21 Romantic Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony Aisle

These creative ideas will completely transform your space.
sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
Sarah Hanlon
sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
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Updated Jun 29, 2020

All eyes will be on you as you walk toward the altar, but that doesn't mean you should forgo wedding aisle decorations. The aisle is one of the first things guests will see when they arrive at your wedding, so consider decorating the space so that it matches your theme and color palette. Since it's also a focal point of the ceremony processional, romantic decorations will make it feel even more special. If you're in need of wedding aisle ideas, you're in the right place.

It's common to decorate a wedding aisle with fresh flower arrangements, potted plants or candles and tea lights. But there are plenty of ideas that go beyond the traditional accents you've probably seen before. To help you create a memorable walkway, we've rounded up 21 romantic wedding aisle ideas that'll completely transform your venue. Whether you're planning a rustic boho celebration or a classic beachside soirée, we have fresh ideas for every wedding style. Take notes of your favorites below, and work with your team of pros to bring your wedding aisle ideas to life.

Boho Pampas Grass

If you're planning a boho-themed wedding, you've likely come across plenty of pampas grass inspiration. This dried floral is a staple of the bohemian aesthetic thanks to its muted colors and feathered leaves. To bring your vision to life, place clusters of pampas grass throughout the ceremony aisle and at the altar. Scatter dried flower petals on the ground to make your walkway stand out even more.

Lush Potted Plants

Potted palms are a must for a tropical beach wedding. Not only will the bright colors stand out against light chairs, you only need a few large plants at the beginning of the aisle to make an impact.

Pastel Floral Arrangements

You can't go wrong with pastel flower arrangements, especially for a spring or summer garden wedding. Large clusters of romantic flowers like peonies, delphiniums, roses and hydrangeas will bring the magic to your big day.

Custom Wood Walkway

Some couples opt for a fabric aisle runner to decorate their ceremony space, but this isn't the most practical option for a beach wedding. If your nuptials will take place in the sand, consider getting a wood walkway instead. Not only will this make it easier to walk down the aisle, it's easily customizable too. Get your monogram or wedding date stamped on the edge for a personal touch.

Minimal Floral Arrangements

Less can be more when it comes to wedding aisle decor. We love the idea of placing two wedding centerpieces behind the last row of chairs. Even minimal decorations can transform the look of your ceremony site.

White Picket Fence

White picket fence with barrel and flowers decorating wedding aisle
Lindsey Nicole Photography

How about a white picket fence for your wedding aisle? This charming idea is a unique way to frame your walkway. Accent the fence with small floral bouquets, burlap, candles or even mason jars so that it matches your wedding theme.


Ceremony decor doesn't have to be limited to the ground—you can decorate the aisle from above too. Hang chandeliers over your path to the altar to create a suspended design that'll impress your loved ones.

Textured Pots

Bring additional color to your wedding ceremony aisle with textured pots. You can put plants in them if you want, but they'll look great on their own too. Additional elements like dried fruit clusters will give your aisle a unique look that'll personalize your wedding day.

Greenery Garlands

Create a clear path on your wedding aisle with garlands of greenery (like eucalyptus or olive leaves) on both sides of the walkway. This minimal accent will create a bold visual design with minimal work required.

Potted Succulents

If you're a proud succulent parent, this wedding aisle idea is for you. Spruce up your venue with potted plants and wildflowers surrounding the ceremony seating. Put plants in textured pots of varying heights to add depth to your decorations.

White Wedding Flowers

You can't go wrong with white flowers when it comes to wedding decorations. Work with your florist to source in-season blooms for monochrome arrangements lining your wedding aisle.

Colorful Flower Petals

Consider this one of our favorite wedding aisle ideas. An arrangement of colorful flowers will easily brighten your altar. If you're not afraid to experiment with a bold color palette, take inspiration from this eye-catching wedding aisle that's bursting with bright hues and fresh petals.

White Drapes

This chic wedding aisle idea will wow your crowd. Instead of decorating your walkway with plants or flowers, hang luxe draped fabric instead. Take a cue from this couple and use a monochrome color palette for an unforgettable look.

French Doorway

Welcome guests into your wedding with a door frame at the beginning of the aisle. This statement piece of decoration will leave them speechless, and it'll make your entrance that much grander.

Palm Leaf Clusters

Take notes for your destination wedding. Instead of decorating your wedding aisle with traditional florals, go for palm leaves instead of blooms to turn your wedding ceremony site into a tropical oasis.

Vintage Bohemian Rugs

There's no need to roll out the red carpet for your ceremony. Give your aisle a boho makeover with eclectic layered rugs. This vintage wedding idea will make your ceremony space feel intentionally designed to fit your theme.

Green Cedar Wreaths

Who says wreaths are only for front doors? These lush garlands of greenery are a key element of rustic wedding aisle decor. Whether you're saying "I do" in a cozy barn or at outdoor ceremony, cedar leaves will give your aisle a unique transformation.

Gold Birdcages with Roses and Baby's Breath

Gilded birdcages bursting with florals will take your wedding venue back in time. This whimsical aisle decoration idea is easy to DIY too—visit your local antique store to shop for mismatched cages to arrange down the center of your walkway.

Tree Stumps with Lanterns and Florals

Planning a rustic wedding? Lean into natural elements like tree stumps for your wedding aisle decorations. Use wood bases to line the aisle, and add depth with bright floral arrangements and light fixtures like candles or tea lights on top.

Ethereal Blue Tulle

How about this for something blue? Your wedding aisle decor can serve as a thoughtful nod to tradition. Tie gauzy blue tulle to the wedding chairs to give space a romantic vibe. (If you're getting married at an outdoor wedding, just picture how pretty the aisle will look with ethereal blue ribbons blowing in the wind.) Continue the theme by installing a blue wedding arch over the altar.

Candles and Rose Petals

If you're getting married in the evening, consider illuminating your walkway with candles and rose petals. This glam combination will create an intimate feeling, no matter the size of your guest list.

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