8 Indian-Inspired Color Palettes for Your Wedding

Known for colorful festivities, Indian weddings are some of the most vivid celebrations we’ve ever seen.
by Maharani Weddings

For couples looking for something beyond the norm, here are seven bright color palettes inspired by Indian weddings.

  1. ​ Saffron And Fuschia

    Pink and Purple Indian Wedding Celebrations
    photo by Studio Avant Garda

    The modern bride’s go to! Lovely shades of yellow and bright pinks come together to create a festive and jubilant affair. Showcased as the contemporary classic of Indian wedding color schemes, this stylish palette has its roots based in the Hermes Caparacons scarf featuring an Indian elephant.

  2. Peach and Blue

    Peach and blue Indian wedding
    photo by Photoflood Studio

    Cheerful and time honored, this year-round palette is one of our favorites. While the two beautiful shades fill the room, unique details can still stand out without being overwhelming.

  3. Gold and Black

    Gold and black Indian wedding
    photo by Hiram Trillo Photography

    It wouldn’t be inspired by Indian weddings if it didn’t have a little bling, would it?  Sharp black against luxe, glittering gold is for couples looking to "bring it" on their wedding day.  Note to self: Four-inch dancing shoes are a necessary accessory.

  4. Jewel Tones

    Jewel toned Indian wedding
    photo by Images by Berit

    Radiant hues of amethyst, ruby, aquamarine and topaz come together to create this very lively palette.  Choose your birthstone, your partner’s, and then add each of your mother’s precious stones for a meaningful, personalized touch.

  5. Silver and Cobalt

    Silver and cobalt Indian wedding
    photo by Gaciel Santana Photography

    If you’re looking to bring a polished, yet party-ready vibe to your reception, we love this bold choice. Cobalt creates an energetic atmosphere, while metallic silver adds a hint of sparkle and elegance. Prepare for a packed dance floor.

  6. White and Yellow

    Yellow and white Indian wedding
    photo by Braja Mandala Photography

    Minimalist couples will love this unique spin on an all-white affair. The dash of yellow adds some color, without interrupting the sleek, serene look of white on white.

  7. Ombré Pinks

    Ombre pink Indian wedding
    photo by Studio Nine Photography

    Why choose one shade of pink when you can have five? Luscious, bright pinks and fuchsia hues melt together to create a charming and romantic setting.

  8. Purple and Burgundy

    Purple and burgundy Indian wedding
    photo by Sameer Soorma Studios

    If you’re looking to have a royal affair, the ornate hues of purple and burgundy exude the ultimate in luxury. When it comes to flowers, consider eggplant calla lilies paired with romantic garnet roses or plum hydrangea and brick ranunculus.

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