18 Creative Exit Toss Ideas

Our favorite exit toss ideas from real weddings.
  1. ​Amazing photo ops aside, the celebratory wedding exit toss is an age-old wedding tradition that dates back to Roman times. (Grains were tossed at weddings to symbolize fertility — of crops and for the couple!) Today there's a ton of options to make your exit truly memorable. ​

  2. colorful confetti wedding exit toss

    Explosive Confetti Poppers

    You can buy them at party supply stores — they're sure to provide a bang and an explosion of color.

    From the album: A Traditional Wedding in Austin, TX

  3. wedding exit toss with lavender seeds

    Lavender-Filled Paper Cones

    Fragrant and delicate lavender buds were the perfect choice for this couple's purple palette.

    From the album: A Glam Purple Wedding in Lafayette, LA

  4. custom paper airplane for wedding exit toss

    Custom Paper Airplanes

    For a wedding in a children's museum, it only makes sense to throw kid-friendly paper airplanes for exit well wishes!

    From the album: A School-Themed Wedding in San Diego, CA

  5. colorful craft pom pom wedding exit toss

    Colorful Pom Poms

    A crafty staple, these inexpensive and colorful pom poms are a festive (and soft!) something for guests to throw. 

    From the album: A Vintage DIY Wedding in Monroe, LA)

  6. rainbow sprinkle wedding exit toss as couple leaves the ceremony
    Photo by Jessica Fike

    Rainbow Sprinkles

    One of the newest sweetest ideas is to give guests small bags of sprinkles to toss. Yes, like an ice cream cone with sprinkles on top kind of sprinkles!

  7. white sprinkle wedding exit toss

    White Sprinkles

    If you're worried about rainbow sprinkles staining clothing (with a little sweat or rain those colors will run), use the all-white variety.​​

  8. DIY ribbon wand wedding exit

    Homemade Ribbon and Bell Wand

    ​Silk ribbons and wedding bells tied on the end of dowel rods make for a twinkly exit tunnel. 

    From the album: A Vintage Indoor Wedding in Washington, DC

  9. eucalyptus leaves hanging from ceremony chair

    Eucalyptus Leaves

    ​Make your exit toss do double duty! In birch bark cones, this couple had eucalyptus leaves serve as their aisle markers and as their exit toss material. 

    From the album: A Rustic Destination Wedding at Shaker Village

  10. bubble wedding exit with couple walking dogs

    Whimsical Bubbles

    Bubbles are a cheerful addition to a ceremony or reception exit. Personalize your mini wedding bubbles and they'll act as a favor! 

    From the album: A Vintage Wedding in Jefferson City, MO

  11. wedding exit with orange and blue cheer pom poms

    Spirited Cheer Poms

    ​What's more encouraging than the cheerleader's equipment of choice? Hand out cheer poms in the sport enthusiast couple's favorite school or team colors. 

    From the album: A Stylish Modern Wedding in Jacksonville, FL

  12. beach wedding ceremony exit with beach ball toss

    Mini Beach Balls

    ​Get in beach mode at a destination wedding by throwing mini beach balls!​

  13. rose petal wedding exit toss

    Rose Petal-Filled Paper Cones

    ​Rose petals are an exit toss staple — patterned paper cones printed with the couple's names add a personalized touch. 

    From the album: A Vibrant Garden Wedding in Wheaton, IL

  14. bride releasing sky lantern

    Sky Lantern and Sparklers

    ​Amidst a sparkler exit, send off a wish lantern into the night for even more good luck! 

    From the album: A Lakeside Romantic Wedding in Montville, NJ

  15. white streamer wedding ceremony exit

    White Streamers

    For a more streamlined look, stick toyour wedding colors, as these two did with an apple green and white streamer exit. 

    From the album: A Creative Modern Wedding in Pasadena, CA

  16. gold glitter confetti toss over bride and groom
    Photo by Nancy Ebert

    Gold Glitter Confetti

    ​Simple gold confetti is a sparkly and modern choice. 

    From the album: Sequins and Circus Wedding Inspiration

  17. wedding guests and kissing bride and groom waving flags

    Yay! Flags

    ​Give your guests small flags to wave as you leave your ceremony and to take home after the party! From the album: A Casual Wedding in Old Bridge, NJ

  18. bride and groom leaving wedding ceremony while guests toss white confetti

    Eco-Friendly Paper Confetti

    ​Use environmentally friendly paper (it dissolves!) for an outdoor ceremony send-off. 

    From the album: An Outdoor Wedding in Mackinac Island, MI