These 60 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts Are Also Really Unique

Get your special someone something creative.
Collage of Valentine's Day gifts
Photo: Uncommon Goods,Graphic: Natalie Romine
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Updated Jan 11, 2024
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Love is in the air—and so is the slightly panicked energy of trying to decide what to get your special someone for Valentine's Day. Whether you're a seasoned romantic or Cupid just struck you with his arrow, we've got a delightful lineup of cute Valentine's gifts that are sure to make your S.O. smile. Think: a love potion cocktail kit that secures their amateur bartender status, an intimate card game that promises laughter and connection, and a curated collection of global foods that turns a night in into a worldwide adventure. Intrigued? We've got dozens of other handpicked romantic gems that are sure to captivate your partner and create a Valentine's Day to remember. We'll even help you craft a card message for your valentine for a well-rounded gesture. Don't wait! February 14th is just around the corner.

Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Other Half

If you're struggling to brainstorm romantic Valentine's Day gifts, fret not. We've got you covered with a curated selection of unique ideas that'll shower your better half with love. Whether you're online shopping for your spouse or embarking on your first Valentine's Day gift exchange, our list of personalized accessories, trendy gadgets and delectable treats caters to everyone.

1. Electronic Love Note

Electronic love note Valentine's gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

What if we told you there's a better way to send love notes? This adorable box connects to an app on your phone so you can deliver extra-special messages to your S.O. from anywhere. Once your digital note (or even picture) arrives, the red heart on the front spins until they open it and see what's on the screen inside. Trust us, it's way more fun than just receiving a text message.

2. Jerky Heart

Heart-shaped beef jerky box Valentine's gift
Photo: Amazon

As the iconic quote from "Forrest Gump" goes: "Life is like a box of jerky. You never know what you're gonna get." Wait, that's not exactly right…But regardless, this savory twist on a classic valentine present will really surprise the meat lover in your life. Instead of truffles and bonbons, the heart-shaped box is filled with beef jerky, so they can chow down on favorite flavors like Black Pepper, Whiskey Maple and more. Plus, this Amazon Prime pick is a great last-minute Valentine's Day gift.

3. Preserved Roses

Preserved roses Valentine's gift
Photo: Venus ET Fleur

As the holiday of love, Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to give those traditionally romantic gift ideas that shouldn't be overlooked as "basic." Namely, flowers! A bouquet of roses is a sweet gesture for your longtime partner or new boo to express your adoration. What's even better, though, is an arrangement that doesn't wilt after a few days. Venus ET Fleur showcases nine to 11 preserved roses in a heart-shaped hat box that'll last up to a year, so your S.O. is reminded of your love every moment until the next Valentine's Day.

4. Matching Underwear

Matching heart underwear Valentine's gift
Photo: MeUndies

Want something that'll really surprise your other half? Pick up some matching underwear so you can secretly twin with each other under your clothes. MeUndies has a variety of colors, playful prints, underwear cuts and sizes to choose from. There's bound to be something that both you and your partner will get a kick out of.

5. Intimate Adventure Book

Couple smiling and reading The Adventure Challenge for Valentine's Day
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge is one of our favorite brands for unique and intimate gift ideas. So, if you're stumped on what to buy for Valentine's Day, one of their couple activity books is a top choice. (Just look at all of those five-star reviews!) Try The Adventure Challenge… In Bed for 50 games that promote connection in and out of the bedroom to create a particularly spicy date night. And our readers can get 20% off sitewide with code THEKNOT20.

6. Massage Candle

Massage candle Valentine's Day gift
Photo: Maude

If you haven't tried massage candles, this Valentine's Day is your chance. This one—made with hand-poured soy wax—is filled with skin-softening jojoba and soybean oils, and also has a low melting temperature so it can be safely poured onto the skin (once the wick is blown out, of course). It'll be an extra-relaxing way to physically connect with your partner. Choose between three scents or an unscented option.

