What your guests will love: Your registry will remain active for 18 months after your wedding day, so late gifters won't miss out on helping you celebrate your newlywed status (or can pick up a thoughtful first anniversary present instead). The retailer also allows guests to join forces on a group gift fund.

    • Potential downsides: If it's even possible, you may end up registering for too many gifts.

    Traveler's Joy

    Traveler's Joy is a registry service that lets you collect money for your honeymoon as opposed to traditional gifts. Starting and managing your registry on the website is simple. Once you've signed up, take advantage of themed collections you can instantly add to your list or individually add your preferred funds.

    • What you'll love: Unlike some other honeymoon registry sites, Traveler's Joy lets you book your honeymoon through whomever you'd like. You don't have to use a specific travel agent or company; instead, you get the cash to use toward your purchases. You create an account based on your honeymoon and the activities you want to do, and Traveler's Joy lets your guests contribute monetary gifts to use toward your honeymoon wish list. The "gifts" you ask for can be experience-based or practical. If you're going on a cruise for your honeymoon, you can add extra excursions like scuba diving, or more tangible products like sunglasses and sunscreen. Want to keep your registry just between you and your guests? Add a password for privacy.

    • What your guests will love: Your loved ones want to send you off on an unforgettable honeymoon, but some of the experiences on your wish list might be a little pricey. Thankfully, Traveler's Joy lets you split up the cost of an item, so if your couple's massage is going to be $200, you can turn that into four affordable gifts of $50. As they browse your registry, your family and friends can read personalized notes from you and your S.O. about your travel plans.

    • Potential downsides: There are some service charges involved, including a deduction for credit card processing and the cost to host and service your registry. But keep in mind that your guests won't have to worry about shipping and handling fees or other costs associated with registry gifts from traditional retail stores.


    If you appreciate keeping your entire wish list on one site, MyRegistry is an option. Start your registry online or using the MyRegistry app, or create a store registry somewhere else, then sync it with your MyRegistry account. It's another one of the best wedding registry websites if you want to manage your wish list at home.

    • What you'll love: As a universal registry, MyRegistry allows you to use a special button on your internet browser and add any item from any website to your wish list. Or, you can sync your registries from other sites to have all the info in one place. The beauty of MyRegistry is that you don't have to feel bound by just two or three stores (or places that have their own registry systems). You can choose items from any brand while also registering for cash gifts and charity donations. You can also take the MyRegistry app with you to stores and scan items directly to add them to your list. If the store doesn't have a website, snap a photo and fill in a few details about your pick. You have the option to add a password to your wish list before sharing it with guests.

    • What your guests will love: As with other universal wedding registries, your guests will appreciate the convenience of finding all of your preferred gifts in one place.

    • Potential downsides: Even though MyRegistry is free to use, cash gifts and charity donations are charged a handling fee. You may not be able to get a completion discount for some of the items if you're not registering with the store directly. We recommend syncing your registries where possible rather than just adding products from the site to MyRegistry. Unlike The Knot's universal wedding registry, MyRegistry doesn't have its own store.

    Circular slate cheese board from The Dowry wedding registry website
    The Dowry
    Brooklyn Slate Company

    The Dowry

    The Dowry is a good place to register for your wedding if you already have the basics but are looking to upgrade or add the finishing touches to your home. The site has a cherry-picked selection of products designed by artisans in the US. Expect to find stunning handcrafted dinnerware, serveware, barware and more.

    • What you'll love: The Dowry is an online marketplace where couples can source beautiful items for their homes while supporting individual artisans, artists and small businesses. The company also contributes resources to help end abuse created by conventional dowry practices. To get started on your dream gift list, browse items by design style or shop curated collections, including Dowry experiences and Dowry exclusives. You are able to track the items that guests purchase, taking you one step closer to seamlessly mailing out your thank-you notes. The site also suggests syncing your Dowry registry with your registry on The Knot for ultimate convenience.

    • What your guests will love: Registries at The Dowry are inherently unique. You're encouraged to add the items that truly resonate with you and your soon-to-be spouse, giving guests a glimpse of your one-of-a-kind style as a couple. Your loved ones will have the privilege of picking out a truly unique gift designed to take pride of place in your home.

