What You Need to Know About Getting a Nebraska Name Change

There are some important steps Cornhuskers should take when making a postwedding surname switch.
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Updated May 21, 2020
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Changing your name after the wedding? That's exciting! The process, however, isn't exactly tons of fun. In fact, every state is slightly different in procedure, which is why we put together this guide to a name change in Nebraska.

The legal name change process will start before you even get married (the marriage license is usually key) and there are a lot of forms to file and places to submit them. The good news is, there's help if you want it. A name change service like HitchSwitch can take much of the guesswork off your plate. HitchSwitch will handle locating the correct forms and filling them out for you (after you provide them with your info). Then, they'll give you personalized instructions for submitting everything. Sounds so much easier than DIYing right?

To help you best decide how to make the surname switch, here's the full rundown on how to legally change your last name in Nebraska.

How to Get a Marriage License

The first step toward getting a legal name is usually getting a marriage license. Keep in mind that you should obtain a marriage license in the state or country where your wedding ceremony will take place. If it's in the Cornhusker State, then you'll do it there.

To get a Nebraska marriage license, head to any County Clerk's office in the state to fill out an application.

What forms do you need?

Check with the clerk's office in advance to see if it has a copy of the application form you can fill out in advance to save time. (Here are the forms for Douglas County and Lancaster County, for example.)

You and your future spouse should also bring along proof of identity and age, such as your driver's license, passport or certified copy of your birth certificate.

How much does it cost?

A marriage license in Nebraska costs $25.

Important things to remember:

You won't need to note your new name on your marriage license application. But it's important you get a certified copy of the marriage license (aka marriage certificate) after the wedding. (This usually costs about $9.) This document will serve as proof of your nuptials, which you can show the Social Security and passport offices when you change your name with them.

How to Petition for a Name Change in Nebraska

In some cases, a legal name change in Nebraska may require filing a name change petition with the court. This might be necessary if you haven't had a legal wedding or if your name change involves something more complex than taking your spouse's last name, for example.

Wondering how to legally change your last name in Nebraska? You can find full instructions and forms to fill out at the State of Nebraska Judicial Branch website. Note that you'll have to pay to take out ads in a local newspaper to announce your intended name change, plus there'll be a court filing fee for a name change in Nebraska. Fees vary in different courts.

How to Change Your Name on Your Social Security Card

After your ceremony or your court order has been granted, change your name with the Social Security Administration. Once you get an updated Social Security card, you'll be able to change your name on your driver's license, passport and other important places. Plus, this'll make the legal name change official.

For full details on getting a Social Security name change in Nebraska, see the SSA's instructions for getting a corrected card. Here are the major points you should know.

What forms do you need?

Mail or bring to your local SSA office (Find Nebraska locations here):

  • Form SS-5, an application for a Social Security card
  • Your legal name change document (marriage certificate or court order)
  • Proof of identity (your current driver's license or state ID)
  • Proof of citizenship if you haven't submitted this to the SSA in the past (your birth certificate or passport works!)

How much does it cost?

In most cases, a Social Security name change is absolutely free. Seeing how most other steps cost money, this is probably welcome news!

Important things to remember:

The Social Security office won't accept photocopies of documents like the marriage certificate or court order. You may want to order certified copies, so you don't risk misplacing your originals.

How to Get a Driver's License Name Change in Nebraska

Next up on your to-do list? Your Nebraska driver's license name change. The state's DMV requires you to update your license within 60 days of changing it with the Social Security Administration.

What forms do you need?

Visit any Nebraska Driver's Licensing Office—find a list of locations here. There, you'll complete an Operators License ID Data Form.

Bring along proof of your identification, evidence of your name change (your certified marriage license or court order) and two documents that prove your address (but only if you haven't already proved this to the DMV or if you've moved since your previous license was issued).

How much does it cost?

It costs $16 for a replacement Nebraska license that reflects the new name (which includes a security surcharge).

Important things to remember:

Just like the SSA, the DMV needs original or certified copies of your name change document too.

How to Change Your Name on Your US Passport

If you have a passport, you should also start that name change process ASAP. That's because the passport process can take up to six to eight weeks, and it's an important piece of ID to have updated. (And needed if you travel internationally, of course!)

Find full instructions at Travel.State.Gov. We've broken down the basics below:

What forms do you need?

Check on the status of your existing passport. The form you file will be one of these three:

1. Form DS-5504 is for passport correction. This is the form you should use if your passport was issued less than a year ago. Mail it in with:

  • Your current passport
  • Your legal name change document
  • A color passport photo (HitchSwitch can help with this too!)

2. Form DS-82 is for passport renewal. This is necessary if your current passport is in good condition and was issued within the last 15 years—but only if you were at least 16 years old when you received it. Mail it in with:

  • Your current passport
  • Your legal name change document
  • A color passport photo

3. Form DS-11 is an application for a new passport. You'll need to apply if your passport doesn't fit into either of the above categories. For this, you'll have to visit a Passport Acceptance Facility in person to submit the form and:

  • Proof of identity, including a photocopy
  • Proof of citizenship, including a photocopy
  • Your legal name change document
  • A color passport photo

How much does it cost?

It's free to correct a passport (DS-5504). Renewal (DS-82) costs $110 if you're getting a passport book and/or $30 for a card. Applying for a new passport (DS-11) costs $110 for a passport book (and/or $30 for a card), plus $35 in additional fees.

Important things to remember:

Any time you travel, your passport name should match the name on your plane or train reservations. That's why many people wait until after the honeymoon to change their name and travel under their pre-marriage surname.

How to Complete Your Name Change in Nebraska

Once you've executed the Social Security, Nebraska driver's license and passport name changes, you'll have your major IDs done. (Cue the happy dance!) But you won't be totally done.

All your major accounts and records will need to be updated to reflect your new name too. That will likely mean you need to notify your employer, bank, credit card company, insurance companies and much more with your new info.

HitchSwitch can prove super useful with all this too. The service offers its customers checklists and instructions for almost every part of the name change process—even those you might not have even considered yet, like changing your name on social media.

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