Wedding Gown: Should I Buy It Before I Lose Weight?

by The Knot

I am trying to lose a lot of weight in time for my wedding (six months from now). The problem is that I feel pressured to get my wedding dress soon (because of the three to four months it takes for one to come in). I don't want to have to buy a size that fits me now or get a style that would flatter my current shape. I'm embarrassed to even make an appointment at an upscale wedding dress shop (I've only gone to discount places where they leave you alone). My family and close friends are out of state, which is why I have to go alone. Help!


Your concern and stress are understandable, and you're right that it does take a while for a custom-made wedding gown to arrive in the store once it's ordered. So if you want to go that route, you should start thinking about buying a wedding gown as soon as possible (you'll need time for alterations too). Of course your other option is to wait until a month before the wedding and to buy a gown off the rack at one of those discount stores or at a department store, but then you risk not finding the wedding gown you really want.

To address a larger concern though, making your wedding date the deadline to lose a certain number of pounds may not be the best idea. That just puts extra pressure on you during the already stressful planning period. You shouldn't stop eating healthfully and exercising. But keep in mind the fact that you're marrying the man you love, and he loves you for you -- not for your weight! Simply decide whether you want a wedding dress that's going to take a few months to order, or you're comfortable waiting until the eleventh hour. Then do what you need to do.

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