    • Potential downsides: You won't find foundational housewares or big-brand kitchen appliances at The Dowry, but your chances of stumbling across the perfect cheese board are pretty high.

    Pottery Barn

    Thinking of revamping your living room (or bedroom or bathroom or garden)? Visit Pottery Barn in stores or online to start registering for furniture, decor, lighting and more. Get inspiration from exclusive collaborations (ahem, Monique Lhuillier) and bestsellers, or build your wish list using the site's registry edit of 100 must-have items.

    • What you'll love: Three words: free design services. When you create a registry with Pottery Barn, you're given access to their team of design specialists who can help you curate the exact aesthetic you're looking for. Any gift cards you receive will also work at sister stores Williams Sonoma and West Elm. You get a postwedding discount of 10% off your registry for up to six months. (Plus, you may receive bonus gifts when guests purchase specific items off your registry!) Pottery Barn also offers a thank-you tracker service so you can remember who gave you what and send your thank-you notes promptly.

    • What your guests will love: Pottery Barn has some great perks for guests. Your loved ones can contribute to a gift card for more expensive pieces of furniture and decor. Plus, they can take advantage of Pottery Barn's monogram shop to make bedding, barware and more an extra-personal present.

    • Potential downsides: Pottery Barn products tend to come in at higher price ranges, so you'll want to be conscious about giving guests gift ideas at a variety of price points. (Psst, this is where having a universal registry like The Knot's comes in handy.)

    SPUR Experiences

    Already have everything you could possibly need? Or maybe you want to supplement another registry with a few fun experiences? Either way, SPUR is a great place to register for your wedding. You can create your registry online through the SPUR website, and there are also some amazing SPUR experiences in The Knot Registry Store if you're already registered with us.

    • What you'll love: There's a lot to love about SPUR's experience-focused wedding registries. For starters, 5% of your registry sales will be donated to the charity of your choosing (at no cost to you). There are a wealth of experiences to choose from in various destinations throughout the US as well as Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Europe. You can sign up for romantic experiences in your honeymoon location or day trips and date nights closer to home. Bonus: SPUR also offers sports and concert ticketing, so you really can register for all your bucket-list experiences. Finally, gift tracking includes contact information for your guests, so you don't have to go trawling through your address book when sending thank-you notes.

    • What your guests will love: Your registry page is highly personalized, providing guests with a warmer, more personal experience (not to mention making it easier to find thanks to the custom URL). You can add a profile picture, a thoughtful message and the reason you selected your chosen charity. For gifts amounting to $100 or more, the cost will be split into partial units priced at 10% of the total cost.

    • Potential downsides: Guests' contributions are delivered to an e-wallet on your SPUR account. It's important to note that these contributions are not cash gifts—they can only be exchanged for experiences on the site.

    West Elm

    Mid-century modern furniture, tableware and decor items for every room in the home? Yes, please. Bring your interior design vision to life with a West Elm wedding registry. You can create and manage your registry online or at a West Elm store.

    • What you'll love: You're able to book an appointment with an in-store design consultant at West Elm to help you choose the perfect products to merge your and your fiancé's styles and outfit your pad. It also provides "Partner Perks," which are discounts to use with partner brands Minted, Pure Barre, Mark & Graham, Drybar and more. If you appreciate flexible store credit, register for gift cards that are good at West Elm, Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn. You can track all registry purchases in the site's handy Thank You Note Manager.

    • What your guests will love: Your friends and family are able to include a personal message to be delivered with their gift. For pricier items, West Elm offers a group gifting option that allows guests to chip in smaller amounts.

    • Potential downsides: If you want classic or traditional pieces, you probably won't find them here. Additionally, West Elm no longer offers a completion discount, but you can take advantage of bonus gifts and exclusive in-store events.


    If high-end brands are what you're after, Bloomingdale's is an ideal registry destination. Start your Bloomingdale's registry in stores or online, and manage your wish list through the store's app.

    • What you'll love: Bloomingdale's has consultants that focus solely on wedding registries, and they're a consistent resource while you're going through the process. The store offers completion discounts too: 20% off for the first six months after your event. And those aren't the only perks! You'll also earn bonus gifts from registry-favorite brands like All-Clad, Cuisinart and Nespresso when you purchase the remaining gifts on your list. Since Bloomingdale's has clothes, it gives discounts to registry couples for certain clothing items, including 20% off dresses, suits and intimates. Plus, look out for invites to exclusive in-store experiences, such as spa days and men's styling events.

