How to Make Sure Any Drunk Wedding Guests Get Home Safely

Unfortunately, it comes with the territory of hosting a party where alcohol is served.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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Updated Nov 27, 2018

It's a fact of life: Where there's an open bar at a wedding, there will be drunk wedding guests. Of course, you want your family and friends to have the time of their lives, so you're happy to provide them with all the booze their hearts desire. But then, come the end of the night, you definitely don't want to be worried about your tipsy cousin assuming she's okay to drive.

That's why you should have a plan in place to make sure your imbibed guests get home safely at the appropriate time (and so you can end your wedding night completely worry free, as it should be). No, it won't involve babysitting anyone or calling Ubers for your relatives—instead, pick one of the options below.

Ensure no one drives to your reception.

By providing transportation for your guests from the ceremony to the reception, you'll guarantee no one will be tempted (or able) to take out their car keys and get behind the wheel when the night's over. Yes, it's more money out of your budget to rent a shuttle bus, but it's extremely considerate and money well spent to ensure the safety and comfort of your guests.

Make a taxi number easily accessible.

Plaster it all over the place (especially if your reception venue is in a remote location)—on your wedding website, in the welcome bags, by the exit of your venue and so on. Make one of your bridesmaids a point person who can provide the necessary information to anyone (an elderly relative who's unfamiliar with ride-sharing apps, or your friend who's had a few too many) who look like they might need it.

Give your guests a ride-sharing code.

Whether you prefer Lyft or Uber, it's fairly simple to create an event code for your guests to encourage them to hitch a ride home instead of driving. Note that you'll have to pay for the rides they use after the fact—so you'll need to consider this while budgeting—but it'll be worth it to know your loved ones have made it home safe and sound.

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