23 Justin Bieber Wedding Songs to Make You Smile

You don't have to be a Belieber to love these romantic songs.
23 Justin Bieber Wedding Songs to Make You Smile
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Updated Mar 20, 2023

There are tons of artists out there that create must-play wedding songs. Some are pros at romantic, first dance tracks, while others are experts at getting everyone on the dance floor. Justin Bieber's wedding songs can do both.

Bieber was discovered on YouTube while covering songs by Usher and Chris Brown in 2008. Since then, Bieber has become one of the world's best-selling music artists, having sold an estimated 140 million records. He's had 26 songs on the Billboard Top 10 list and eight at number one.

It's no wonder Bieber ends up on so many couple's must-play songs list for their wedding day. Here, we're sharing some of our favorite Justin Bieber wedding songs. Once you've found the best tunes for your big day, make sure to tell your DJ or a live band so they can add your requests to your playlist.

"One Time," My World

Lyrics you'll love: "Your world is my world/And my fight is your fight/My breath is your breath/And your heart (is my heart)"

This was Bieber's first hit song off of his debut EP. It's upbeat, nostalgic and a perfect addition to your getting-ready playlist with your wedding party. This could also work as a late night song if you want to throw it back to the mid-2000s.

"Baby," My World 2.0

Lyrics you'll love: "You are my love (yo), you are my heart (uh-huh)/And we will never, ever, ever be apart (yo, uh-huh)"

This pop track features a guest appearance by Ludacris. It debuted at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and catapulted Bieber to pop star-level fame. The bubble gum pop song is another great addition to your getting-ready playlist.

"Somebody to Love," My World 2.0

Lyrics you'll love: "I don't need a whole lot but for you I admit/I'd rather give you the world or we can share mine"

This was one of Bieber's first uptempo songs. It still highlights his impressive vocals, but it's more upbeat than some of his previous work. Usher joins him on the remix, making this a great throwback for your wedding reception.

"U Smile," My World 2.0

Lyrics you'll love: "If you need me/I come runnin'/From a thousand miles away"

This rhythmic ballad features a piano accompaniment and lovely lyrics about the joy of seeing your loved ones happy, a resonant message for your wedding day. This song lends itself to your first dance, a walk down the aisle or a cocktail hour song.

"Boyfriend," Believe

Lyrics you'll love: "​​Girlfriend, girlfriend, you could be my girlfriend/You could be my girlfriend until the world ends"

This track premiered at the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The R&B-influenced song features a more mature sound from the artist. It's also one that would work well on your after-party or getting-ready playlist.

"As Long as You Love Me (Acoustic Version)," Believe Acoustic

Lyrics you'll love: "As long as you love me/We could be starving/We could be homeless/We could be broke"

The lyrics in this Justin Bieber wedding song show that the power of love can help you overcome any obstacle. While the original song features a dubstep beat, an acoustic version on the guitar could work for a walk down the aisle or as a cocktail hour song.

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"One Less Lonely Girl," My World

Lyrics you'll love: "There's gonna be one less lonely girl (I'm coming for you)/I'm gonna put you first (I'm coming for you)/I'll show you what you're worth (that's what I'm gonna do)/If you let me inside your world/There's gonna be one less lonely girl"

If Justin sang this hit to Hailey on their big day, it's certainly wedding-worthy. If you've been a true Belieber since childhood, you might choose this as a fun first dance song, or play it while you're getting ready for the big day.

"All Around the World," Believe

Lyrics you'll love: "'Cause all around the world people want to be loved (yeah)/'Cause all around the world they're no different than us (no)"

This dance track is definitely one you'll want to save for later in your reception or potentially your after-party. The beat is infectious and is guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor.

"Die in Your Arms," Believe

Lyrics you'll love: "If I could just die in your arms/I wouldn't mind/'Cause every time you touch me/I just die in your arms"

This R&B-inspired Justin Bieber love song is perfectly suited for a wedding. The lyrics convey his overwhelming passion and love for someone while the beat lends itself to a simple two-step and a few twirls and dips during your first dance.

"Beauty and a Beat," Believe Acoustic

Lyrics you'll love: "'Cause all I need/Is a beauty and a beat/Who can make my life complete"

The acoustic version of this song originally performed with Nicki Minaj highlights some wedding-worthy lyrics. The romantic vocals and guitar feature make this a must-add to your cocktail hour playlist.

