The 2023 Wedding Shower Trends to Know If You're on Host Duty

Find out what's new in the world of prewedding parties.
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Updated Mar 29, 2023

It's hard to go wrong with a party full of cake, cocktails, your favorite people and wedding presents, but planning a bridal shower is no easy feat. If Instagram and TikTok are any indication, wedding showers these days aren't your typical bash, so if you're on hostess duty and wondering where to start, the top bridal shower trends of 2023 will give you plenty of ideas.

"Wedding and prewedding-related events tend to evolve over time," says Abby Ayeh, planner, floral designer and owner of Pretty Posh Events in North Brunswick, New Jersey. "Some trends come and go; some stay but are modified to go along with the times."

As weddings are coming back bigger and better than ever after the last few years, it makes perfect sense that bridal showers are following suit. Whether you're a maid of honor or bridesmaid in the process of planning the party, or you're the one getting married and looking for hints to send to your crew, here are our predictions for the latest bridal shower trends in 2023.

2023 Bridal Shower Trends:

1. Picnic Bridal Showers

Skip the traditional tables and take a more unexpected (and memorable) approach with your bridal shower seating arrangements. A picnic-style party is perfect for creating a friendly atmosphere that encourages candid conversation among guests—a huge plus if this is the first time that many of them will be meeting each other. Collect blankets, cushions and rugs that follow a general theme, but don't worry about matching them exactly, because the eclectic look is all part of the charm.

When the weather is nice, you can host the picnic at an outdoor venue, like a backyard or local park—you may want to lay a few tarps on the ground before setting up the blankets and pillows, just in case. In the event of bad weather (or if you're planning the party for the winter months), an indoor picnic is just as cozy. Keep the casual vibe going with finger foods and desserts, such as cookies, macarons and mini sandwiches. Consider mentioning the picnic seating on the bridal shower invites so guests can dress accordingly.

2. Bright Bridal Shower Color Schemes

Bright color palettes aren't just trending for weddings this year—they're becoming more popular for wedding showers in 2023 too. With the ongoing wedding boom, couples are turning to saturated, cheerful hues to mirror the excitement surrounding their celebrations.

"Bridal shower color schemes are no longer just the typical white, neutral, blush color schemes," says Ayeh. "We are starting to see the use of bold, bright colors beautifully combined in a way that make the entire event space pop!"

Vibrant color palettes parallel several other current bridal shower trends (more on those in a minute), with the overarching idea that couples want to create a fun, energy-filled environment for their family members and friends. You can choose the bridal shower color palette by thinking about what the guest of honor loves or something that reflects the current season. Hosting the party on a summer afternoon? Go with a citrus-inspired color palette of orange, lime green and yellow and decorate with fresh fruits. If the bride-to-be loves the '90s, choose a nostalgic color palette of fuchsia and turquoise.

Once you've nailed down the overall theme of the event, you can move onto the next steps of planning, like choosing the bridal shower invitations and selecting your decor.

3. Over-the-Top Bridal Shower Decorations

Signage and floral arrangements are mainstays at bridal showers, but this year, couples are going beyond the basic party decorations for over-the-top ideas instead. The goal? Create a highly stylized prewedding event that wows the attendees and builds anticipation for the actual wedding day. Bridal shower decorations like balloon arches, flower walls, lavish centerpieces and ultra-personalized details (think custom cookies or monogrammed napkins) are just a few examples of how to-be-weds are pulling it off.

"These pre-event celebrations are setting the tone for what's to come for the wedding day," says Ayeh. "Whether the shower has a specific theme or just a gorgeous color palette, there are usually so many gorgeous details that could very well pass for wedding decor."

If you're hosting the party indoors, think of ways to add unexpected elements that will really transform the space—create a photo booth backdrop for selfies, bring in different rental furniture or splurge on fancy linens for the tablescapes. For an outdoor party, a long banquet table arranged beneath a decorative canopy feels undeniably upscale.

4. English Tea Party-Inspired Bridal Showers

This classic bridal shower theme fell out of favor for a couple years, giving way to boho and tropical bridal showers that spiked in popularity. But the English garden party aesthetic is in full force again, and it's going strong as a top bridal shower trend for 2023. The party theme is a perfect pick if the bride loves pastel colors, flowers and, of course, tea (but it doesn't hurt to add a few bottles of bubbly too). You can expect garden parties to be even more popular this year thanks to the new Bridgerton spinoff series, Queen Charlotte.

Depending on the bride-to-be's style, there are a couple of ways you can adapt the tea party theme. A Bridgerton-inspired bridal shower is all about sophistication and glamour, so use luxe details like chandeliers, monograms, lace tablecloths, macaron towers and gilded tabletop accents to evoke a similar look. Attendees should dress in their swankiest attire for the soirée, and you can even provide accessories like satin gloves, pearl strands and fascinator hats as party favors.

If your guest of honor is into something more laid-back, plan a cottagecore-themed bridal shower that incorporates subtle retro and folk influences—think floaty sundresses, wicker baskets, gingham prints, straw hats and mismatched floral teacups. For this theme, skip the formal tables and mingle in the backyard on picnic blankets beneath oversized umbrellas instead.

5. Bridal Shower Mocktails

In line with the resurgence of tea party themes—where herbal and caffeinated beverages, not cocktails, are the focus—mocktails are another 2023 bridal shower trend that we're loving. The trend comes as to-be-weds are increasingly prioritizing their prewedding wellness routines and more people reevaluate their alcohol consumption habits in general. The good news is that it's easy to make non-alcoholic versions of popular wedding shower drinks, like mimosas, margaritas and sangria, with the help of a few mocktail recipes.

Skipping alcohol for the bridal shower doesn't mean that you have to miss out on the fun. You can still include DIY beverage options, like a mimosa bar (use tonic water instead of sparkling wine) or smoothie topping station, to add a personal element that makes the party memorable—no hangover required.

6. Experiential Bridal Showers and Day Trips

Last but not least, activity-themed parties are perhaps the most buzz-worthy bridal shower trend of the year. The idea behind this trend is to incorporate a fun activity or something that the attendees might not experience otherwise, like a flower bar or flower arranging class, professional wine tasting or private yoga session. (Bonus points if the activity involves a craft or something they can take home as bridal shower favors). And if that's not impactful enough, you can skip the traditional party altogether and plan a day trip for the bridal shower guests instead. Celebrate the bride-to-be by taking everyone on a celebratory boat cruise or renting out a nail salon for manis and pedis (think of it as a precursor to the bach party, without the travel or packing involved). Another option? Hire a professional photographer to capture everything on camera and give the guests plenty of photos they'll want to share on social media.

"Brides-to-be are taking [bridal showers] up a notch with professional photoshoots, where the entire wedding party is styled with coordinated outfits and looks," says Ayeh. "What I love about this trend is it will give the bride-to-be an amazing memory but also professional photographs of the experience to cherish."

Experiential parties are a great idea if you're not into the typical bridal shower games, or if most people on the guest list already spend plenty of time together and don't need the formality of mixing and mingling before the wedding. They're also ideal if you're hosting a couples shower, where some of the traditional bridal shower ideas may not apply.

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