    • What your guests will love: Guests will appreciate how straightforward it is to use Bloomingdale's online registry, as well as having the option to shop in stores.

    • Potential downsides: Bloomingdale's offers a huge variety of items, but not a huge variety of price points. This may not be the most wallet-friendly option for your guests. That said, guests can choose to purchase a gift card in the amount of their choosing instead that'll go toward your most wanted items.

    Contemporary curved pink sofa from CB2 wedding registry store


    CB2 is like Crate & Barrel's little sister. The brand has items for every room in your home, all with a stylish, modern vibe. Create and manage your CB2 gift registry online.

    • What you'll love: Sharing the details of your gift list can be tricky, especially when proper etiquette prevents including registry info on your save-the-dates or wedding invites. CB2 allows you to share your registry with friends and family easily through its "Share My Registry" email notification feature. Updates to your registry made online are reflected immediately, while in-store updates take just 15 minutes to appear. This should greatly reduce your risk of receiving duplicate presents. Lastly, you can really make your registry your own by adding a photo and personal greeting, and tagging up to 40 "Most Loved" items.

    • What your guests will love: CB2 will help your guests by including colorful gift tissue and a personalized gift message for free. They can buy online and pick up in store too, making last-minute shopping less of an expedition.

    • Potential downsides: CB2 has limited brick-and-mortar stores in the US and Canada, so if you're the type who likes to shop in store instead of online, this could be tricky.


    Anthropologie believes that creating a registry can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. Start your registry online or with the Anthropologie app. Or, scan registry items at your local store. Select locations also offer private consultations for one-on-one assistance.

    • What you'll love: Your registry homepage provides an easy-to-digest breakdown of how many gifts you have requested, how many have been snapped up, and how many remain (so far) unpurchased. Your registry will stay open for up to a year after your event, and you can enter two different shipping addresses to accommodate for moves and other big changes during your engagement and after. There's also a 15% completion discount for 90 days after your wedding, meaning you can purchase remaining registry items for less.

    • What your guests will love: Your guests can have gifts wrapped for $4 a box. Some larger items don't apply, but Anthropologie can include a gift message for free instead.

    • Potential downsides: Anthropologie has plenty of eclectic items, perfect for those who stay ahead of the trends. Because of their boho selection, you may not find what you're looking for in terms of simple, minimalistic designs. Made-to-order and customized items can't be added to your registry.

    Colorful dinnerware from Foo52 online wedding registry store
    Bauer Pottery,Ty Mecham, James Ransom and Rocky Luten


    If you love cooking, entertaining and downright beautiful objects, you'll be obsessed with Food52's curated selection of goods by artisans and small merchants. Register and track your gifts on Food52's easy-to-navigate website.

    • What you'll love: Every little thing at Food52 feels like a boutique find. Once outfitted with your new wedding gifts, your kitchen will feel like a whole new space (in the best possible way). Food52 offers a 10% completion discount on most products for six months after the wedding. The site has tons of curated lists to help you choose registry items based on theme or item category. Once your guests have finished spoiling you, download gift tracking information as a handy CSV file that you can import into Excel or Google Sheets to kickstart thank-you note prep.

    • What your guests will love: You're able to view your registry in guest mode to make sure it's up to scratch before sharing it with guests. From there, they can easily pick out a present on the list or spring for a gift card to put toward something pricier.

    • Potential downsides: There's no permanent storefront, only the occasional pop-up shop, so you won't be able to see items in person before your register.


    Etsy's online marketplace is home to millions of independent sellers offering unique handmade housewares, personalized products and more. In fact, it's one of the few places you can actually register for vintage items—so if antiques are your thing, Etsy is for you. You can create and manage your registry exclusively on

    • What you'll love: With Etsy's registry tool, you can register for special items like handmade bowls, unique pillows, personalized wall decor, eco-friendly lighting—the list goes on and on. The site offers variety, craftsmanship and originality that you won't find at your average department store. Plus, you can take inspiration from editor-curated selections designed specifically for registering couples, including a dining and entertaining collection, decor and housewares, and furniture. Your registry homepage shows a handy breakdown of gifts requested versus gifts fulfilled and your wedding countdown.