7. Luxury Chocolates

"I love you" chocolate box Valentine's gift
Photo: Compartés

Say "I love you" with decadent chocolates—literally! This artsy box of chocolates has each bite spell out the sentiment, so you don't even need a card for your valentine. Don't worry, the delicious confections won't melt during transit. Use code THEKNOT15 to receive 15% off your order!

8. Enchanted Rose Light

Enchanted rose light Valentine's gift
Photo: Amazon

Consider your love story something out of a fairy-tale? Impress your significant other with this mesmerizing rose light. The glass dome contains a single iridescent rose lit up by LED fairy lights. A carved wooden base completes the display-worthy ornament. Any Disney-loving spouse will swoon over such a unique and thoughtful present.

9. Photo Collage Art

Collage heart wall art cute Valentine's Day gift
Photo: Minted

It's time to take those selfies off your phone and put them in a place of prominence! Fill this heart with 30 of your favorite shared memories for a picture-perfect present. You can even have your art pre-framed for a sentimental Valentine's gift that's ready to display.

10. Personalized Throw Pillow

Personalized throw pillow Valentine's gift
Photo: Personalization Mall

Love letters are super sweet, but let's face it, paper doesn't hold up too well over time. So why not turn those heartfelt words into something more lasting—and huggable? A cozy, custom love note throw pillow is a creative and romantic gift that won't crumple or tear. This one comes in three sizes, each personalizable with six lines of text, and includes the pillow fill.

11. Footsie Blanket

Footsie blanket Valentine's day gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Is your partner always using you to warm their ever-freezing toes? Then they (and you) need this blanket. Crafted with cozy fleece, it features a unique foot pocket that keeps toes toasty. And, naturally, it's shaped like a heart so it's extra cute for Valentine's Day.

12. Washable Silk Slip

Washable silk slip Valentine's gift
Photo: Eberjey

This luxurious short slip is crafted from high-quality washable silk, offering a delicate and comfortable feel against the skin. The Italian Rose color adds a touch of romance, making it an ideal choice for a Valentine's Day lingerie gift. With its elegant design and the convenience of being machine washable, the Inez Slip combines style and practicality for a delightful intimate apparel experience you'll both enjoy.

13. Washable Silk Boxers

Washable silk boxers Valentine's gift
Photo: Lunya

For a Valentine's Day gift that's as cheeky as it's luxurious, consider gifting your partner a pair of silk boxers. Don't worry about the traditionally high-maintenance fabric, these silk boxers are actually washable, so your partner can flaunt them every date night. They'll feel like royalty in nothing but their pajamas. Plus, you can save 15% off your first purchase with our code, FOR-TK.

14. "I Love You More" Tea Kit

"I love you more" tea kit
Photo: Sips by

Share the love with this unique tea kit that combines flavor and sentiment for a heartwarming tea-drinking experience. It comes with Raspberry Rose Oolong tea leaves, Sugar Cookie Sweetheart tea or both as well as a glass-heart tea mug and gold-heart tea infuser. You can even add a subscription to the gift so the tea lover in your life can sample new flavors each month. It creates the perfect excuse for curling up on the couch together with a cozy cuppa. And we've got an exclusive code, KNOT, so you get 50% off your first subscription box.

15. Illustrated Love Story

Illustrated love story book cute Valentine's Day gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

The greatest love story ever told: your story, of course! This year, give your partner a sweet, illustrated tribute to your relationship. The characters in this love book are customized to your likenesses, so each page feels personal and relatable. How's that for a thoughtful and cute Valentine's Day gift idea?

16. Registered Star

Registered star Valentine's gift

For the person who's totally into space and has enough "stuff" already, check out this cute Valentine's Day gift: a star. Pick one to claim, then name it and track it. Or pick two so your love story is really written in the stars. Star Registration only offers stars you can actually see, so you won't have to invest in a crazy-expensive telescope to show off your gift. For an ultra-cute Valentine's idea, pack a night picnic and tell your partner to "look up."

