32 Rehearsal Dinner Games for an Unforgettable Evening

Your guests can say goodbye to any ice after playing these games.
Rehearsal dinner party game ideas
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Updated Nov 15, 2023
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Once you select a venue for your rehearsal dinner, it's time to start thinking about those smaller details you can tick off your rehearsal dinner checklist including the rehearsal dinner games you'll have for both you and your partner as well as for your guests.

Whether you're having an outdoor rehearsal dinner or one at your home, we've compiled a list of games for a rehearsal dinner that can be played regardless of the idea you have for your pre-wedding gathering. From printable games to activity sheets to games that can be played outdoors, read on for our top picks of game ideas for the rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner Games to Buy in This Story: For the To-Be-Weds | For the Guests

Rehearsal Dinner Games for the To-Be-Weds

Although your main focus is likely going to be on your guests at your rehearsal dinner, making sure you're having fun should be a priority, too. And, these games we've listed below will help you to do so (and relieve any anxieties you may be having about your big day).

Iconic "Wedding Shoe" Rehearsal Dinner Game

Printable the wedding shoe rehearsal dinner game
Photo: Little Bos Printables

It would be a missed opportunity if you and your partner did not challenge yourselves to the iconic "Wedding Shoe" game. Once you print out this game board and are both faced away from each other, you can select a friend or family member to ask you and your partner the questions. While you can each hold up the shoes that best correspond to the questions' answers, you could put your own personal spin on the game and answer the questions directly on the game sheet while facing away from your partner–either way, you will both have a fun time playing this game.

Play "The Couples Game That's Actually Fun"

The couple card game for rehearsal dinner
Photo: Target

Sometimes couples' games that say they're fun aren't actually fun. However, lucky for you, "The Couples Game That's Actually Fun" is actually fun. Since this card game consists of various cards that fall within several themes including "match," "best" and "me or you?", you and your partner will be able to connect even more on an emotional level before saying "I do."

Get Deep With "Let's Get Deep"

Let's Get Deep adult rehearsal dinner party game
Photo: Walmart

If you and your partner frequently find yourselves wanting to dive deeper into your conversations, this game can help. Since it is a two-player conversation card game, it's perfect for you both to play in between courses or in between entertaining guests.

Get Romantic With This Printable Version of "The Newlywed Game"

Printable the newlywed game for rehearsal dinner
Photo: effvee Creations

Your wedding rehearsal dinner wouldn't feel complete without playing "The Newlywed Game." Since it's a printable version, you and your partner can either answer the newlywed questions together in a conversation or write down each of your answers separately and see who gets the most correct when you're both done.

Entertaining "Match These Famous Couples" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game

Famous Couples Match Game for rehearsal dinner
Photo: Willow Lane Paperie

If you and your partner are looking to keep things light during your night, you can challenge them to this game where players match famous couples. Make sure to note that the couples are both real and fictional before you start.

Rehearsal Dinner Games for Guests

Guests at your rehearsal dinner will appreciate there being games for them to play, especially those that help break the ice. We think these games will do a great job of doing so whether your dinner takes place outside, at a restaurant or at another indoor venue.

Printable "Bride and Groom Trivia Time" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game

Printable "Bride and Groom Trivia Time" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game
Photo: little birdie canada

Challenge your guests to see who knows the most about you and your partner with this trivia game. With questions including "Where was the couple's first date?" and "Who met the in-laws first?" you may be surprised to find out who wins.

Engaging "Find the Guest" Bingo Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game

Engaging "Find the Guest" Bingo Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game
Photo: Willow Lane Paperie

It's hard to go wrong with having your guests play a round or two of "Find the Guest" Bingo at your rehearsal dinner. The best part is that you can customize the squares on the game boards using the template to best fit the guests at your special event before printing them out.

Creative "Wed-Libs the Rehearsal" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Activity

"Wed-Libs the Rehearsal" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Activity
Photo: Palme Designs

This rehearsal dinner take on the classic "Mad Libs" game will have your guests' creative juices flowing and imagination soaring. When everyone is done filling out their sheets, you can ask them to take turns reading their stories out loud as a way to help break the ice.

