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Updated Dec 01, 2023
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Once you've settled on all of the big decisions for your wedding day look, it's time to focus on the small stuff. Your wedding nail color is definitely an important detail to take into consideration – after all, you're going to want to show off your engagement ring and new wedding band in person and in photos. While white is a popular nail color option among brides, it's definitely not the only one.

The perfect wedding nail color is one that looks nice against your gown and fits in with the rest of your wedding colors and theme. A soft pink or a minimalist neutral shade are great choices because they look beautiful with white or ivory, and they work with almost any wedding color palette you might have. But you can also think outside the box and opt for something more bold and colorful. A glittery polish can also be fun, even if you just do a light coat of it over a more neutral base.

With thousands of different color options out there, finding the right shade for you can feel more than a little overwhelming, which is why we've put together a collection of some of the Read on to find one you love.

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The Best Pink Wedding Nail Colors

Pink is a go-to wedding nail color for so many reasons: it's versatile, it can be very subtle, and it looks nice with white or ivory dresses. You can opt for a sheer, soft pink, or you can do something a bit more bright, depending on how much you want your nails to stand out.

Essie Ballet Slippers

Essie Ballet Slippers nail color
Photo: Amazon

Essie's Ballet Slippers is one of the most popular pale pink shades out there for good reason: it looks good with every skin tone and has a classic, traditional bridal feel to it. This shade of pink is definitely on the lighter and more neutral side – sometimes, it might even almost like white – so if you want something bold, this isn't it. But if you're looking for a versatile pink that will leave your hands looking lovely, this is a great choice.

CND Vinylux Soft Peony

CND Vinylux Soft Peony nail color
Photo: Walmart

This warm, creamy pink is a beautiful pastel that is meant to mimic the color of peonies (so if your bouquet features peonies, this might be a really pretty tie-in). It's romantic and feminine, and is meant to last a long time (hopefully even through the honeymoon): Vinylux polishes are infused with vitamin E, keratin, and jojoba oil to condition and strengthen nails during wear.

Londontown Lakur Pink Strawberry

Londontown Lakur Pink Strawberry nail color
Photo: Nordstrom

For added flair, you can opt for a metallic nail polish that will definitely stand out. This pink glittery shade is fun, feminine, and just extra enough for a bride on her wedding day. The super fine glitter gives it a shimmering look that seems less intense from further away.

Zoya Brianna

Zoya Brianna nail color
Photo: Zoya

If you're trying to decide between something more neutral and pink, this Zoya shade is a good option to settle on. It has almost a beige and mauve look to it as a slightly darker pink. This will work during any time of year and will look really nice with color schemes like gray or champagne.

Orly Kiss The Bride

Orly Kiss The Bride nail color
Photo: Walmart

This creamy light pink color is a versatile shade with exactly the right name. If you want something more sheer, just do one coat, and if you want something deeper in color, do two or three coats. This is a classic bridal shade that will look beautiful with any other colors or dresses.

The Best Glitter Wedding Nail Colors

If you're ever going to be extra with your nail polish color, your wedding day is probably the day to do it. For those who want something gloriously over-the-top, opt for a bright glittery shade that is made to stand out. Anyone who just wants some added sparkle should look for a more neutral shade of glitter that feels a lot more subtle.

Butter London All Hail The Queen

Butter London All Hail The Queen nail color
Photo: Anthropologie

For a bride, the name of this polish could not be more on point. All Hail The Queen is a shimmering beige polish that makes your basic neutral color a lot more interesting, especially at a second glance. It's an opaque color with a holographic shine on time, and it's a more subtle sparkly option for those who want to keep things relatively simple.

Orly Elixir

Orly Elixir nail color
Photo: Walmart

This beautiful metallic silver shade is ideal for winter weddings – it just looks like the right shade for a New Year's Eve wedding or even a wedding taking place on a snowy night. This is super shiny and is a true silver shade, and while it definitely shimmers, it's not overly glittery. We also appreciate that Orly is cruelty-free, vegan, and infused with vitamins and argan oil for an added boost.

