Here's How You and Your Partner Can Make New Couple Friends

You'll be killing the double date circuit in no time.
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Updated Feb 13, 2024

Quality time with your partner is an important part of your relationship, but so is spending time with other people, or couples, in particular. However, finding couple friends in adulthood isn't a walk in the park. "Since many of our first friendships came from our time in school and college, it can be daunting to suddenly face challenges with friendship as an adult," explains Tami Zak, a licensed therapist at Grow Therapy. "We want friendship to be easy and carefree, like when we were in school, but life can bring changes and people change too." Read on for a few tips on how to make couple friends as an adult.

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What Are "Couple Friends"?

Anyone else who is in a romantic relationship. You might spend time with them on a double date or in a bigger group with lots of couples. "Forming deep friendships is absolutely vital to not only longevity but also feeling a greater sense of purpose, life satisfaction and well-being," explains Zak. "Sharing life with other couples can be rewarding and supportive to making it through the trials and tribulations of life."

What Is the Hardest Part of Making Couple Friends?

"It's hard to find two other people that will mesh with both of you," explains Zak. "You both need to be patient and willing to get to know the couple before making a snap judgment. Avoid the snap judgment and be open to different people then you might choose on your own."

Where Can You Meet Couple Friends?

There are plenty of places where you can make a connection with another couple. From local events to apps, there are plenty of great spots to sync up with another couple.

Local Organizations

"Find organizations that interest you and you will meet people with common interests," advises Zak. "Identify organizations that you can commit to and show up regularly. You'll make friends and make a difference too."

Through Your Kids

If you have children, this is a great way to meet people. "Your children's activities and their school is a good place to look for other couples to befriend, says Zak. "Most likely, you will have lots in common and a friendship could arise more organically." You're seeing the same people over and over again at school functions, after-school activities and plenty of other places. You could always invite their kid over for a playdate and offer that they stay. Sharing a glass of wine or coffee and get to know each other while your kids play is a natural way to forge a friendship. If you don't have kids but you have a dog, you could approach it the same way. Maybe you go to the same dog park or always pass each other on a walk. Why not suggest getting your dogs together?


"Often, both people in a marriage are working and the workplace can be a good place to meet other couples to be friends with," suggests Zak. If you have a good friend at work who's also in a relationship, suggest hanging out outside of work with your significant others. Put together a post-work happy hour and have your partners meet you there or invite them over to watch a game or to a restaurant you've been wanting to try. Since two of you already know each other it will make things a little less awkward.

Join a League

Your area most likely has organized activities like a pickleball or a softball league. If you join an activity that you both like to do, you'll be able to meet other people who share the same interests. Plus, you'll see them week after week making it an easier and more natural way to get to know them.

Let People Know You're Looking

It might sound weird to say "we're looking for couple friends" but it could pay off. If you say it to someone and they have a couple in mind for you, they could make an introduction. Or perhaps there's someone you know who you mention it to and they are also looking for couple friends. There's no harm in putting the information out there. The best that could happen is that you get some good friends out of it.


If you're new to a city or work remotely, it can be hard to meet new people as an adult. "Try apps like Bumble BFF and a host of others you can find using a simple Google search, to find others in your town or city looking for friends," recommends Zak. "Often, each of you makes friends separately on apps and determines if the new friend's partner could be a good fit to start a couple friendship."

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