17. Zodiac Constellation Necklace

Zodiac constellation necklace
Photo: GLDN

Jewelry is almost always a good present regardless of your budget. This cute Valentine's Day gift idea is inspired by your partner's zodiac sign, making it feel extra personal. The delicate disk pendant is adorned with the constellation that corresponds to the receiver's zodiac sign, so they can add a touch of celestial magic to their everyday look. The necklace can come in sterling silver, 14K gold filled or 14K solid gold.

18. Titanium Chain Necklace

Titanium chain Valentine's gift
Photo: Mejuri

There's no shortage of meaningful jewelry to surprise your S.O. with—like this simple chain necklace that'll instantly upgrade any outfit. It's crafted from durable titanium to serve as a symbolic representation of your enduring love, just like the unyielding nature of the metal. Aww!

19. Wireless Charging Tray

Wireless charging valet tray with brown Italian leather finish useful Valentine's gift idea
Photo: Courant

Cute Valentine's Day presents can be practical, too. This valet tray wirelessly charges Qi-enabled phones (including most Apple, Samsung and Google devices) while also providing a place to store keys, accessories or other odds and ends. It'll look super chic on their nightstand or console table and comes in five stylish Italian leather finishes. Add your S.O.'s monogram in shiny foil letters for an extra $15. They'll really appreciate the personal touch.

20. Sending Love Sculpture

Sending love sculpture Valentine's gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This Valentine's Day, express your love with this cute, handcrafted sculpture that shows a stick figure holding out a floral heart. Crafted by the talented wife-and-husband duo, Michelle and Ross Sherer, this exquisite piece combines the artistry of both partners. Ross welds and paints each metal stand, providing a sturdy and elegant foundation for Michelle's delicate glass creations. Every time they see the charming figure on their desk, vanity or bedside table, they'll be reminded of the power of love.

21. Custom Map Glasses

Custom map glasses Valentine's gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This set of high-quality glasses is etched with a map of a notable location, like the city you and your partner call home. Take the personalization a step further by including a family or location name on the side and bottom of each glass. Beyond a simple toast to love, these glasses symbolize a journey through shared memories, making them an ideal Valentine's Day gift for couples who cherish the special place that shaped their relationship.

22. Personal Fire Pit

Mini concrete fire pit cute Valentine's Day gift idea
Photo: Rocky Luten and Julia Gartland

This adorable mini fire pit will bring your nights in together to a whole new level. No matter the weather outside, you can bring the warm and cozy atmosphere of a campfire under the stars to your actually warm and cozy sitting room. The fire pit offers up to 50 minutes of burn time with just five ounces of isopropyl alcohol (which is clean burning, by the way). We see lots of toasted marshmallows in your future when you surprise them with this cool Valentine's gift.

23. Bourbon Maple Syrup

Bourbon-infused maple syrup cute Valentine's gift idea
Photo: Pappy & Company

Planning breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day? Top off the pancakes or waffles with this bourbon-infused maple syrup. Whether your partner knows all there is to know about whiskey, is a big fan of maple syrup or both, this unusual idea is sure to be a hit.

24. Adorable Love Tokens

Cute Valentine's Day tokens expressing your love
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If your other half appreciates heartfelt presents, they'll think this is a really cute Valentine's Day gift. Outside, the box is personalized with your names and initials (which are joined by a heart in the color of your choice). Inside, there are 12 wooden heart tokens printed with your chosen reasons for loving them. Pick your favorites from a choice of 56 options, including "You are my best friend" and "You always make me laugh."