Funny "Wedding Jokes" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game

"Wedding Jokes" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game
Photo: The Paper Memories Co

Stir up some laughs with a game of "Wedding Jokes." Hand a sheet to each guest and ask them to fill out all of the punchlines to some of the following jokes which include "Where do spiders meet?" and "Why did the husband fall down the well?" to the best of their abilities. Then, you or your partner (or both of you) can take turns reading out the jokes with the correct punchlines for all of your friends and family to hear–just make sure to tell them ahead of time to keep track of how many they guess correctly so they can be eligible to win a prize (which you'll purchase before your special dinner).

Interesting "Dinner Dares" Card Game

"Dinner Dares" Card Game for rehearsal dinner
Photo: Anthropologie

Dare your rehearsal dinner guests to get closer to each other when they play this "Dinner Dares" card game. With 20 paper cards filled with challenges such as "Say one honest thing about three people at the table" and "Predict a fortune for the person to your left," your friends and family will connect in a unique way and leave feeling even more excited for the next day's festivities.

Personalized Triangle Peg Jump Game

Personalized Triangle Peg Jump Game for rehearsal dinner
Photo: Platinum Forge

If you're looking for a game that all of your guests can play to keep themselves entertained and talking between courses, this triangle peg jump game is it. And, these tiny games can make great dinner favors for your guests as you can personalize them with your names, date or a special message.

Sign the Engraved Wooden Tumbling Block Tower

 Engraved Wooden Tumbling Block Tower for rehearsal dinner
Photo: Personalised Favours

It's unlikely that your guests have not played (or at least heard of Jenga) which is what makes this game and "guest book" such a great option for your rehearsal dinner. You can build the blocks into a tower and instruct each guest to take and sign a block as they enter. When the blocks eventually fall down, this game will leave you with a record of everyone who attended your rehearsal dinner–we think that's pretty cool.

Fun "Advice & Wishes" Rehearsal Dinner Printable Game Activity Cards

"Advice & Wishes" Rehearsal Dinner Printable Game Activity Cards
Photo: Little Bos Printables

Although these "Advice & Wishes" activity cards can be filled out individually, you can encourage your guests to share their ideas out loud with each other as they write to help break the ice. We'd recommend making sure you have plenty of pens available in case some of your guests leave theirs behind.

Well-Known "I Spy" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game

"I Spy" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game
Photo: Zazzle

If a familiar game is what you seek for your rehearsal dinner, it's hard to go wrong with "I Spy." To make this game even more interactive, this version asks guests to take photos as they find each item on the list. Not only will they have fun while playing the game, but they'll also have a new photo album to look back on when reminiscing about this special evening.

Outdoor Portable Cornhole Game Set

Outdoor Portable Cornhole Rehearsal DinnerGame Set
Photo: Amazon

If your rehearsal dinner is outdoors, a game of cornhole can be a great way to keep your guests both energized and interacting. Plus, it's easily portable if anyone wants to move the game pieces closer to one another so they can socialize while tossing the bags.

Straightforward Game of "Break The Ice"

'break the ice' printable rehearsal dinner game
Photo: Bingo Besties

Help your guests break the ice with this printable "Break The Ice" game. You can place a sheet on each table and ask your guests to spend 15 minutes or so taking turns reading the questions and sharing their answers.

Sweet Candy Land Rehearsal Dinner Game

Candy Land rehearsal dinner board game
Photo: Amazon

If you've invited kids to your rehearsal dinner, it's important that there's a game for them, too–that's where Candy Land comes in. The odds are high that they've played this board game before. However, if they haven't, it's easy for another guest to quickly teach them so everyone feels included.

Stimulating "Wedding Traditions" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game

"Wedding Traditions" Printable Rehearsal Dinner Game
Photo: Willow Lane Paperie

Since you're about to tie the knot, a game that teaches about wedding traditions can be both fun and informative for your guests (and maybe even yourself). Make sure to do your research about the answers before handing the game sheets to your guests in case they have any questions.

Thought-Provoking "After Dinner Trivia" Rehearsal Dinner Game

"After Dinner Trivia" Rehearsal Dinner Game
Photo: Amazon

Any anxieties your guests may be having about the next day will be alleviated once they begin playing "After Dinner Trivia." Since most of the questions on the 140 game cards are unrelated to weddings or marriage and are instead focused on topics such as wine and literature, not only will they be able to relax but learn a thing or two, too.

