The 33 Best Valentine's Day Messages to Write in a Card

Embrace your inner Cupid with these romantic V-Day wording ideas.
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Updated Jan 26, 2024

Writing a love letter may seem like a difficult art form to master, but you don't necessarily need Cupid's touch to get it right. Lucky for you, composing Valentine's Day card messages is right up our alley, and we've got tons of ideas for sweet sayings, romantic wishes and cute valentine quotes that you can steal to send your special person some love. Whether you want to spruce up a store-bought greeting card or create a custom valentine that's all your own, these V-Day phrases and sentiments will help you set the mood for romance.

If you're wondering what to write in a valentine's card, the best way to start is by thinking about what makes your relationship with your partner so special. Do they go big on romantic gestures? Do they always make you laugh with punny jokes or silly animal videos? Are they someone who brightens your day with thoughtful gestures, like making your morning coffee? Considering these little nuances will help you tailor your note to your S.O. and create a really good Valentine's Day message to show them how much you care.

Still racking your brain for things to write? Your relationship status can also give you a few Valentine's Day ideas. If you're engaged or newly married, feel free to play with some puns to add a playful touch to your love note. ("There's no one I'd rather ring in Valentine's Day with," or something similar). And if it's your first V-Day together, you might want to aim for a message that is lighthearted and simple. As long as your note is personalized and shows how much you adore the recipient, everything will be coming up roses (red and pink Valentine's Day roses, that is).

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Valentine's Day Card Message Template

what to write in a valentine's day card engaged married dating
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While you may have a good idea about what you want to write in your Valentine's Day card, putting pen to paper can still be a challenge. If you're feeling stuck, we've created a simple template to help you get those sweet words flowing. From how to start your love letter to what to include in the middle and, finally, how to sign off in style, we've got you covered with these easy-to-follow tips and tricks.

How to Start

Wondering how to start a Valentine's card? Here's the good news: It's not as tricky as it seems. Begin by greeting your significant other using their name (or cutesy nickname, if you have one for them). You can then open with an introduction that reflects the occasion and the overall vibe of your message. (Think: Happy Valentine's Day to my one and only" or "You've been my valentine for over five years now and our life together just keeps getting better.")

What to Put in the Middle

While you don't need to write an essay to your love, you'll want to put some effort into the middle of your message. Whether that means reliving a precious memory, telling a joke or including a short anecdote about your relationship, the choice is entirely yours. You can also compliment your partner, quote your favorite movie or reference a love song—just go with what feels right. After all, writing a valentine's card should be fun, so feel free to get creative!

How to End

When you're ready to bring your romantic love note to a close, keep things short and sweet to make your message more impactful. One of our tips for how to sign a Valentine's card is to sum up your feelings with a simple phrase (like "Love you, always") and finish with your name. If you want to add something else (like a witty aside or a cheeky note), say it in a postscript for a playful touch.

What to Write by Relationship Status

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Whether you and your love are newly dating, engaged or married, we've got a variety of V-Day card messages to match your relationship status. These love notes are classic and romantic, each including a little personal flair that shows you listened to your heart before putting pen to paper. Couple your love letter with a bouquet of blush-colored blooms, a box of treats or a little something sparkly (or all three) and you've covered all of the Valentine's Day gift bases.

When You're Dating

The dating phase of a relationship is all about having fun, getting to know each other and falling in love. If you're wondering how to write a valentine for someone you're dating, try something cheerful, flirty or witty to capture the giddiness you feel when you first start crushing on someone. Of course, you can adjust the level of mush and gush as you see fit, depending on how long you two have been together. There's something so special about this early time in your journey together, so we're all for embracing the excitement and spark of dating when writing a Valentine's Day card for your boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other.

When You're Engaged

Just because there's a ring doesn't mean you shouldn't go all out on Valentine's Day. You're in the sweet spot of your relationship—the established promise of forever, but so much excitement for the many milestones ahead. When it comes to what to say in a Valentine's Day note for your fiancé, we recommend reflecting on how far you've come as a couple and telling them how much you're looking forward to your love growing even stronger in the future. Don't be afraid to dive deep into the romance here; you're also welcome to incorporate some clever "ring" puns or other nods to your upcoming nuptials if you're a playful couple.

