122 Brilliant Sunset Captions and Quotes for Instagram

There *may* be a Selling Sunset reference or two.
Sunset Captions and Quotes for Instagram
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james wong - the knot contributing writer and travel expert
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james wong - the knot contributing writer and travel expert
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Updated Nov 13, 2023

A photo with a sunset caption is timeless. During the busy work week, we seldom stop to admire the beauty of golden hour, but on vacation, it's a spectacle to slot into the travel caption schedule. Perhaps you're on a tropical beach lined with palm trees, watching the sun melt shades of orange in company of the one, or you're raving with the bach crew, up on a rooftop pool drinking to pink. Whatever the reason for seeking a sunset, it's always guaranteed to radiate warmth to any vista, one that you'll look to time and time again with fond memories and a smile. If you plan on sharing these heavenly hues with the folks back home, we've just the caption, quote, or hashtag to join them. Many evoke sweet sentiments, some are dedicated to your company, and a few will tickle a laugh. Here are over 100 Instagram and Facebook caption ideas for your sunset photographs, stories, and slideshows.

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Amazing Sunset Captions for Instagram

A perfect sunset for your instagram
Photo: Ian Philip Miller / Getty Images

If you were lucky enough to catch the perfect sunset on camera, here are some magical captions to complement the irresistible allure.

  • All that glitters.
  • Golden hour is the best time of day.
  • Beach magic tricks.
  • My favorite color is gold - for everything.
  • I'd rather look at the sky than on my phone.
  • Sunsets to melt everything else away.
  • I got a pocket full of sunshine.
  • These colors are a dream.
  • Hey look, the sky's putting on a show!
  • Life can be a beach, thank goodness for sunsets.
  • A front-row seat to the hottest show on the road.

Funny Sunset Instagram Captions

The sun sets over a river
Photo: akkachai thothubthai / Getty Images

Sultry scenes need not be serious. Add some humor to your holiday snaps with these fun puns and more.

  • Orange you glad I picked [destination], honey?
  • How I spent the money saved from not buying Taylor Swift tickets.
  • Sunrise, sunset, sunburn.
  • Fifty shades of red.
  • It just dawned on me.
  • Linger too long and you'll get left in the dark.
  • Swapping Missouri misery for Miami glow.
  • The name's France, Tan France.

Short Classic Sunset Captions and Hashtags

The sun sets among the clouds
Photo: Chadchai Ra-ngubpai / Getty Images

Say it with a few words, or simply a hashtag. Here are some short lines to straddle your snaps.

  • Goodnight sunshine.
  • On the horizon.
  • Melt away.
  • Postcard-perfect scenes.
  • There goes the sun.
  • Joy, sparked.
  • Golden.
  • No filter needed.
  • Sunset vibes.
  • Stare away.
  • Mesmerized sky to sand.
  • Sunset state of mind.
  • Paradise found.
  • Speechless.
  • #FeelingGrateful
  • #MagicEarth
  • #Reflecting
  • #VitamenSea
  • #SeasTheDay
  • #OffTheGrid

Cute Couple Sunset Instagram Captions

The sun sets over a couple camping
Photo: Hello World / Getty Images

If you're on a couples vacation, be it a far-flung anniversary escape or a short weekend break, here are some cute and romantic captions to accompany a sunset whatever your vantage point.

  • There's no place I'd rather be.
  • I love you to the sun and back.
  • Sunset worshippers.
  • We're happy as clams can be.
  • Sunkissed all over.
  • I'm coconuts for this one.
  • Eat, beach, sleep, repeat.
  • All you really need is love and sunsets.
  • We don't need Netflix when there's always something better to watch before bedtime.
  • She wears sea shells on the sea shore.
  • He makes my whole summer smile.
  • The world is our oyster.

Romantic Sunset Captions for Honeymooners

A romantic sunset on the beach
Photo: Levente Bodo / Getty Images

On a post-nuptial vacation? Then chances are you're cozying up to your beau in front of a glorious sunset. Here are just the words to slide under your honeymoon snaps dipped in glitter and gold.