Active Ring Toss Rehearsal Dinner Game

Outdoor Wedding Ring Toss Party Game
Photo: hooray days

An outdoor rehearsal dinner will benefit a good game of ring toss like this one. In addition to the wooden game piece, this game consists of five rope rings which your guests can throw. Whether or not they want to keep score is up to them–either way, this game will bring plenty of fun.

Solve This "Impossible Puzzle"

Impossible puzzle rehearsal dinner party game
Photo: Adeptus Designs

Since most (if not all) of your guests will be working together to help make your big day a success, attempting to solve this "Impossible Puzzle' together will provide them with the opportunity to practice their collaborating, communication and problem-solving skills ahead of time–and, they'll be having fun doing so.

Classic Rummikub Rehearsal Dinner Game

Rummikub Bonus Edition Rehearsal Game
Photo: Target

Rummikub is one of those great family rehearsal dinner games that even younger children (eight years and older) can play. And, since it's suitable for two to four players, this game will be sure to get your guests interacting while they attempt to clear the tiles from their racks.

Humorous "Who's Most Likely To" Rehearsal Dinner Game

"Who's Most Likely To" Rehearsal Dinner Game
Photo: Amazon

If your friends and family weren't too close before your rehearsal dinner, they will be after playing this game of "Who's Most Likely To." Although most of the questions are silly, it is still a great way for your guests to connect with each other.

Giant Connect 4-in-a-Row Outdoor Rehearsal Dinner Game

Giant Connect 4-in-a-Row rehearsal dinner game
Photo: Target

Connect 4-In-A-Row is a simple yet fun game that can entertain guests at an outdoor rehearsal dinner venue. If your wedding is at an outdoor venue, you can save the pieces and bring them with you, too.

Get Cozy With "The Hygge Game"

"The Hygge Game" conversation starter rehearsal dinner
Photo: Amazon

Send your guests off to converse with each other by playing "The Hygge Game." With more than 300 questions designed to spark conversations and stories both big and small, you can rest assured they will form lifelong connections at your rehearsal dinner (and that's a pretty nice feeling).

Win Big With Custom Scratch-Off Cards

Custom Scratch-Off Cards rehearsal dinner game
Photo: Personalization Mall

This game is a good choice for the rehearsal dinner because it's simple to play and everyone can participate. Place a scratch-off card at each place setting and instruct guest, at the appointed time, to uncover their card. A winner (or multiple, if you choose) will be revealed and you can have a special prize on deck for them.

Put on Your Thinking Cap With This Custom Crossword Puzzle

Custom Wedding Crossword Puzzle rehearsal dinner game
Photo: Modern Prose

Calling all linguistics nerds. This is a great interactive activity for the rehearsal dinner if many of your attendees have a knack for words. It's also a fun conversation starter—guests can chat about the words they're stuck on to find the answers together.

Pique Your Curiosity With "Actually Curious" Conversation Cards

"Actually Curious" Conversation Cards rehearsal dinner game
Photo: Actually Curious

We get it, sometimes conversation cards can feel cheesy or awkward. That's where this deck comes in. It's loaded with thoughtful, engaging questions that help you really get to know those at your table.

Stage a Showdown Between Boomers and Millennials

Millennials vs. Boomers Trivia Game Rehearsal Dinner Game
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Young people and older folks alike will want to get in on the fun of this generational comparison game. Each generation likes to claim they're the best, but only this trivia game can decide who the real winner is.

Go Big With This Custom Four-Across Lawn Game

Personalized Four-Across Lawn Game
Photo: Uncommon Goods

While the tabletop version of this game is great for an indoor rehearsal dinner, this larger-than-life custom version is fun for a backyard event. Plus, you could re-use the game on the wedding day or even at future BBQs and dinner parties you and your spouse host.

This Game Will Spark Intense Debate

"Debatable" Rehearsal Dinner Card Game
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Generally speaking, debating with your future in-laws isn't a good idea. But with this fun game, some lively debate is just the ticket. And since all the topics are lighthearted game, you don't have to worry about making this awkward on the wedding day.

Make Condensation Into a Game With These Coasters

Roller Coasters Drink Condensation Rehearsal Dinner Game
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Usually, condensation is an annoyance as it gets napkins and tablecloths soaking wet. But with these fun coasters, you can turn water droplets into game pieces that navigate the maze atop these coasters.

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