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Jewish Wedding Reception Rituals

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Jewish Wedding Ceremony Seating, Entrances and Exits, Explained

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29 of the Prettiest Wedding Chuppahs We've Ever Seen

The Ceremony Etiquette You (and Your Guests) Should Know if You're Having a Nonsecular Wedding

All of Your Questions About Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies, Answered

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Scripts

These ceremony scripts will give you inspiration whether you’re planning your ceremony from scratch or want to customize traditional wording to fit your style.

Jewish Wedding Vows

Q&A: Music & Dancing: What's Klezmer Music?

Having a Jewish Wedding? A Guide for the Groom

Confused and don't want to admit it? Now you don't have to. Just catch up on your reading, and your bride will be asking you for directions.

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Jewish Weddings Glossary of Terms

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Checklist

Prewedding Jewish Traditions

Destination Weddings: Getting a Rabbi to Our Destination?

Jewish Weddings: Does a traditional Jewish Ceremony Have to be Held in a Synagogue?

Have a Jewish Wedding? Dress Styles for the Jewish Bride

If you’re marrying in a synagogue, you have an important tradition to consider: your gown. We'll tell you what's kosher.