25. Global Coffee Sampler

Global coffee sampler Valentine's day gift
Photo: Bean Box

What's breakfast without coffee? (Serious question.) If your S.O. can't start the day without caffeine, this is a fun Valentine's Day gift for them. The exquisite coffee gift set offers a curated selection of premium beans from around the globe, allowing coffee enthusiasts to savor the diverse and rich profiles of renowned coffee regions like South America and Africa. Sample each bag together for a mini adventure right at home. Who knew you could make such special memories over something as simple as a cup of joe?

26. Funny Mug

Funny mug Valentine's gift
Photo: Amazon

Give your special someone a daily reminder of your relationship's origin story with this cheeky ceramic mug. It jokes: "You're the best thing I found on the internet," and is signed with a heart and your name. The cute and funny Valentine's Day gift will make every coffee break a delightful expression of affection.

27. Meaningful Photo Print

Meaningful art photo print cute gift for Valentine's Day
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you've been buying each other gifts for quite a few years now, you might be running low on inspiration. When shopping for the person who has everything, we suggest prioritizing sentimental and meaningful Valentine's Day gifts. This personalized photo print is just that: It depicts each of your first or last names on intersecting street signs along with two important years in your relationship.

28. Unforgettable Experience

Experience Valentine's Day gift
Photo: Tinggly

Experience gifts are another great idea for the person who has everything. Tinggly's experiential presents make for excellent Valentine's Day gifts for couples. The site's Fun Together collection gives the recipient a choice of over 15,800 amazing experiences in upwards of 1,500 locations, including options you can enjoy as a pair. Send your sweetheart a beautiful gift box or, if you're on a tight deadline, have your gift delivered via email. There's something for everyone, from food tours to sunset cruises.

29. Personalized Travel-Tracking World Map

Personalized travel-tracking map Valentine's gift
Photo: PennyBeeArt

If you and your partner like to travel, this is easily one of the best Valentine's Day gifts to celebrate your adventurous personalities. Customize this world map with your names and the year your wanderlust souls found each other. Then, add a gold-hued push pin to every city, state or country you've explored. The cotton canvas even comes in a wooden frame for a display-ready road map of your love story.

30. Date Bucket List

100 Dates Bucket List scratch off poster cute Valentine's Day gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Never know what to do on date night? We've got you. (Or rather, this poster filled with 100 brand-new date ideas has got you.) This genius scratch-off chart is a good Valentine's gift that'll give you plenty of fun activities to look forward to with your favorite person. Your only problem will be deciding what to do first!

31. Pretty in Pink Sweater

Pink sweater Valentine's gift
Photo: Grey Bandit

Ensure your partner has a thematic fit for the holiday with this trendy oversized sweater in—of course—pink. They can keep it casual with a pair of jeans or dress it up with a skirt so they're ready for your V-Day date, no matter the plans. It's the perfect way for your special someone to stay stylish and snug while celebrating true love.

32. Love Disc Necklace

Love disc necklace Valentine's gift
Photo: Made By Mary

If you're searching for a cute Valentine's Day gift that'll literally make them say "Aww," look no further. This pendant necklace is engraved with both of your initials and a heart. The minimalist design allows for versatile styling, making it a perfect accessory for everyday wear or a special touch to complement a more formal date-night look. Gift it to your loved one so you'll always be close to their heart.

33. Stylish Jacket

Suede bomber jacket Valentine's gift
Photo: Quince

Quince's Premium Suede Bomber Jacket is the epitome of sophisticated style and a perfect gift for your fashion-forward valentine. Its versatility ensures that it'll seamlessly transition from casual outings to more formal occasions, making it a wardrobe staple. They'll feel extra warm every time they wear it knowing it was gifted with love by you.

34. Personalized Watch Case

Engraved faux leather watch case cute Valentine's Day idea
Photo: Personalization Mall

If "cute" typically translates to "sentimental" for your spouse, consider anything and everything that can be personalized with a heartfelt message. Keepsake gifts like this faux-leather watch case are a winner because they're something they can hold on to for years to come. The glass can be engraved with a message up to three lines long and both of your names. Inside, a felt-lined interior keeps up to five precious timepieces in mint condition.

