22 Engagement Photos With Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart

Put your furry friend in the spotlight.
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Updated Jan 13, 2023

Many people consider their dogs to be cherished family members and an important part of their life. So it only makes sense to do engagement photos with their dogs since it can capture the love between the couple and their pet. If you're unsure how to prepare for a couple and dog photo shoot, we've got you covered. We talked to four experts about their best tips for dog owners who want to have a fun and successful engagement photo session. Plus, we've rounded up 22 precious and unique engagement photos with dogs from real couples to help inspire you.

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Should I bring my dog to my engagement photos?

If you can't imagine your engagement photos without your dog, then you should definitely bring them to your photo session. Halie Child, luxury wedding photographer and owner of By Halie Wedding Photography, thinks having dog engagement photos is great because it documents a complete picture of a couple's season of life. "Some couples choose particular locations or activities to highlight in their photos, and likewise, many couples choose to include a special furry friend in their life. It's not every day that you have professional photos taken of you, so it's a great opportunity to capture the special dog in your household." Also, engagement photo shoots are one of the best ways to get nice photos with your dog without having to worry about the extra logistics that would be involved on your wedding day.

Photographer's Tips for Taking Dog Engagement Pictures

If you want to know how to go about your couple and dog photo shoot, you're in luck. We've asked photography and wedding industry experts for their top tips so you and your pup can leave the photo shoot happy.

Talk to your engagement photographer about your dog.

Before you hire your desired engagement photographer, ask them if they have experience working with dogs during photo sessions. Nikki Golden, luxury wedding photographer for Nikki Golden Photography, thinks it's best to run the idea of bringing your dog to the photo shoot ahead of time in case they have a fear of dogs or are allergic. If they have worked with dogs, that's great, but you should ask them what policies they have around dogs––like if they have animal size or breed regulations. If they are willing to take your photos but don't have experience with this type of photo shoot, that's okay too just ensure you talk about your dog's personality and work together to make a fun shoot that works for both of you.

Look for dog-friendly engagement photo spots.

When couples are trying to figure out their engagement photo location, they usually choose a place special to their relationship. But when you want to bring your dog for the session, Child says to consider your dog's quirks and personality when researching places to take your engagement pictures. "For example, if your dog is anxious around small children or loud noises, do your best to avoid places where they might encounter those things." So if your dog loves running around at your local beach, which looks beautiful around sunset, use that as your destination.

Consider buying dog attire for the photos.

Not only is dressing up your dog the cutest thing ever, but it's also a great way to turn up the adorable factor on engagement photos with your dog. When you're looking for dog attire for your pooch, it's important to consider three things: the weather, putting the outfit on before the shoot and realizing the dog might not like it. Check the weather for the day of the session, you don't want your furry friend getting overheated in a dog tuxedo or shivering while only wearing a dog bow tie. Once you figured out the outfit, allow your dog to smell the accessories or clothing and wear them before the shoot so the dog can get familiar with them and not feel panicked the day of. (Psst. This is the perfect time to bring out dog treats to make them feel positive about the whole process.) Finally, if notice your dog constantly reacting negatively to dressing up, you'll have to accept it's not meant to be. And that's okay, what matters is you, your partner and your pet taking pictures together like one big happy family––not your dog wearing a top hat.

Make sure your dog is freshly groomed.

Take your dog to a trusted dog groomer––you don't want to be surprised with a botched haircut––the day before the session. This ensures your pet will look his or her best, plus it's one less thing you have to worry about doing yourself.

Pack a special bag for your dog.

Veronica Silghigian, president of Pawfect for You, Inc., advises you to pack a bag of treats, toys and a water bowl before the couple and dog photos. "You know your dog best, so bring their highest motivator. Use their treats or toys to get their attention at the camera, so you don't end up with photos with you and their tail. Often you'll be taking photos for an hour or two, so you want to make sure your fur baby has access to water, especially if you're using treats to get their attention for photos." Another item you'll be happy you brought is a lint roller. If your dog sheds a lot, a lint roller is the perfect tool to use so you don't have dog hair on your clothes in the photos.

Bring an extra set of helping hands.

Finding a dog handler for your engagement session helps your dog be well-behaved and comfortable, plus it takes some stress off of you and your partner. You can ask a loved one who has a good relationship with the dog to do this task or hire a professional dog handler. "The dog handler can ensure that the dog is well-fed, hydrated and has had a chance to go to the bathroom before the session. They can also be responsible for keeping the dog calm and focused during the photo shoot and ensuring that the dog stays within the boundaries of the area," Mary Angelini, owner of Key Moment Films, explains. A dog handler also helps if you want to take photos with your dog and some without. The dog handler can play with your dog or take them for a walk while you do your solo shots.

Take your dog for a walk before the photo shoot.

To make your dog feel more at ease, we advise you to treat the photo session like a fun outing. Take your dog for a walk before the photo shoot so they feel happy and a little less overstimulated during it. Just ensure you don't tire your furry best friend out too much because it'll show in the photos.

