21 Pretty DIY Wedding Signs

From the ceremony to the reception, these signs will keep everyone in-the-know (while looking good!).
by Andrea Fowler

It's a small detail that's easily looked over, but having a few signs posted around at your wedding can be super helpful. Think: writing out the ceremony information and wedding party names instead of printing programs; directing people from the parking lot to the chapel; even putting a cocktail menu on display. If you have fancy penmanship skills (or you can enlist someone from your wedding party), why not show them off? Here are a few DIY ideas to inspire your own wedding day signage. 

  1. Painted Wood Directional Sign

    DIY wedding sign idea
    Caroline Colvin Photography
  2. Directional Vow Sign

    DIY wedding sign pointing to the vow location
    Adonya JaJa Photography
  3. Here Comes the Bride Sign

    DIY here comes the bride sign
    Mon Petit Studio
  4. Chalkboard-Painted Vintage Door

    DIY rustic doorframe repurposed for a wedding sign
    Kelly Boitano Photography
  5. Wooden Hashtag Sign

    DIY wooden wedding hashtag sign
    Harper Point Photography
  6. Rustic Love Story Sign

    Rustic love story wedding sign
    Harper Point Photography
  7. Chalkboard Timeline Sign

    Rustic chalkboard DIY wedding sign
    Katie Lindgren Photography
  8. Calligraphed Welcome Sign

    Glamorous DIY wedding welcome sign
    Lightbloom Photography
  9. Welcome and Guestbook Sign

    DIY wedding welcome sign that doubles as a sign-in sign
    Dana Cubbage Weddings
  10. Ceremony Program Sign

    DIY ceremony program sign
    Eden Bliss Photography
  11. Kissing Bell

    Rustic wedding bell sign
    Michael Anthony Photography
  12. Painted Beach Wedding Sign

    DIY beach wedding sign
    Hartman Outdoor Photography
  13. Reception Party Sign

    DIY wedding sign
    Catherine Rhodes Photography
  14. Suspended See-Through Frame

    DIY wedding sign
    Jill Devries Photography
  15. Framed Coffee Station Sign

    DIY coffee bar sign for a wedding reception
    Jill Devries Photography
  16. Windowpane Reception Seating Display

    DIY suspended windowpanes with wedding reception seating arrangements
    Frozen Exposure Photo + Cinema
  17. Sweetheart Table Signs

    DIY sweetheart table wedding reception signs
    Photography by Gema
  18. Sign-In Guestbook Frame

    Guestbook DIY sign-in framed sign
    Brooke Price Photography
  19. Calligraphed Glass Photoframe

    DIY wedding menu sign calligraphed on a large photoframe
    Your Story Photo + Cinema
  20. Colorful Menu Sign

    Colorful DIY wedding menu sign
    Golden Hour Studios
  21. Art-Deco Themed Sign

    DIY wedding sign with an art-deco theme
    Alicia Pyne Photography
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