35. Black Beveled Ring

Black beveled ring Valentine's gift
Photo: Ring Bear

This Valentine's Day gift is more than just a ring: It's a symbol of timeless love. Crafted with precision from durable tungsten carbide, this ring seamlessly blends strength with style, so you can surprise your partner with a piece that mirrors the resilience of your love story. What really sets it apart: the opportunity for personalization. It can be custom engraved with up to 20 characters. (Psst, "I love you" is only 10.) They can alternate it with their existing wedding band or wear it simultaneously as an additional symbol of your commitment. As a bonus, you can score 10% off with our code, TheKnot10off.

36. Sexy Boxer Briefs

Lingerie cheeky and cute Valentine's Day gift for him
Photo: Lovehoney

In the mood for a cheeky and playful moment this Valentine's Day? Your search ends here. Tied up with a romantic red ribbon, these boxer briefs are like unwrapping your significant other as the perfect present. We're confident that both of you will find it to be a fun Valentine's Day gift.

37. Couples Vibrator

Couples vibrator Valentine's gift
Photo: Bellesa

Heat things up outside of the bedroom on Valentine's Day with this sexy gift idea. The hands-free wearable couples vibrator will enhance pleasure for both partners, thanks to the C- and G-spot stimulation. It's waterproof, USB chargeable, made of medical-grade silicone, and has 11 vibration modes, all controllable by a remote.

38. Custom Cupcake Selection

cupcake set Valentine's Day gift
Photo: Wicked Good Cupcakes

Prefer a sweet Valentine's Day gift to a saucy one? Wicked Good Cupcakes has plenty of craveable gift sets to choose from for your boo. The site lets you give your S.O. an array of tasty cupcake jars of your choosing, from two to 32. All that's missing is you and their favorite rom-com.

39. Fresh Flower Delivery

Fresh flower delivery Valentine's gift
Photo: UrbanStems

A romantic bouquet delivered to their home or office will let them know you're thinking of them on this special day. (But we recommend getting your order in early if you want to secure delivery on February 14—it's going to be a busy one!) This bright bunch of blooms is named The Gemstone and features roses, carnations, scabiosa and ranunculus. Pretty! (Psst, get 15% off dried and fresh arrangements from UrbanStems with our special code THEKNOT15.)

40. Soothing Microwavable Pillow

Microwavable penguin pillow Valentine's gift
Photo: Warmies

Penguins mate for life, so the story goes. For a super-cute and unique Valentine's gift, give the love of your life a penguin stuffed animal. The best part: It's weighted and fully microwavable to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort. It's even scented with real dried French lavender for extra stress relief.

41. Silk Sleep Mask

Drowsy silk sleep mask Valentine's Day gift idea
Photo: Drowsy

For the spouse who loves their beauty sleep, there's no better gift than a restful night under the covers. Drowsy's luxe sleep masks help deliver just that. They're designed to block out light completely and the pure mulberry silk is gentle on skin and hair. The adjustable head strap and comfy padding are the perfect finishing touches to make for a truly luxurious experience. Since there are options to suit all genders, it'll make a cute Valentine's Day gift for your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.

42. Pink Bath Bombs

Pink bathbombs Valentine's day gift
Photo: Nectar

Your S.O. deserves some pampering on the most romantic day of the year. Encourage them to soak in a relaxing bath (or even better, run one for them!) with this super-cute gift idea. It's a set of four heart-shaped bath bombs that combine this bath brand's Asian Pear & Lily and Pink Sugar scents. On top of that, this cruelty-free blend is made with soothing Epsom salt, moisturizing safflower oil, cleansing kaolin clay and a natural bubbling agent.

