15 Essential Groom Accessories For Your Wedding Outfit

Whether you're keeping it simple or flashy, these essential groom accessories are sure to bring your suit to life.
Tres Dean
by Tres Dean
Updated May 31, 2023
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In the grand scheme of things, most grooms start out wearing the same wedding day outfit, often some variation of a suit (or suit separates) and appropriate shoes. What makes your suit your own comes down to how you accessorize. They're an opportunity to play with trends, to bring keepsakes and homages to family and loved ones into your outfit, and to add a dash of your personality to the look. Whether you're looking to get in on one of our favorite suiting trends of the year or simply trying to figure out whether or not you should have cufflinks for your big day, we've got you covered. Read on for everything you need to know about groom accessories.

Essential Guide to Groom Accessories

Socks and ties are just the beginning when it comes to accessorizing. There are a ton of different pieces you can add to your wedding suit that bring it to life. Maybe you're looking to add some jewelry to the look, or perhaps you're aiming to keep it classic with traditional suiting accessories. Heck, maybe you're trying to aim for a bit of both—well done, you. How you accessorize comes down almost entirely to personal taste, though there are a couple of elements that may be affected by dress code.

  • Tie Bar: A tie bar is a simple clip-on accessory that fixes your tie to your dress shirt. They can be simple and functional or ornate and decorative.

  • Cuff Links: Cuff links are worn with French cuff dress shirt, generally seen as one of the more formal sorts of dress shirts, or a tuxedo shirt. They're a great opportunity to add some cheek or personality to your outfit. Plus, hey, you've got to keep your cuffs together somehow!

  • Tie Pin: Worn with more formal dress, tie pins fix your shirt collars to your tie.

  • Pocket Square: A pocket square is a decorative cut of fabric that goes in your jacket chest pocket, providing a pop of color or pattern to your suit.

  • Wedding Watch: Whether it's your everyday piece or one you've selected for the occasion, a wedding watch can tie your wedding day look together and help to ensure that you don't show up late.

  • Jewelry: Be it a signet ring or an engraved bracelet, we're seeing grooms incorporate jewelry into their wedding day looks more and more these days.


Top 5 Trending Groom Accessories for 2023-2024 Weddings

1. Bolo Ties

Between the spike in popularity in western-style weddings and seventies suiting, bolo ties are as in as we've ever seen them. They're a great way to eschew tradition without sacrificing formality and bring a unique vibe to even the most standard of suits. Bolo ties may not have a place at a black-tie wedding but if you're walking down the aisle at a farmhouse, barn, ranch, or other outdoor venue, they're a sharp wedding day accessory and will make for a memorable fit.

Shop the Trend:

Straight to Hell Lost Highway: Tiger's Eye

Straight to Hell's take on the bolo tie keeps things simple. A circular clasp holds the tie together, finished with a stunning piece of tiger's eye. And speaking of eyes, this bolo tie will catch them.

Urban Outfitters Stone Bolo Tie

Urban Outfitters' Stone bolo tie is simple, tasteful, and goes with just about any suit. It's also an affordable option for grooms who may be a little apprehensive to leave the necktie on their valet stand the morning of their wedding. You can try a trend without commiting a ton of cash.

Nudie Jeans Nisse Bolo Tie Turquoise and Toffee Brown

Most bolo ties feature black leather. Nudie Jeans' Nisse tie provides a cool alternative for grooms looking to mix it up with a brown braided cord and a stunning turquoise clasp accen.

2. Patterned Pocket Squares

It may not be fair to call pocket squares a trend–they've long been a pretty essential suiting accessory–but there's more variety and character in them these days than we've seen in ages. From bold, beautiful illustrations to quirky patterns, here are some vibrant pocket squares that will bring your wedding suit to life.

Shop the Trend:

Banana Republic Don Silk Pocket Square

Banana Republic's much-acclaimed rebrand has brought with it a lot of old-school, archival suits and suiting accessories. The Don pocket square, for instance, has a rustic and vintage vibe to it. It's the perfect detail for western wedding suits, farmhouse or ranch ceremonies, or anyone simply looking to bring a dash of the great outdoors to their look.

Tie Bar x Miller High Life Vintage "Champagne of Beers" Pocket Square

Tie Bar's pocket square collaboration with Miller HIgh Life features archival art from the legendary "champagne of beers." Grooms looking to break free of solid-colored accessories in favor of something with unique character would do well to stick this one in their pocket on their wedding day.

Bonobos Dragonfly Geo Pocket Square

Featuring a neutral color scheme with a pop of green and blue, plus a cool geometric print, this dragonfly pocket square from Bonobos will have your wedding suit taking flight.

3. Wedding Jewelry

Jewelry on men: it isn't taboo! From gold chains to signet rings to flashy bracelets, there's a whole world of great grooms jewelry out there just waiting for you to add it to your wedding suit.

Shop the Trend:

Miansai Figaro Chain

Catch any red carpet with athletes on it these days and you'll notice a trend: dress shirts with suits buttoned all the way up with a chain in place of a tie. If you want to bring some Draft Night energy to your suit, that's a great way to do it. Start with Miansai's Figaro chain, a simple gold piece that's sure to heighten your look.

Jonas Studio Upland Cuff

A simple cuff bracelet peeking out under the sleeve of your suit can be a perfect, tasteful addition to a wedding day look. Jonas Studio's is made from sterling silver, with great detailing and space for engraving if you want to add a personal touch.

Vitaly Rey Signet Ring

You're already going to be wearing one ring by the end of your wedding—why not one for each hand? Vitaly's simple signet ring is affordable, stylish, and will pair great with the other ring you're adding to your collection.

4. Tie Bars

Tie bars have been a staple of suiting for ages now and these days they're still a can't-miss groom accessory. They add subtle detailing to your suit and keep your tie from flopping around on the dance floor at the reception.

Shop the Trend:

The Tie Bar Sailors Knot Tie Bar

For a nautical touch or just a bit of texture in lieu of a solid one, this sailors knot tie bar from, well, The Tie Bar is perfect. It's eye-catching and unique, just like your wedding suit should be.

Pronto Uomo Gold Tie Bar

Pronto Uomo's gold tie bar brings a dash of elevated elegance to a suit. From the flashy gold finish to the subtle detailing, it'll pin your entire wedding suit together.

Art of the Gentleman Owl Gold Tie Bar

Grooms looking for something on the ornamental side in their tie bar should check out Art of the Gentleman's lineup. They have a whole roster of cool, quirky tie bars but none stand out quite like their owl piece. It's full of flash and panache.

5. Cuff links

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you're wearing a formal dress shirt with French cuffs, you're going to need cuff links for them. Cuff links can range from fun to functional, and whichever category they may fall into they're a trend-proof groom accessory. They'll look as good in wedding photos twenty years from now as they do on the day.

Shop the Trend:

J. Crew Sterling Silver Cuff Links

What J. Crew's cuff links lack in flash they make up for in quality. These simple links are made from a high-quality sterling silver, the sort of keepsake that will last the lifetime that follows your wedding.

Star Wars Baby Yoda Cufflinks

Accessories are often a great opportunity to channel your fandom. Star Wars sfans can walk down the aisle with The Mandalorian's best pal thanks to these fun cuff links.

Jan Leslie Druzy Crystalized Gemstone Cuff Links

For a truly one-of-a-kind wedding accessory, fasten your cuffs with these stunners from Jan Leslie. Each set of cuff links is made from authentic quartz and agate crystals, making each pair totally unique.

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