    • What your guests will love: Guests will love knowing that they're gifting you something truly special and, in many cases, one of a kind. They'll also appreciate supporting small businesses and artisans with your wedding gifts.

    • Potential downsides: Each seller has their own return policy and shipping methods, so you'll want to check each item's listing for all the details before adding it to your wish list. Etsy doesn't carry certain must-have products (like kitchen appliances), so you might want to have another registry to stock up.


    Dillard's offers the typical department store registry experience. If you and your partner want a traditional registry with items for every room of your home, you can't go wrong creating a wish list here. Register and manage your list online or at any Dillard's store.

    • What you'll love: Dillard's carries a wide variety of items for the home, from bedding and bath products to small appliances. It's a full-service registry experience, meaning specialists are available to help you throughout the process. Enjoy well-known (and loved!) brands like Waterford Crystal, Smeg, Ninja and Vitamix. The department store offers a 20% completion discount, which is one of the highest available, but you'll have to venture into a store to use it. There's also no need to register for gift cards; they'll automatically be added to your list.

    • What your guests will love: You'll find items for lots of different budgets at this department store, allowing your loved ones to choose presents that reflect what they're comfortable spending.

    • Potential downsides: Dillard's stores are mostly located in the South, so those in the North might have to shop solely online. Specialty handmade items require extra lead time and may not ship for 12 to 16 weeks.


    GoFundMe is one of the most recognizable crowdsourcing platforms. It's a great choice for couples who want to use their wedding registry as an opportunity to give back. This is an increasingly popular choice, particularly for those who have already started building a home together and have all the material possessions they need. Start your GoFundMe registry online in just a few minutes.

    • What you'll love: To date, GoFundMe's wedding registry program has raised over $2 million. There are thousands of charities on the site to choose from, so you're sure to find one that resonates with you both personally. And because of our exclusive partnership, you can easily add your charity fund to your everything registry on The Knot.

    • What your guests will love: In addition to feeling good about making a charitable donation in lieu of buying a wedding gift, your guests get to learn more about you and your partner through the personal message you add to your fundraiser.

    • Potential downsides: GoFundMe's wedding registry service is exclusively available through The Knot (but we won't say that's a bad thing).


    Want to go on a memorable honeymoon? Register for it. Nowadays, there are several ways to support your postwedding getaway through your registry, from cash funds to experience gifts. Honeyfund allows guests to send monetary contributions toward your honeymoon (or another big postwedding expense, like buying your first home). Create and manage your Honeyfund registry online.

    • What you'll love: With Honeyfund, you're able to create a wish list for every aspect of your newlywed trip, including airfare, hotel stay, car rentals, activities and more. You'll receive digital gift cards to use throughout your vacation, which can be redeemed for experiences offered by partners including major airlines, hotels, restaurants and more. But like we said, honeymoon items aren't the only things you can register for at Honeyfund. You can register for cash for pretty much anything you're saving for together.

    • What your guests will love: Your guests will delight in the knowledge that you're enjoying an exciting new experience on your honeymoon thanks to their contribution. Your loved ones can include a message with their gifts and there are various payment options.

    • Potential downsides: There's no fee for the service if you only get gift cards, but if you'd prefer cash, you'll be charged a small fee for online transactions. Last-minute or late gift-givers might miss the opportunity to buy you that horseback riding excursion or romantic dinner before you've left for your trip.

    Red KitchenAid stand mixer from Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry store
    Bed Bath & Beyond

    Bed Bath & Beyond

    Bed Bath & Beyond is a staple for many couples registering for their big day. Create your Bed Bath & Beyond registry online or in stores. You can manage your list through the website or app. Or, make an appointment in one of their stores for an in-person experience.

    • What you'll love: Bed Bath & Beyond offers a ton of beloved brands, so you'll find everything from fancy crystal glasses to practical organizing accessories. In addition to making an in-store appointment to build your registry with a consultant, you can take inspiration from curated online collections. All the while, use Bed Bath & Beyond's convenient wedding registry app to manage your wish list on the go and scan barcodes in store. Once the gifts start rolling in, you can return or exchange any item. Snag the rest of your must-haves at a discount of 20% and enjoy bonus gifts from specific brands when requirements are met.

