The Complete Sweden Travel Guide for Couples: Where to Stay & Things to Do

Plan your honeymoon or a couples trip to Sweden with our comprehensive guide.
A couple watchs the aurora borealis (northern lights) near Björkliden Fjällby, Sweden
Photo: Samuli Vainionpää / Getty Images
J.Q. Louise
by J.Q. Louise
Updated Jun 19, 2023
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Sweden is a travel destination that screams style, natural beauty, and minimalism. Home to some of the most enviable hotels and museums in the world, travel to Sweden can also be an outdoorsy escape with glistening lakes, offbeat accommodations, forests and coastlines. From chasing the breathtaking sights of the Northern Lights, to exploring the joys of Stockholm's Archipelago, to sipping on a tipple at the infamous Ice Hotel, couples can plan a Sweden vacation that suits every kind of traveler, especially for the honeymoon or a romantic getaway. Create your very own adventure with the help of this Sweden travel guide packed with tips for the perfect Sweden itinerary for couples.

Sweden Travel Tips in this article:

    The Best Times to Visit Sweden

    High Season, which runs June through August, is Sweden's most vibrant time. During this period expect long days—including sunny skies during midnight—and long open hours at restaurants, cafes, galleries, and dance halls.

    Sweden Travel Tips for Couples

    A couple watches the aurora borealis in Lapland, Sweden
    Photo: Marcus Lindstrom / Getty Images

    Flying from the United States, travel to Sweden is easy because there are a number of airlines that have non-stop flights to Swedish cities. The local language is Swedish, which is a Scandinavian language like Danish and Norwegian. However, English is spoken almost everywhere. Unlike other European countries, Sweden uses its own currency, the Krona. The country also operates on the Central European Time (CET) time zone.

    Now, as you start planning your trip to Sweden, always book accommodations ahead of time, especially if you're visiting at a busy time of year. Things fill up quickly and a pro tip: independent hotels will cost less. Also, do your homework. Most tourist attractions, shops, and eateries in major cities function all year round, but some sightseeing attractions are seasonal and have opening hours tailored to the traditional Swedish summer holiday periods (Midsummer to mid-August). It's best to check ahead of time so you aren't disappointed.

    Something else to consider is that across the country, cash isn't widely accepted. Since COVID-19, Sweden has become almost exclusively card-based, so assume you'll be tapping Apple Pay or inserting your credit card for the duration of your trip. If you're planning to do a lot of rail travel, an Interrail or Eurail train pass is a good way to save money. In transit and at popular tourist destinations, keep an eye on your belongings to avoid petty theft. Sweden is a very safe country overall.

    We saved the best for last: gifting is favored. It's considered good behavior to bring hosts a gift. Something small like flowers, chocolates, or a bottle of wine go a long way if you're invited into someone's home.

    Places to Visit in Sweden

    The rocky and picturesque Swedish coastline
    Photo: Johner Images / Getty Images

    Honestly? Sweden is so gorgeous that no choice will be a bad choice. Still, there are three places in Sweden for couples trips that we highly recommend:

    Stockholm Archipelago

    The Baltic Sea on Sweden's eastern coastline is the dreamiest spot especially if you're looking to fit a bit of island hopping into your time in Sweden. With 30,000 islands (really!), you might have to settle for visiting just a few, but hopping on a ferry to Starofortet or Vaxholm is a pretty good start.

    Swedish Lapland

    You've seen the photos of the Arctic Circle. Those looking to take a walk on the wild side simply have to visit the Swedish Lapland, located in the far north above the Arctic circle. The region is home to Sweden's indigenous arctic community, the Sami, who live in massive forests and barren tundra protected (for now) by Sweden's government. This is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we highly recommend driving the 359 km Wilderness Way to see the region in all its glory. Please drive mindfully to be respectful of the wildlife and indigenous communities—remember, you're the visitor here.

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Sweden's capital city spans rocky islets and islands, all connected by a contrast of modern causeways and charming old bridges. With incredible street style, inventive food, renowned museums and concert halls, and legendary after-hours nightclubs, Stockholm is one of the world's great culture capitals.

    Things to Do in Sweden

    Two kayakers bask in a Swedish sunrise
    Photo: Johner Images / Getty Images

    Sweden is so packed with experiences that it often feels like you could plan 3 trips instead of just one. To help focus your planning, we've pulled together some of the best Swedish tourist attractions for couples and honeymooners alike.

    Chase the Northern Lights

    The Northern Lights are a worldwide phenomenon that cause people to travel far and wide to witness their spectacular colors and otherworldly glow. The best place to see the lights is in the northwest of Sweden—Swedish Lapland—since parts of the region are within both the Arctic Circle and the "Auroral Oval Zone," making the area an ideal spot to see this natural phenomenon.

