These Are the Cheapest Days of the Week to Get Married

You heard it here first: Weekday weddings are a green flag.
Taylor Carson - The Knot Contributor.
Taylor Carson
Taylor Carson - The Knot Contributor.
Taylor Carson
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Jul 11, 2023

As you begin the wedding planning process, determining your wedding date can be a daunting first step—especially when you consider rising costs within the industry. And if you're flexible with your wedding date, you may be able to take advantage of increased vendor availability, discounts and other cost-saving measures.

To aid you in selecting a date and saving money, we've created this guide covering the cheapest day to get married, with help from wedding planner and event expert Nancy Ellen of Can Do Events, LLC. Below, learn more about the cheapest days, months and seasons to get married, as well as how aspects like holiday weekends and shorter engagements can play a part financially.

Least Expensive Day of the Week to Get Married

First things first: Regardless of the time of year, you may be wondering about the cost differences between the various days of the week. In this section, explore what to expect for each day, in order from least to most expensive.


According to Ellen, Friday and Sunday weddings were the least expensive pre-pandemic, as this was a time when "weekday weddings weren't a thing except for Fridays." Post-pandemic, Sunday weddings continue to be discounted, whereas Friday discounts can now vary depending on your venue.

If you opt to save money via a Sunday wedding, Ellen also recommends considering the type of event you'd like to host: "Daytime weddings are usually discounted," she says (hello, brunch!). What's more, "buffets tend to be less per head than a plated meal, as are stations throughout the ballroom or space."

Weekdays (Excluding Friday)

Next on the list are weekday weddings, excluding Friday, which grew in popularity during the pandemic. "Because of restrictions and the desire for couples to still get married, even with microweddings, there were plenty of weekday weddings and venues offering discounts to do it because they were in the same boat trying to survive," Ellen says. In the present day, she says she sees discounts being extended predominately more for Sundays and weekdays over Fridays and Saturdays.

While weekday nuptials may be more expected at a destination wedding, Thursdays in particular could begin to gain momentum as a more affordable option. "I would venture to guess that, because it is what we could consider an off-day, any vendor would absolutely jump on that," she says. "From a guest perspective, it's a lot easier to go and take off Friday."

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As mentioned, while cost savings used to be typical for a Friday wedding, that's now not always the case. "On Fridays, there are still some discounts available depending on the venue and/or the vendors," Ellen shares. However, for most venues, Friday quotes will still likely come in at a lower price point than Saturdays.


Saturday continues to reign supreme as the most popular wedding day—and the most expensive. You are the least likely to receive a discount for a Saturday wedding, so budget accordingly and consider where else you can cut costs if you are set on a Saturday wedding.

You should also consider venue guest count minimums and if they fluctuate depending on the day of the week, all of which will impact how much you pay. "Pre-pandemic, a venue might say a Saturday night wedding needs to guarantee 175 people," Ellen says. "This kind of went to the wayside during the pandemic, but it's coming back."

Holiday Weekends

Are you interested in getting married during a holiday weekend, such as Easter, New Year's Eve or Memorial Day? Wondering if doing so throws a wrench in certain days of the week being cheaper? Typically, the answer is yes.

"What I have seen in contractual language is that if a wedding is on a holiday weekend, some venues will stipulate that discounts do not apply," Ellen says. For example, "if you're planning to get married on a Sunday, and the next day is Memorial Day, they won't give you that discount."

How Shorter Engagements Can Play a Part

If you're willing and able to plan your wedding in the near future (e.g., a few months from now) as opposed to in a year or two (or beyond), you may also find some financial incentives for doing so. "Particularly if you have a short-term booking, if a band is available, even if it's a Saturday night, this might be their only shot to get that date filled," Ellen shares. "It could be to their advantage to chop off a few hundred bucks to get the gig."

Regardless of the day you choose, Ellen always recommends asking for a price cut. "Maybe they won't discount your price completely, but as a concession they'll give you passed hors d'oeuvres," she says.

This is especially true for couples having their ceremony at their reception venue—for an additional fee. "If they're having it on an off day, it never hurts to ask to have the ceremony fee waived," she shares. "There's always some venues that seem to be very steadfast. Other venues might have some more flexibility there."

Least Expensive Season to Get Married

When it comes to selecting your wedding date, you may be heavily influenced by the season in which you want to get married. Read more about the seasonal impact on wedding costs below.


Winter is the only season considered the off-season for weddings, so it makes sense that it would be the cheapest. "I have seen a few venues discount winter months," Ellen shares. However, she notes that these discounts don't often carry over to other vendors, such as entertainment, florists and transportation, possibly because corporate holiday parties occur during this time of year.

Another cost-saving benefit of a winter wedding is the holiday decor that you can use to your advantage when dressing up your venue. "December weddings are so romantic," Ellen notes, "with decor already there that naturally enhances the space."

Spring, Summer and Fall

In the seasons of spring, summer and fall, discounted pricing may be harder to find. "It used to be that months like July and August would be discounted," Ellen says. "Not so much anymore—it's very much almost year-round."

Least Expensive Month to Get Married

In line with the least expensive season, the cheapest months to get married are December, January and February. This is due to the fact that winter is the off-season for weddings, with only 11% of weddings taking place between December 2021 and February 2022, according to The Knot Real Weddings Study.

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