The Denmark Travel Guide for Couples: Things to Do & Vacation Packages

Here's everything you need to know to have an uber-merry time in this happy country.
View of illuminated buildings in city of Copenhagen against sky,Nyhavn,Denmark
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james wong - the knot contributing writer and travel expert
James Wong
james wong - the knot contributing writer and travel expert
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Updated Oct 30, 2023
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It's plain to see why Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales were inspired by Denmark—it's got "love stories" traveling all the way through. From the rolling hills and forests of the countryside to the enchanting royal castle grounds of the big towns and cities, everything is romantic here. In modern times, the country has evolved as a tech hub (fact: the Danes invented Google Maps and Skype), and their concept of hygge is somewhat of a lifestyle phenomenon. A vacation in one of the world's happiest nations ranks high for couples anywhere—honeymoon, anniversary trip or otherwise.

Direct flights run from all over the US to the capital city, Copenhagen. Being compact in size, getting around this country is a breeze. Not only is the country well connected via public transit, but virtually everybody speaks English. Tourists will be able to navigate journeys along the "big four" cities (Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and Copenhagen) with little stress. Ready to ride the goodness of Scandinavia's smallest country? Here's everything you need to know before you go.

Denmark Travel Trips in this Article:

The Best Time to Travel to Denmark

Denmark, Jutland, Exterior
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The weather can be challenging if you're not used to the wonderful four seasons. But for Chicagoans, Bostonians and New Yorkers, any time's just another walk in the park. The best time to enjoy the great outdoors is in the summer months—June to September. This is when temperatures are around 65 degrees and you can jump in the clear waters.

Winters may be cold with limited daylight, but isn't that what Christmas is all about? You'll enjoy the string-light-covered streets in a wave of festivity. Speaking of waves—the locals still jump in the water come winter. The ice-cold experience is good for your health and makes a grand excuse for a sauna session afterward.

Denmark Travel Tips

Denmark, Aarhus, view to harbour, custom house and Navitas
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Direct flights to Copenhagen take between 7.5 hours (NYC) and 11 hours (San Francisco). Getting around between cities is easy thanks to DSB, the Danish national rail operator. It's recommended to book tickets in advance via the website.

Denmark is a clean, safe and liberal country for all tourists to visit, regardless of identity. English is widely spoken, and when you need Google Translate, know that free public Wi-Fi (including in taxis) is excellent. All of the big four cities are close to the sea, so you're seldom far from a beach stroll.

As with most Scandinavian and Western European countries, Denmark is known to be expensive. But if you ask us, prices are comparable to the US. A casual sit-down meal in Copenhagen will set you back 140 DKK (Danish Krone) per person, around $20, with no hidden extras since tipping is not customary.

Places to Visit in Denmark

Aerial view of Stroget in Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo: Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

Denmark is known for "the big four"—must-visit cities with a rich and varied culture—and these are easily connected by transport links. Here's a summary of each of them.


The capital city of Denmark is hailed as the coziest and most charming in Northern Europe. Think quaint cafes and a colorful 17th-century waterfront (the Nyhavn) to backdrop those romantic strolls. It's a capital without the chaos. Alluring palaces, castles and museums will keep history buffs entertained for hours.


Couples seeking nature should come to Aarhus, an ancient town known as the "city of smiles." It's perfectly located near Mols Bjerge National Park, a landscape full of twisted trees and abundant wildlife to get lost among. Bring those hiking boots.


This is where the world's most famous fairy-tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen, was born. (Aka the man responsible for bringing The Little Mermaid, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Snow Queen and The Ugly Duckling into our lives.) In Odense, you can visit his house, scenic parks dotted with whimsical sculptures, and a new museum dedicated to his stories.


Once a port for Viking ships, the city of Aalborg is now a vibrant cultural hot spot packed with hipster restaurants and bars, design museums, and corners that pop with street art. Don't miss the Utzon Center, designed by Jørn Utzon (the architect responsible for the Sydney Opera House), or The Lighthouse, a furniture factory turned international food court.

Things to Do in Denmark

Private Tour to Vikings City Roskilde from Copenhagen
Photo: Viator

We've rounded up a mix of Denmark's top tourist attractions and fun things for couples to do for the perfect balance.

Unleash Your Inner Child at LEGOLAND

Originating in Billund and named after the Danish phrase leg godt ("play well"), LEGOLAND is to Danes what Disneyland is to Americans. Standing in LEGO's birthplace today is a towering resort with roller-coasters and rides, a waterpark, a zipline park, a giant LEGO house and even a LEGO hotel.