What To Do With Your Dog During Your Engagement Photos

Angelini suggests you use your shared interests as a couple to inspire your dog engagement pictures. For example, if you and your partner enjoy going to the beach, hiking or walking around the city with your dog, it would be fun and natural to incorporate those activities into pictures. "When you plan your engagement session photo shoot, doing something you all love doing together can create a fun memory. It gives your family and friends a glimpse into who you two are as a couple and the role the dog plays in your lives," Angelini says.

Engagement Photos With Dogs You'll Love

Are you ready to see the cutest engagement photos of all time? Then look at these 22 photo ideas with dogs from real engagement photo shoots that are sure to inspire.

Couple Snuggling on the Floor With Their Dog

No one said you always have to stand and pose for your engagement photos. This couple curled up with a book next to their beloved husky in this sweet and candid moment.

Dog Wearing Navy Blue Bow Tie

To match the owners' formal outfits, the to-be-weds had their dog wear a navy blue bow tie. A dog bow tie is a simple way to class up your dog's look during your photo shoot.

Couple Kissing While Holding Their Pet

You don't have to be the center of attention in all of your pictures. This stylish boho-chic couple shared a kiss in the background while holding their Chihuahua for their engagement photo.

Groom Holding Their Dog Wearing Colorful Bow Tie

We love seeing engagement photos with small dogs, especially when the owners' and the pup's attire complement each other. At this vibrant photo session, the couple and their dog, Max, wore colorful floral patterns.

Grooms Posing With Their Dogs Dressed In Fancy Outfits

Engagement photos with multiple dogs are definitely possible if you have patience and support. This image with two matching grooms and their dogs in cute formal attire is a perfect example.

Couple Smiling While Holding Their Dog

No soft smiles were found in this sweet engagement photo of a couple with their precious pooch. If your dog likes being held, pick them up so your photographer can capture a nice moment between you and your pet.

Couple Posing With Their Dog During Autumn

Are you getting your engagement photos taken during autumn? Then take advantage of the fall foliage and use them as a beautiful and colorful background during your session.

Bride and Groom Beach Engagement Photos With Dog

Something you might forget to check the wear and tear of is your dog's leash, collar or harness. Make sure you have a close-to-new one for the photo shoot, especially if you're dressing up for the occasion.

Casual Engagement Photo Shoot In the City

Your engagement photos with your dog can be as casual as you'd like. This couple went with a candid-like photo shoot in the city where they are walking their dog.

To-Be-Weds Taking Engagement Pictures In the Park

If your local park has the best scenery, take your dog engagement pictures there. Bonus: You can take your dog for a walk before the session, which will likely get their tail wagging.

Happy Couple Sitting on Stoop With Their Pup

You don't have to go too far from home to take your engagement pictures. Look at this precious French bulldog pose on the stoop of the family's home.

To-Be-Weds and Cute Pups In Front of an Autumn Backdrop

Want your dogs to be as poised and focused as the ones in this picture? Have the dog handler hold a couple of treats behind the camera to get the dogs' attention so the photographer can get the perfect shot.

Dogs Wearing Red and Green Christmas Sweaters

If you're planning a Christmas-themed wedding, dressing your dogs in cozy Christmas sweaters is the perfect idea for your engagement pictures. Just don't forget to set up a fun and festive background.

Dog Wearing a Plaid Scarf

For engagement photo sessions happening in colder weather, ensure your dog is dressed appropriately for the weather. Like, this picture-ready dog wearing a beige plaid scarf.

Dog Engagement Pictures With Adorable Sign

Celebrating your first Christmas as an engaged couple? Make a little announcement, as this couple did for their engagement pictures.

Formal Engagement Photo Shoot With Dog

Another couple and dog photo idea is simply getting dressed to the nines, as this couple did. Remember to bring a lint roller or two just in case you accidentally get dog hair on your fancy fits.

Couple's Dog Dressed In Matching Pink Scarf and Hair Bow

Engagement photos with dogs on the beach work as a beautiful backdrop and a fun activity for you and your pet. Just beware of all the sand that might get everywhere.

Silly Candid Moment Between Couple And Their Dog

Not every picture has to be posed. This funny engagement photo with a couple's dog shows a sweet and candid moment that'll make for a nice keepsake.

Sunset Engagement Photo Session With Dog

We love this picture of this happy couple and their dog taken at sunset. A cute and intimate moment captured on camera will always pull on heartstrings.

Smiling Couple at Their Dog While Holding Glasses of Wine

Some people get nervous when taking professional pictures. So unwind with a glass of wine or your favorite drink during your photo shoot.

Gorgeous Green Landscape In Casual Engagement Photo

Another way to ease your nerves is to look at your future spouse and focus on them during the photos. This will put you in the headspace of romance and put you at peace.

Couple Kissing In the Woods With Their Two Dogs

Take your dogs to a trail in the woods you know well so you can inform your engagement photographer of all the best spots for photos. Your dogs will love being in a space they are familiar with.

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