When You're Married

Maybe you've just recently exchanged "I do"s or you've been hitched for years. Either way, you're deep in that marital bliss and your Valentine's Day note to your husband, wife or spouse should celebrate the strength of your bond and emphasize how you're still as enamored with them as the day you met. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to let your sweetie know you still feel that spark and that you wouldn't want to ride the rollercoaster of life with anyone else. If you're married, you probably already know what'll pull at your partner's heartstrings—you can either go the sentimental route to capture your love or try something more bubbly and fun, since your sweetheart still makes your heart feel as light as a feather.

Short Valentine's Day Card Messages

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If you're still looking for some Valentine's Day card inspo, we've got one piece of advice for you: Keep things short and sweet. Your love note doesn't have to be overly convoluted to get your message across. In fact, it can be as simple as saying something nice about your partner or cracking a joke. From fun and flirty to sweet and sentimental, the best valentine's messages are the ones that reflect your feelings about your relationship. The phrases below may be brief, but they're still sure to make a big impression.

  • Let's aimlessly scroll through Netflix, then make out. Happy Valentine's Day!
  • I love you more than changing into sweats after a long day.
  • I don't know what you'd do without me (okay, you're not so bad yourself, either).
  • If I say "I love you" enough, will you let me eat some of your chocolates or what?
  • We actually like each other and I think that's pretty cool. Happy Valentine's Day.
  • You make my heart sing! Let's keep making sweet music together.
  • Will you be my valentine? (I asked [insert celebrity name here], but they were busy.)
  • You're my forever valentine, but our dog still likes me better.
  • A brand-new car seemed a little excessive, so I got you this valentine instead.
  • You're so cute I almost forgot you don't use coasters on the coffee table.
  • You're hot. That's all.

Cute Valentine's Day Card Messages

couple looking at cute happy valentine's day card message
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Cute Valentine's Day messages are always a safe choice if you can't decide on what your V-Day vibe is. Of all types of love notes you could write, a sweet saying will always be a hit, as it strikes a beautiful balance between romantic and light-hearted. We suggest including a smile-inducing pun or flirty compliment in your message, or highlighting an adorable quirk you love about your special someone. Check out these Valentine's Day card sayings below to give them all the feels.

  • You have my heart (and you can keep it)!
  • My heart goes pitter-patter whenever you're around.
  • Time stops when I'm in your arms.
  • You make every day better.
  • There you go making me blush again—Happy Valentine's Day.
  • The best part of my day is when I get to cuddle with you.
  • After you're done reading this card please come kiss me, thanks.
  • There's no one I'd rather write a love story with.
  • I've smiled over 100 times since writing this card just thinking about how cute you are.
  • You're my person (and super cute).
  • I still have the biggest crush on you ever. Happy Valentine's Day.

First Valentine's Day Card Messages

couple celebrating first valentine's day with card and gift
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If you're worried about composing the perfect first Valentine's Day card message for your new boo, we've got you. It can be nerve-racking to capture the right level of romance for a budding relationship, but it can be done. Just show your S.O. that you're excited to celebrate with them without getting too sappy, and you'll be golden. (Bonus points if you seal it with a kiss.)

  • This is the start of something really great. Happy Valentine's Day!
  • One Valentine's Day down, many more to go.
  • I'm so excited for many more "firsts" with you.
  • You make me smile every day. I couldn't ask for a better valentine.
  • This seems like a great time to tell you that I have a pretty big crush on you.
  • We've come so far and I can't wait to keep going.
  • I know we're new to this whole "you being my valentine" thing, but you're doing amazing sweetie.
  • There's no one I'd rather eat heart-shaped chocolates with.
  • Happy first Valentine's Day, I can't wait to celebrate with you.
  • I'm really glad you're my valentine this year.
  • This whole "us" thing is going really well. Happy Valentine's Day.
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