43. Chunky Weighted Blanket

Green chunky knit weighted blanket cute Valentine's Day gift for husband or wife
Photo: Nuzzie

A cozy blanket that's weighted and has a chunky-knit design? Count us in. We can't imagine anything more stylishly snug than this bad boy. Anyone whose idea of the perfect night in involves their sofa, PJs and their favorite cuddle buddy will jump for joy at the sight of this cloud-soft blanket. Bonus: The filling is made from 100%-recycled polyester fluff.

44. Dinner Date Ideas

Dinner date ideas Valentine's gift
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge has so many original Valentine's Day gift ideas that we had to list them twice. This particular book is filled with 30 adventures and 30 recipes to turn making dinner from a chore to a fun at-home date. Each indulgent recipe is made by Chopped Junior Champion Josh Altamura and is paired with an engaging activity to fill the downtime between prepping and eating with something other than TV. Add don't forget to use our exclusive code THEKNOT20 for 20% off all products.

45. "Love Potion" Mixology Class

Love Potion cocktail-making kit for virtual Valentine's Day class
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you're not familiar, Uncommon Goods has a whole slew of fun virtual experiences you can easily gift your loved ones. This love potion cocktail-making class is right on theme for February 14, whether you're buying a Valentine's Day gift for your partner, a friend or yourself. We suggest booking a slot sooner rather than later, as the classes will probably fill up fast. (Though if you do miss out, you can still buy the cocktail kit on its own.)

46. Tiny Lego Plants

Lego plants Valentine's day gift
Photo: LEGO

Explore the whimsical world of nature with the LEGO Tiny Plants set—a delightful and creative Valentine's Day gift for your partner that effortlessly brings out your inner child. This charming collection of nine miniature succulents and flower builds (each of which is nestled in a "terracotta" pot) allows you both to indulge in a playful afternoon. No green thumb necessary!

47. Sweet Greeting Card

Cute Valentine's Day greeting card and chocolate gift
Photo: Sweeter Cards

We've all been there: You agreed with your partner not to go over the top with gifts this year, but you really want to give them more than just a card. Well, check out this creative Valentine's Day gift that doubles as a card and—wait for it—a bar of delicious sea salt caramel dark chocolate. Inside, there's space to add your own handwritten note. Use our code WedSC for 10% off the site.

48. Monthly Bouquet Delivery

BloomsyBox flower delivery Valentine's gift
Photo: BloomsyBox

Still wondering what to get them for Valentine's Day? You can never go wrong with fresh blooms. Of course, Valentine's Day shouldn't be the only time they receive flowers from you. Ensure their vase is always full with BloomsyBox's subscription service. Each month, your S.O. will receive a new farm-fresh bouquet to liven up their home. What's more: Save 10% with our code, KNOT10.

49. Booklovers Vase

Book vase Valentine's gift

The most enchanting love stories are those you write together. This whimsical vase is shaped like a book and reads "Meet Me at the Bookstore: A Romance Novel." It's perfect for the S.O. with an eccentric interior design style and a growing TBR pile. As you fill it with blooms for them, it becomes a metaphor for the blossoming chapters of your shared journey.

50. Traditional Game

Romantic personalized four across game unique Valentine's Day gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Classic games never get old, especially when they're beautifully carved from maple wood. This heirloom-quality four across game is personalized with both of your names surrounded by heart-shaped slots. It works just like regular four across, except it doubles as a romantic piece of decor. For a cute at-home Valentine's Day idea, challenge your partner to a game night.

51. Heart-Shaped Cast Iron Pot

Heart-shaped Le Creuset pot Valentine's gift
Photo: Le Creuset

Bring both your culinary excellence and heartfelt sentiments to the table with this cute Valentine's Day gift idea for her, him or them. This two-quart Dutch oven is not only a practical kitchen essential, but also a symbol of love thanks to its vibrant red color and heart shape. We think it's one of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas for a couple who just moved in together for the first time.