4.0 Star Rating | Read Reviews

Go Oyster Foraging at Wadden Sea National Park

The Danes have been slurping oysters since the Stone Age, and couples seeking a feast of the aphrodisiac can sign up for an oyster safari. There are local providers all over the islands, but we recommend doing it at UNESCO World Heritage Site Wadden Sea National Park.

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Sail to Viking City

Delve deep into Danish history with a trip to Roskilde, a Viking trading location dating back 1,000 years. Viator offers a private tour from Copenhagen, with stops at the Viking Ship Museum, where you'll see remains of original Viking vessels, and the Cathedral of Saint Lucia, one of the first examples of Brick Gothic.

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Make Your Own Danish Pastries

The Danes are famous for their buttery pastries, and on Airbnb Experiences, you can take your sweetheart to master their art of baking. A professional pastry chef will guide guests through the process, from kneading and rolling to folding the dough with butter. You'll make a wide selection of traditional favorites and enjoy them with a hot brew straight out of the oven.

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Have a Fairy-Tale Photoshoot

When in the land of Hans Christian Andersen, you'll want to document your own happily ever after. Enlist the help of Flytographer, a service that connects travelers with talented local photographers all over the world. You and your boo will have magazine-worthy shots at some of Copenhagen's most beautiful corners, and they'll be touched up and zipped off to you within days. It's the ultimate honeymoon keepsake.

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Treat Yourselves to a Green Michelin-Starred Dinner

Ark is the first vegan restaurant to receive a Green Michelin Star in the Nordics, and no matter the color, it's still one of the best restaurants in all of Copenhagen. The sustainable fine-dining spot uses the power of plants to create tasting menus that take diners on a tantalizing journey of flavors. All dishes are made with seasonal and local produce (they even co-own a mushroom farm, so be sure to select a dish with fresh fungi). The wine pairings are highly recommended on this date night dream.

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The Best Denmark Vacation Packages and Hotels

Ruth's Hotel, Skagen, patio
Photo: Ruth's Hotel

We've selected the most romantic of stays and sniffed out the sweetest deals for couples traveling to Denmark.

The Socialist, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Copenhagen

This boutique hotel was once a 1960s transformer station. Now, couples can choose from The Socialist's 31 intimate industrial-chic rooms and suites, all wired up with modern tech and complete with beautiful marble bathrooms. There's also an on-site restaurant, bar, lounge, wine cellar and rooftop terrace. Marriott Bonvoy members can take advantage of special packages and deals.

Bremerholm 6, Copenhagen 1069, Denmark

3.0 Star Rating | Read Reviews

Ruth's Hotel, Skagen

At the tip of Denmark in the quaint town of Skagen is Ruth's. Her charms lie in baby blue bedrooms, strolling distance to the beach and Skagerrak Sea, and a wellness center with a traditional steam room, sauna and large therapy pool. This is a real opportunity to bring hygge to your trip.

Hans Ruths Vej 1, Skagen 9990, Denmark

4.5 Star Rating | Read Reviews

25hours Hotel Copenhagen Indre By, Copenhagen

Young lovers with boundless energy for exploration will love 25hours, situated in the heart of the capital. The 19th-century building was previously a university, and the hotel today plays on that fact with tongue-in-cheek references to mischievous school days. Cozy nooks for couples include the Vinyl Room and a Love Library. Pro Tip: Flex your Dis-loyalty card for discounts and free coffee.

Pilestraede 65, Copenhagen 1112, Denmark

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Scandic The Mayor, Aarhus

If you're traveling across the country, consider the Scandic hotels for sumptuous Scandinavian design, excellent service and, of course, saunas. The Aarhus outpost is located in the center of town, and all of their rooms have recently been refurbished. A buffet breakfast is always included in your package.

Banegaardspladsen 14, Aarhus 8000, Denmark

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What to Pack for a Denmark Vacation

Gay Couple Packing Their Suitcase
Photo: SolStock / Getty Images

Temperatures vary depending on what month you visit, but always bring layers because even in summer months, things can get chilly after sundown. In line with hygge living, fashion styles tend to be minimalist and colors neutral—so leave the big flashy logos and neons back home if you want to look the part. (That need not apply to hiking and adventure gear though, as you'll want to be seen for safety.) With footwear, waterproof is always best. Finally, tap water in Denmark is safe and delicious—do your part for the environment, and bring a reusable water bottle.

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