6 Different Ways to Consider Walking Down the Aisle

Don’t be afraid to coordinate your trip down the aisle in a way that represents you as a couple.
by Brittny Drye

The moment your partner first locks eyes with you before the ceremony is a moment you’ll always remember. It’s a moment when worries and fears are swept away with a simple glance and you know you're taking the first step toward forever. But how that moment unfolds is completely up to you. Don't feel restricted by the gender role tradition—choose a ceremony entrance that feels right for your relationship and unique personalities. Here are six different ways to consider getting to the aisle on your wedding day.


Traditionally, one partner comes in from the side by the altar, prior to the processional and the other walks down the aisle following the wedding party in a dramatic entrance. (Full disclosure: While everyone is looking at the person entering, I like to glance at the altar to see the emotional expression on the other's face.)

One After the Other 

A twist on tradition, this aisle walk gives both parties a grand entrance, but still allows for that unforgettable across-the-aisle exchange when the second person enters.

Two Aisles

If space allows, having two aisles is a great way to showcase both parties, equally, with a dramatic meeting at the altar. If you go this route, be sure you have a photographer and second shooter to capture both entrances.


A great way to display your unity, walking down the aisle together is becoming more popular with modern couples.

Meet Halfway

If you’re torn between a traditional procession and coming in together, you can have your cake and eat it too. Your partner can do a traditional entrance, either from the side or aisle, and then meet you halfway during your entrance to make a symbolic statement.

Don't Walk

Have the scene set—with you already in place—when your guests enter the room. This is a great option for those who shy away from the spotlight.

Communal Entrance

For couples who want a relaxed and social vibe, enjoy a preceremony cocktail with your guests. Then have everyone enter the ceremony site together, mingling along the way.

Brittny Drye is the founder and editor in chief of Love Inc., an equality-minded wedding blog that celebrates both straight and same-sex love, equally.

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