52. Double Spoon Rest

Double spoon rest Valentine's gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Celebrate the joy of cooking side by side with your loved one this Valentine's Day with a charming double spoon rest that says "Let's cook together." Naturally, this handmade ceramic rest is finished with a red heart. It'll add a touch of warmth to the kitchen and encourage shared culinary moments. There's also one that jokes, "You cook, I'll clean" for couples who work better with just one chef in the kitchen.

53. Couples Card Game

Couples card game Valentine's gift
Photo: Hella Awkward

Don't let the title of this game fool you, Hella Awkward is actually a really great addition to date night. This entertaining card game will add a dose of laughter to your Valentine's Day celebration with prompts designed to elicit honest and sometimes hilarious responses—think: "Someone leaves the sexy smirk emoji in bae's comments, are you going to stalk them?" and "What is something you're too scared to go after?" You can trust the holiday will be filled with deep and intriguing conversations that'll make you feel closer to your partner.

54. Two-Person Hammock

Two-person hammock Valentines gift
Photo: REI

It may only be February, but you're both already looking forward to summer when you can spend your days outside together. Designed for two people, this hammock provides an intimate space to unwind, whether you're cuddling under the stars or enjoying a lazy afternoon in the backyard. Lightweight and easy to set up, it offers a portable oasis for couples whose favorite date idea is hiking or camping. Let the countdown to warm weather begin!

55. Insulated Wine Valet

Insulated wine valet Valentines gift
Photo: Out of the Woods

This stylish and functional valet is more than just a wine carrier, it's an invitation to a romantic outdoor excursion. Designed to keep your favorite beverages at the perfect cool temperature, it's the ideal companion for picnics, beach outings or just dinner in the backyard. Pair it with your partner's favorite bottle of wine or spirit and toast to love and adventure this Valentine's Day.

56. Floral Cosmetic Bags

Floral cosmetic bag Valentines gift
Photo: Steamline Luggage

Have you ever seen such cute cosmetic bags? If you're shopping for a long-distance Valentine's Day gift, make their travels to you easier with this set of floral organizers. We especially love that they're made from 100% recycled water bottles.

57. Sweet-Scented Perfume

Tocca perfume Valentine's gift
Photo: Tocca

Fittingly named after the Egyptian queen who had a famous romance, this luxurious "Cleopatra" fragrance will seduce your partner's (and your) senses. It combines white jasmine, patchouli, vanilla musk and grapefruit for a sweet, yet sultry fragrance. The pièce de résistance, though, is the decorative bottle it comes in.

58. Leather Beaded Bracelet

Leather bracelet Valentines gift
Photo: MYKA

Finding the perfect valentine gift for your husband can be a challenge. What do you give the man who stands by your side through all of life's highs and lows? Our suggestion is this sentimental bracelet from MYKA. Crafted with braided leather, it features custom-engraved beads listing all the people he holds dear, creating a tangible and heartfelt reminder of the love you share and the family you've built. It's a stylish and meaningful accessory that beautifully captures the essence of your journey together.

59. Luxe Shaving Kit

Luxe shaving kit Valentine's gift
Photo: Aesop

Elevate their daily routine with this premium shaving care set, because a well-groomed face is not only a treat for them, but also for the one who's kissing them (it's you, obviously). Aēsop's Complete Shaving Care set will equip your loved one with a double-edge razor, shaving brush, shaving serum and post-shaving lotion to promote smooth and well-nourished skin. Perfect for ensuring that no one has to endure a scratchy beard, this collection is a practical Valentine's Day gift for your special someone.

60. Ultra-Soft Joggers

Ultra-soft joggers Valentine's gift
Photo: Vuori

This Valentine's Day, gift the Vuori Ponto Performance Joggers for the coziest cuddling experience. Just as spooning is considered the best position for closeness, Vuori's premium sweatpants are crafted for maximum comfort, making them the ideal choice for those snuggled-up moments. The loungewear blends style with functionality, ensuring that your loved one can relax and unwind during a cozy and memorable Valentine's Day in.

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