21 Creative Wedding Send-Off Ideas So You Can Exit in Style

Get inspired by our favorite send-off ideas from real weddings.
by The Knot

Amazing photo ops aside, the celebratory wedding exit is an age-old tradition that dates back to Roman times. (Grains were tossed at weddings to symbolize fertility—of crops and for the couple.) 

In case grains aren't your thing, there are tons of other things your guests can toss at you to send you off on your wedding night. In fact, there are two opportunities to make a grand exit—after the ceremony—post-"I dos"—or at the end of the night when you're leaving the reception. Want the best of both worlds? Make the ceremony exit into a fun moment, then organize a grand getaway for the very end of the evening. Get ready to say ta-ta in style. 

  1. 1. Confetti Poppers

    Colorful confetti wedding ceremony exit toss
    Onelove Photography

    Available at most party supply stores, confetti poppers will provide a fun explosion of color.

  2. 2. Lavender-Filled Paper Cones

    Wedding exit toss with lavender seeds
    Bri Cibene Photography

    Delicate lavender buds not only offer a hint of fragrance, but they're a great choice for romantic or pastel color palettes. 

  3. 3. Custom Paper Airplanes

    Custom paper airplane for wedding exit toss
    Steffen Harris Photography

    Get your wedding party together and start folding to create these playful well-wishes for your exit.

  4. 4. Colorful Pom-Poms

    Colorful craft pom pom wedding exit toss
    Megan and Seth Photography

    A crafty staple, pom-poms are inexpensive and colorful, plus a festive (and soft!) little something for guests to throw.

  5. 5. Eco-fetti

    Ecofetti reception exit toss
    Ebersole Photography

    For the more environmentally conscious couple (or the couple who wants to avoid cleanup), this snowflake-like confetti is biodegradable, water soluble and causes zero harm to animals, so you and your guests can toss it and leave it.

  6. 6. Homemade Ribbon and Bell Wands

    DIY ribbon wand wedding exit
    Jen Kroll Photography

    Silk ribbons and wedding bells attached to the end of dowel rods make for a celebratory exit tunnel.

  7. 7. Heart-Shaped Confetti

    Heart-shaped confetti
    Steph Smith Weddings

    There's no better way to close out the grand display of your love than with some heart-shaped paper cutouts.

  8. 8. Rainbow Sprinkles

    Rainbow sprinkle wedding exit toss
    Holly Von Lanken Photography

    One of the sweetest ideas is to give guests small bags of sprinkles to toss. (Yes, we mean your favorite ice cream topping.)

  9. 9. Bubbles

    Bubble wedding exit
    My Happy Lens Photography

    Bubbles are a cheerful addition to a ceremony or reception exit—personalize mini bottles and they can also act as favors.

  10. 10. Spirited Cheer Poms

    Wedding exit with red and white cheer pom poms
    Eclectic Images

    Encourage nostalgia and show your school spirit by handing out cheer poms in your school (or team) colors.

  11. 11. Mini Beach Balls

    Beach wedding ceremony exit with beach ball toss
    Derek Chad

    Regardless of your locale, you can get in vacation (or destination wedding) mode by tossing mini beach balls.

  12. 12. Colorful Rose Petals

    Rose petal wedding exit toss
    Michelle March Photography

    Rose petals have always been an exit toss staple. Consider adding in different colored blooms to brighten the moment. 

  13. 13. Sky Lanterns

    Couple releasing sky lantern
    Ginny Corbett Photography

    Send off wish lanterns into the night for lots of good luck. (Just be sure to check in with local fire ordinances first—if sparklers are off-limits, it's a good bet that lanterns are too.)

  14. 14. White Streamers

    Streamer wedding ceremony exit
    Tina Jay Photography

    For a more streamlined look, stick to your wedding colors or a cohesive (read: all white) color palette.

  15. 15. Sparklers

    Guests holding sparklers as brides exit
    Callan Photo

    A shimmering canopy of brightly lit sparklers will feel fun and celebratory—and of course, it makes for the perfect photo op. 

  16. 16. Cheery Flags

    Flags for exit toss
    Brooke Images

    Give your guests small flags with celebratory statements to wave as you leave your ceremony and to take home after the party.

  17. 17. Napkins

    Napkin toss at end of wedding ceremony

    Monogram napkins—or ask your loved ones to bring some from your favorite establishments—and have your guests shower you with them at the end of your ceremony or reception. 

  18. 18. Feathers

    White feathers for a creative exit toss idea
    Sully Clemmer Photography

    For easy cleanup, opt for feathers. They're quickly swept off hardwood floors and you won't be finding them in your hair for days to come (like smaller grains or confetti). 

  19. 19. Bells

    Guests ringing bells as grooms exit reception

    Have your guests ring in your new marriage by ringing bells. (How perfect is this for a winter wedding?) 

  20. 20. Silver and Gold Glitter Confetti

    Gold glitter confetti toss over bride and groom
    onelove photography

    Simple silver and gold confetti is always a sparkly and modern choice.

  21. 21. Rice

    Bride and groom exit photo with white rice
    Michael Kaal Photography

    The tried-and-true classic, white rice is an affordable and widely available option for any wedding—just make sure your venue allows it.

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