Pedicure Tips

Use these pedicure tips to soothe your savage soles.

All eyes are on your hands during the wedding, but people will inevitably notice your feet if you wear open-toed shoes. Besides, his eyes will be seeing your tootsies. Honeymooners sunbathe poolside, walk shoeless on the beach, watch cable naked. You owe it to your southern-most extremities to get a pedicure.

Get a pedicure once a month. It's best to let a professional tend to your toes (ingrown nails are nasty and painful, and professionals help keep them at bay). If you can't afford a monthly salon pedicure, give yourself pedicures and visit the pros every third month. It's worth the investment in foot beauty and, down the road, foot health.

If you have problem toenails, schedule pedicures every other week -- visit your pedicurist at least three times pre-wedding. It'll take that long to rectify your problems of past neglect!

Get your bridal pedicure the day before, not the day of, your wedding. That way, it'll still look fresh, but you're less likely to ruin the finish with day-of activity.

Generally, brides go down one of two paths: (1) They use the same soft, subtle, classic color of their manicure to slick their toes, or (2) they make their honeymoon toes radically different from their wedding fingers with a sexy red. Think about your personality, the context in which said toes will be featured, and shoe options; then decide accordingly.

When removing a bright nail varnish, soak a cotton ball or pad in non-acetone polish remover and gently press onto the nail. DO NOT SMEAR AROUND! This bleeds hard-to-remove color around the toenail. Cover an orange stick with cotton to remove renegade color.

Never cut cuticles yourself. If they need it, your pedicurist will do it (and chances are they don't need it, unless they're really overgrown). Between visits to the pro, push back cuticles with a towel after bathing.

File the bottoms of your feet regularly. Pumice stones are good, as are Dr. Scholl's foot filers.

Replace foot-filing tools at least every three months, sooner if they lose their power. It's both pointless and unsanitary to use tools past their prime.

Slather heavy doses of cream on feet at night before bed then slip into wool socks -- your feet will heat up and absorb the cream better.

For healthy nails, drink a mixture of orange juice and Knox gelatin once a week. Start this beauty ritual at least a month pre-wedding. Stronger toenails mean less cracking, peeling, bending, and improved nail surface.

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