    • What your guests will love: The option of gifting an item as a group appears automatically for products priced over $100. Family and friends can contribute to your registry by suggesting particular items they love using the site's Registry Recommendation tool. They also have the choice of shopping online or in stores.

    • Potential downsides: Bed Bath & Beyond is known for affordability, which means the selection of high-end luxury brands is limited. While it is one of the most popular wedding registry sites, some users have reported issues with accessing their online registries from time to time, creating a less seamless shopping experience for guests.

    Sur La Table

    Add beautiful (and functional!) cookware and kitchen supplies to your home with a wedding registry at Sur La Table. It's easy to set up your registry online and start browsing thousands of great products.

    • What you'll love: For the couple who loves to spend their evenings creating feasts in the kitchen, Sur La Table assigns a registry concierge who's able to see you through the entire process. There's a comprehensive online guide to all the Sur La Table brands and products to help you select everything you need. It also offers a 10% completion discount and remains active for 18 months after your wedding date. Bonus: You can earn extra gifts just for registering, or when certain items on your registry have been purchased.

    • What your guests will love: Sur La Table has stores in 23 states, allowing your loved ones to check out the items on your wish list in person before deciding on a gift. The site also has products at lots of different price points, so you can add gifts for a variety of budgets to your registry.

    • Potential downsides: Sur La Table is a specialty kitchen store, so consider making another wish list to complete the other rooms in your home. Unique handmade and artisanal products may become unavailable between adding them to your registry and guests attempting to make a purchase.

    Breville coffee machine from Macy's department store wedding registry


    Macy's is another great place to have your wedding registry if you want the traditional department store experience. You can create your Macy's registry in stores or online. If you choose to start your journey in store, enlist the help of wedding and gift advisors to choose the right items.

    • What you'll love: Macy's offers a newlywed discount so you can get an extra 10–20% off most of the items left on your registry for six months after the wedding. Plus, its Registry Star Rewards program allows couples to earn points as people shop for them. So when you receive a gift or buy something from Macy's (like a rehearsal dinner outfit), you can earn points that translate into a gift card. Macy's hosts in-store events with entertainment, refreshments and personal consultants to aid in the registry process. Keep on top of all the details you'll need for writing thank-you cards with convenient gift tracking.

    • What your guests will love: Your guests are able to shop in stores or online, allowing them to choose their preferred option. If you opt to "go green" when creating your registry, guests can ship their gifts without wrapping paper for a more eco-friendly process.

    • Potential downsides: Macy's has so many products that you may get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of registry potential.


    Want a wish list that reflects your adventurous spirits? Try REI. It's possible to create your registry in store or online. The brand's online registry is hosted by MyRegistry and your REI registry will automatically sync with The Knot Registry if you have an account.

    • What you'll love: Your wedding wish list doesn't have to be about what you do indoors. If you're the nature-loving type, it can include camping gear, bike helmets, backpacks for an upcoming expedition and more thanks to REI. After the big day, you'll score 10% off many of the remaining items on your registry for a year. To get started, customer service reps are available in REI stores to help you choose items for your list in person.

    • What your guests will love: Guests can purchase both in-store or online, and your REI registry will be accessible for a year after your wedding date, so they can shop for gifts after the wedding or for your anniversary.

    • Potential downsides: Some REI items are available in-store only and not online, making it difficult for guests to purchase them if there's not a store nearby.


    Add furniture, decor, bathroom accessories, kitchen appliances and more to your wedding gift list at Belk. You can start your registry in store, online or using the brand's handy app.

    • What you'll love: Belk will help you stock your shelves with must-have housewares and appliances from tried-and-true brands like Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Wedgwood, Le Creuset and Waterford Crystal. There's a wide variety of brands and products to choose from. The Belk app lets you scan items with your smartphone to add them to your registry. The app also has checklists and thank-you lists to help you make sure you get everything you need and thank your guests for their generosity. A discount of up to 25% is awarded to couples at in-store completion events. Plus, you may be eligible for free gifts when you fulfill the completion requirements for certain brands.

    • What your guests will love: If there's a Belk store nearby, your loved ones will appreciate the convenience and versatility of being able to shop online and in stores.

    • Potential downsides: Belk only has physical stores in certain states (mostly the southern US), but you can always register online.

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