19 Chic and Creative Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Aisle

No matter what your wedding vibe is, we have some gorgeous ways to decorate your ceremony aisle.
by Sophie Ross

Aisle décor might be low on your list of wedding planning priorities right now, but it’s a tiny detail that makes a major impact. And no matter what your wedding style is, there are tons of ways to get creative with it—from fresh vegetables to flowers, there’s something romantic, pretty and perfect for your ceremony venue’s vibe. Find the chicest aisle inspiration for every type of wedding right this way.

  1. 1. Marigold Garlands

  2. 2. Blush and Ivory Roses and Peonies

  3. 3. Vintage Bohemian Rugs

  4. 4. Green Cedar Wreaths

  5. 5. Sunflowers and Vegetables

  6. 6. Hanging Lanterns With Lush Flowers

  7. 7. DIY Wooden Hearts

  8. 8. Rustic Wooden Signs

  9. 9. Gold Birdcages With Roses and Baby’s Breath

  10. 10. Pink Snapdragons in Mason Jars

  11. 11. Wooden Tree Stumps With Lanterns and Florals

  12. 12. Locally Grown Pineapples

  13. 13. Gold Lanterns, Bottles and Candles

  14. 14. Recycled Tree Stumps and Flower Arrangements

  15. 15. Light Blue Ribbons

  16. 16. Elegant Elephant Statues

  17. 17. Lit Lanterns and Rose Petals

  18. 18. Autumnal Pumpkins and Gourds

  19. 19. Greenery With Peach and White Blossoms

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