15 Unique Wedding Reception Entrance Ideas That'll Wow Guests

We've done the creative thinking for you.
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sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
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Updated Feb 02, 2021

Some couples love the idea of making a grand wedding reception entrance complete with a great playlist, choreographed moves and a confetti drop. But if the idea of bopping into a room full of hungry guests with their eyes on you makes you cringe, there's no need for a spectacle. Your wedding reception entrance should speak to who you are as a couple, whether you've always dreamed of a memorable flash mob or you envision something a little more low-key. It is your big day, after all, so the entrance should represent you and your S.O. If you're looking for the most creative wedding entrance ideas, you're in the right place. We've done the planning for you—below, find 15 unique reception entrance ideas that'll wow guests and start your party on the right note. From confetti showers to choreographed dance routines and even a high-five line, these ideas will set your reception apart in the best way.

Head Straight to the Dance Floor

Once wedding guests have gathered in the reception space, use your special entrance to make a beeline for the dance floor to take your inaugural spin as newlyweds. You can have your wedding party members join you after your first dance, or peel off to do your parent-child dances.

Organize a High-Five Line

Live your best rock star-inspired fantasy and enter your wedding reception with a high-five line set to a high energy entrance song. We have a feeling guests will love this unique strategy to kick off the celebratory part of the evening.

Create a Light Tunnel

Take a cue from this Star Wars wedding theme and enter your reception under a tunnel of lights. If light sabers don't fit your vibe, there are plenty of other lighting options too. Create a charming light tunnel with sparklers, paper lanterns or flashlights. Enlist your bridesmaids and groomsmen to assist with this bright reception entrance idea.

Plan a Glam Grand Entrance

For something that's memorable and showstopping, turn your grand entrance into a glamorous spectacle. Enter from behind a shimmering curtain to up the wow factor. (Bonus points if you can organize a spotlight too.) Plus, a glam backdrop can serve double duty as wedding décor for the rest of the night.

Arrive Under a Confetti Shower

Confetti is always a good idea for your wedding reception. Kick things off with an exciting shower of sparkly or colorful confetti as you and your S.O. join the party.

Give a Welcome Toast

If you'd rather break the ice and announce yourselves with a few words, take the mic and a couple glasses of bubbly and give a brief welcome toast. Thank everyone for coming, give your parents a shoutout, give your new spouse a kiss and raise a glass.

Walk in a Parade

Who says you can't parade your love around town? Hire a band to lead a parade outdoors in between the wedding ceremony and reception. Not only will it keep loved ones entertained and engaged, it's a bold way to kick off the after party.

Enter with Professional Dancers

Aspiring performers, this reception entrance idea is for you. While wedding planning, consider hiring live entertainment to upgrade your big day. Enter your reception alongside professional dancers for an unforgettable moment.

Cut the Cake First

Feeling rebellious? There's no rule that says you can't have cake before dinner. If you're not into a grand spectacle, start your reception by cutting your wedding cake together. It's a sweet way to kick off your celebration and get everyone in the party mood (and it doesn't require choreography).

Arrange Fireworks

If you're planning an outdoor wedding, we love the idea of entering your reception underneath fireworks. It is your special day, after all, and there's no need to wait until the end of the night for a spectacular light show. This is a sure way to make a significant entrance.

Have the Wedding Party Choreograph a Dance

Want to give your bridesmaids and groomsmen the spotlight before your grand entrance? Ask them to choreograph a wedding dance to pump up the crowd for your arrival. We have a feeling guests will be seriously impressed by their performance skills.

Jump Out of a Cake

Perhaps just one cake isn't enough for your wedding day vision. Consider popping out of a life-sized wedding cake for a reception entrance that'll leave guests shocked and impressed.

Dance in a Flash Mob

How about a flash mob for your reception intro? Queue a fun song and surprise your loved ones with a performance that'll get them out of their seats.

Use Alternative Transportation

You don't technically have to walk (or dance) into your wedding reception. For something totally unique, consider using alternative transportation, like a bike, a horse-drawn carriage, a motorcycle or a retro car. Keep your mode of transportation nearby to make your grand exit just as spectacular.

Subtly Sneak In

Low-key couples will love this understated entrance strategy. Everyone's heard of an Irish exit (when you slip out of a party without saying goodbye), so consider this the Irish wedding reception entrance. After taking wedding portraits, quietly join cocktail hour for some face time with your nearest and dearest. (No emcee announcement, spotlights or cheering necessary). The reception is busy, making it hard to talk to everyone—take advantage of whatever cocktail time you can to make the rounds and enjoy the party you spent so much time planning.

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