"Purpose," Purpose

Lyrics you'll love: "And you bless me with the best gift/That I've ever known/You give me purpose/Yeah, you've given me purpose

This slow ballad features gorgeous vocals and beautiful piano accompaniment. The lyrics are about realizing your purpose and having someone help you realize your purpose. All of these elements make this an ideal song for a first dance.

"Intentions," Changes

Lyrics you'll love: "Picture perfect, you don't need no filter/Gorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you're a killer/Shower you with all my attention/Yeah, these are my only intentions"

This Justin Bieber wedding song's lyrics are all about completely adoring someone and laying out exactly what their intentions are with them. The soft beat and wedding-appropriate lyrics make this a great option for your cocktail hour playlist.

"That's What Love Is," Changes

Lyrics you'll love: "Make me look even better/When we shine, we shine together/Yeah, that's what love is"

This acoustic track tries its best to explain what love is and what it means to someone. The guitar-heavy instrumental would lend itself to being a good first dance option or wedding ceremony tune.

"Forever," Changes

Lyrics you'll love: "Could you be here with me forever, ever, ever?/Would you be here with me forever, ever, ever?/Wakin' up all alone ain't better, better, better"

This trap song, featuring Post Malone and Clever, has an upbeat sound and details someone's need to be with the one they love, well, forever. The faster tempo could make this a great choice for getting ready or even cocktail hour if you want more upbeat tunes.

"As I Am," Justice

Lyrics you'll love: "Thousand miles apart, yeah, you're the one that holds my heart/It's no surprise/And I tell you all the time/And when life gets way too hard/I'll meet you in the stars, you know I will."

If you're on the hunt for a first dance song with a little more of an upbeat, dance-forward sound, this song could be a great option. The song talks about committing to someone and loving them no matter what their past looks like and helping them through the hard times. It couldn't be more fitting for your wedding day.

"Holy," Justice

Lyrics you'll love: "Runnin' to the altar like a track star/Can't wait another second/'Cause the way you hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me/Feels so holy"

The lead single off of Bieber's sixth studio album, debuted at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Bieber teams up with Chance the Rapper to sing about how they feel when they're with their significant others. Talk about a unique processional song option!

"Die For You," Justice

Lyrics you'll love: "I would walk through burning fire/Even if your kiss could kill me/You know I would die for you"

From the lyrics detailing how far someone would go for the one they love to the pop-rock vibe, this song would work in a variety of wedding day moments including the dance floor, or a slowed down version for a processional song.

"Somebody," Justice

Lyrics you'll love: "Everybody needs somebody (everybody need somebody)/Somebody to remind you that you're not alone/Who gon' defend you like an army (defend you like an army)/And never let go (never let go)"

This dance track is bound to get all of your guests out on the dance floor. The message about everyone needing somebody to love is the epitome of what weddings are all about.

"Ghost," Justice

Lyrics you'll love: "That if I can't be close to you/I'll settle for the ghost of you/I miss you more than life (more than life)"

While the lyrics could be seen as a bit morbid, the core message is about love. If you want a song that'll get guests up, singing and dancing, look no further. The beat dropping on this track will practically drive your guests to the dance floor no matter where they are.

"Anyone," Justice

Lyrics you'll love: "You are the only one I'll ever love/(I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya)/Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone/(I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya)"

This classic love ballad and popular Justin Bieber wedding song was nominated for a Grammy Award for best pop solo performance and it's easy to see why. This song's beautiful melody and poignant lyrics were basically made to dance to on your big day.

"There She Go," Justice (The Complete Edition)

Lyrics you'll love: "I hear you callin', see you ringing from your left hand (brr-brr)/Locked it down when you wanted, that hopeless romance/This happened so fast, I love it when we slow dance"

We love this fun, upbeat track that's bound to get you excited and dancing around the room with your best girlfriends as you get ready the morning of the wedding. In no time you'll believe Bieber (or your significant other) is singing right to you.

"Lifetime," Justice (The Complete Edition)

Lyrics you'll love: "They say you know when you know, well I know/I know you're the one"

The lyrics on this track are so beautiful it'll be impossible not to want to dance with your significant other the second you listen to the gorgeous vocals and melody.

"I'm the One," Grateful

Lyrics you'll love: "I'm the one/Oh-eh-oh-oh-oh, oh-eh-oh/I'm the only one"

Justin Bieber lent his vocals to DJ Khaled's star-studded track along with Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne. It launched at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and its catchy beat is guaranteed to be a big hit on your reception dance floor or at your after-party.

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