    Visit the Nobel Prize Museum

    A must-visit, this beautiful 18th century building was the former home of the Stock Exchange and is located in the heart of the Old Town. It goes without saying, but you'll learn all about The Nobel Prize alongside exhibitions showcasing Marie Curie, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein and many other great minds.

    Enjoy the SkyView at Ericsson Globe

    A tourist hot spot that's actually worth it, the SkyView at Ericsson Globe is renowned for being the world's largest spherical building, paired with a glass elevator structure that travels on the globe's outer surface. (It really is as crazy as it sounds.)

    Take a Trip to Junibacken

    Junibacken is a brilliant park dedicated to literature and praised for bringing children's stories to life. Home to the biggest children's bookstore in the country, Junibacken also boasts an open terrace that showcases standout views of the water.

    Wave Your Hands in the Air at Gröna Lund

    Calling all thrill-seeking couples: This is one for you. Boasting eight rollercoasters and a fun house, Gröna Lund even has an old-fashioned Tunnel of Love (ironically, it's next to the vampire-themed House of Nightmares).

    Eat Everything at Östermalms Saluhall

    First opened in 1888, this dreamy food hall contains one of Sweden's most celebrated markets, making it an authentic smorgasbord in the heart of the city. Offering everything from local seafood to traditional baked goods, this is one of the best places for fresh local fare that can't be beat.

    Visit the ABBA Museum

    Mamma Mia! This shrine to Sweden's most famous pop group is a modern and interactive museum with memorabilia, videos, lyric sheets, and the chance to feel like a true dancing queen.

    Is Sweden Good for Honeymoons & Romantic Vacations?

    The whimsical facades of buildings in Stortorget, Stockholm, Sweden
    Photo: Laurie Noble / Getty Images

    Sweden is the perfect place for a honeymoon or anniversary trip—couples looking to soak up the romance and spend quality time together in beautiful locations, with a good dose of fun and adventure too. With a multitude of restaurants at your fingertips, we recommend visiting some of the best restaurants in Sweden and putting their cooking prowess to the test. Try Ekstedt if you are on a romantic vacation looking for Michelin-starred dishes. Everything is cooked without gas, electricity, or microwaves! Or for something completely different, Lilla Ego offers short seasonal menus with a strong focus on Nordic root vegetables, fish, and seafood.

    Pros of a Sweden Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway

    Bursting in charm, culture, delicious food, and beautiful hideaways, Sweden is perfect for romantic vacations or a Swedish honeymoon. With quaint cities and towns alongside world-class attractions and experiences, any romantic getaway promises to be a roaring success.

    Cons of a Sweden Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway

    Compared to other honeymoon destinations, Sweden doesn't offer the traditional beach and bubbles. Infinity pools aren't a priority, and you aren't likely to come back with a glowing tan. Equally worth noting, Sweden is by no means a 'cheap' destination, so careful planning of your Swedish honeymoon is necessary to make the most of your budget.

    The Best Hotels, Resorts & Vacation Packages in Sweden

    At the Ice Hotel in Sweden, a woman sleeps on her warm reindeer-lined bed.
    Photo: Arctic-Images / Getty Images

    Ice Hotel

    Situated in Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden, the Ice Hotel is a bit of a tourist must, featuring rooms entirely made out of sculptured ice from the neighboring Torne River. But don't panic; you can also opt out of an icy stay (after taking a few mandatory Instagram pics) and request a warm room instead.

    Marknadsvägen 63, 981 91 Jukkasjärvi, Sweden


    Truly a spectacular experience, Treehotel is exactly what it sounds like. Your accommodation will be among the leafy canopies of Harad's forests and allow you to participate in the traditional Scandinavian pastime of "skogsbad," or "forest bathing," which is proven to reduce stress and increase creative thinking. Blending cutting-edge architecture with all the necessary comforts of home, this is a modern winner within the natural world.

    Edeforsvägen 2A, 960 24 Harads, Sweden

    Arctic Bath

    If you're planning your trip to Sweden around a highly recommended visit to the Swedish Lapland, then Arctic Bath is the hotel for you. The open-air hotel is situated on the Luleå river next to canopies from the famous Treehotel (you could even book a few nights at each to make for a funky stay) but this accommodation comes with traditional Swedish saunas and cold plunges in its own restorative waters.

    Ramdalsvägen 10, 961 78 Harads, Sweden

    What to Pack for a Sweden Trip

    In addition to your honeymoon basics, couples will want to pack seasonally appropriate attire. Believe it or not, Sweden travel can get cold (!) so it's better to layer up. Anything waterproof is a smart move, but Sweden is a cosmopolitan design hub, so you'll also want to keep it stylish. Cashmere sweaters, leather jackets, and sharp blazers are always appreciated in more upscale restaurants, and a sleek pair of walking sneakers is a must for daily excursions. Also, don't forget to leave room in your suitcase—as the home of COS and Acne, Swedish clothes are predictably cheaper in their home country, which makes for some fun shopping excuses.

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