  • Sunsets are always warmest with you.
  • Chase romantic sunsets, not office promotions.
  • At moments like these, everything becomes background noise.
  • Cherish each golden moment together.
  • Glowing inside and out.
  • Happiness is sharing a hammock all day long.
  • Marry someone you want sleep on a beach with.
  • I love you as far as the eye can sea.
  • Sun kissed and kissing.
  • Let's ride into the sunset and never come back.
  • Marry someone to run to sunsets with.
  • Hey, sunny honey.
  • Wish we could be stranded here forever.
  • The sun that brightens my every day.

Beach Sunset Captions

A gorgeous sunset over the beach
Photo: Levente Bodo / Getty Images

Sunsets and beaches come hand in hand, and watching the sun melt down into the ocean and a kaleidoscope of colors scatter over sand, sea, and tropical trees is pure romance bliss. If you're sitting on beach paradise, here's how to say it.

  • Flip-flops are my favorite footwear.
  • Here's a photo of a sunset.
  • Out of office. No cell signal here. Will absolutely not reply.
  • Finally, I remember what life was like before I became a parent.
  • Sunset therapy always works.
  • Tan lines courtesy of Miami Beach.
  • Beach babes dancing in paradise.
  • Time on the beach is time well spent.
  • Mermaid vibes all day long.
  • A couple of beached whales.
  • Don't worry, beach happy.
  • My favorite club is a beach club.
  • Palms trees over Christmas trees any day.
  • Let's go to the beach, beach.
  • We just love being on island time.
  • Got that sun-kissed feeling.
  • The glow up starts now.

Sunset Captions for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Three friends sit on the roof of their car and watch the sun set
Photo: antolikjan / Getty Images

Sunsets aren't only enjoyed by couples. If you're basking by the ocean with your bachelor or bachelorette gang with a round of tequila, you'll need a caption too. Here are some ideas.

  • Drink to pink.
  • Don't talk to me if you don't like sunsets. You monster.
  • Sunset singles.
  • We're selling sunset.
  • Presenting to you the newest cast of Survivor.
  • Maybe she's born with it… or maybe it's just golden hour lighting.
  • Soaking up every moment with the besties.
  • All my favorite things begin with S: sunsets, swimming, spiked desserts, spicy food, and um…sexy shirtless men.
  • Saucy silhouettes.
  • Chest good friends.
  • Bach parties stay hydrated.
  • Girls just want to have sun.
  • Remember to take your daily Vitamin Sea.
  • Time to get dressed and hit the club.
  • Watching sunsets and drinking Yellow Tail are the only things we can afford to do RN. #NotComplaining
  • How it started versus how it's going.
  • Totally living our SATC 2 best lives right now.
  • What happens on Waikiki Beach stays on Instagram.
  • Sunset pool party every darn day
  • Shell-ebrate good times.
  • Call us the beach boys.

Sunset TV/Movie Quotes and Song Lyrics for IG Captions

Moana movie poster
Photo: Amazon

Want to say it with a famous TV or movie quote, or how about a song? We've pulled the best quotes in popular culture for those smoldering sunset captions.

  • "See the light as it shines on the sea, it's blinding." ("How Far I'll Go" in Moana)
  • "I waited 'til I saw the sun." ("Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones)
  • "It's your golden hour." ("Golden Hour" by Kacey Musgraves)
  • "What makes the sunset?" ("What Makes the Sunset?" by Frank Sinatra)
  • "You can never replace anyone because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details." (Before Sunset)
  • "People who can relax, enjoy the sunset, hold hands at the end of the day... they're the happy ones." (After the Sunset)
  • "Have you ever been knocked over by a wave and you don't know which way to swim to get up?" (Selling Sunset)
  • "May summer last a hundred years." (Under the Tuscan Sun)
  • "Show you what devotion is, Deeper than the ocean is." ("Seven" by Jungkook).
  • "I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine." ("Pocket Full of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield).
  • "Smooth like butter." (BTS)
  • "Quicker than a ray of light, she's flying." ("Ray of Light" by Madonna)
  • "The sun goes down, the stars come out, and all that counts is here and now." ("Glad You Came" by The Wanted).

Sunset Captions for Famous Cities & Locations

The sun sets across the NYC cityscape
Photo: Elisank79 / Getty Images

Still want more? If you're looking for captions beyond the golden hour, then take a look at our city caption pages for hundreds more ideas. From New York to Las Vegas, there's a social media strapline for every activity and occasion.

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