Nails Inc. Electric Avenue

Nails Inc. Electric Avenue nail color
Photo: Nails Inc.

Metallic silver is going to look really beautiful against a white gown, and it works well with so many other bridesmaid dress colors. This one by Nails Inc is a more subtle option: it's a chrome silver glitter that is a little more sheer and is less of a true silver shade.

Zoya Bonnie

Zoya Bonnie nail color
Photo: Zoya

If you're doing pink or champagne colors for your wedding, then this glittering rose gold shade is the perfect option. This one is really more of a topper, so it's meant to go over a neutral shade to offer a little bit of sparkling texture – but you can also wear it on its own for something more sheer and subtle. The gold and pink tones will really stand out with three coats.

ILNP Toasted

ILNP Toasted nail color
Photo: Amazon

Beige is a great neutral option for your wedding day, but if it feels a tad bit too boring for you, opt for this shade. It's a holographic beige color that offers some subtle rainbow shimmer. It's super flattering and versatile, and while it's ideal for winter, it would really work at any time of year.

The Best Neutral Wedding Nail Colors

Neutral nail colors are definitely the safest way to go on your wedding night. They go with almost any color scheme and gown, they won't look overwhelming against an embellished dress, and they won't take away from any other part of your look. White is a classic, but a beige or super sheer pink are also good go-to's.

Essie Boatloads of Love

Essie Boatloads of Love nail color
Photo: Target

While this shade looks like a pink color in the bottle, it's actually defined as an off-white with blue reflections in it. It works well with any skin tone and is a solid choice for those who want white but feel pure white is a bit too bold. It has a very subtle shimmery finish that really makes it feel special and extra bridal.

Lights Lacquer Head In The Clouds

Lights Lacquer Head In The Clouds nail color
Photo: Lights Lacquer

This milky white nail polish is a slightly more severe version of pure white and is the perfect shade for those who don't want their nail polish color to take over any other part of their look. It's described as a cream jelly polish (crelly), which basically means it's a creamy base with a translucent, almost jelly-like look to it. Keep in mind that this is pretty sheer and might require multiple coats to get the exact look you're going for – or you can just do one or two and go for the naked nail-but-better look.

Essie Topless and Barefoot

Essie Topless and Barefoot nail color
Photo: Target

Think of this nail polish as a mix of a soft beige with a very light pink. It's subtle and versatile, it works with basically any color scheme, and it will make your nails look sophisticated and timeless. The subtle pink tones really make this stand out as a nude nail polish and the name makes it feel ideal for a honeymoon on the beach.

Dior Cashmere

Dior Cashmere nail color
Photo: Nordstrom

A very subtle beige color, this is another option for that naked nail look you might be trying to achieve. Dior nail polish offers a gel-like effect that is super shiny and smooth. This is really lovely with an ivory gown or even a blush gown.

Olive & June MM

Olive & June MM nail color
Photo: Olive & June

Described as "universally flattering," this is a toasted neutral that feels very subtle and classic. It's chic, it will look gorgeous with any dress, and it will only elevate your new rings. It's named after Mandy Moore, and is a best seller for the brand. This is one polish you'll be able to wear for anything even after the wedding is over.

The Best Fall and Winter Wedding Nail Colors

If you're getting married in autumn or winter, you might want your nail color to fit with the atmosphere. For a more subtle and traditional look, opt for a toasted neutral or a subtle brown tone. If you want to do something a bit more bold, a deep red is going to really pop against your gown.

Chanel Le Vernis Particuliére

Chanel Le Vernis Particuliére
Photo: Chanel

A warm brown shade that brings to mind falling autumn leaves and a big cozy knit blanket, this Chanel nail polish would be beautiful during the cooler months. It is a bit more deep than other beige nail polishes, so if you don't want it to be too dark, stick with one coat.

Paintbox Like French

Paintbox Like French nail color
Photo: Paintbox

It's a bold choice to do a dark nail polish shade on your wedding day, but in some instances, it just makes sense. A deep wine color like this one is definitely going to stand out against a white or ivory dress, but if the rest of your color scheme matches this, it will work out well.

Tenoverten Washington

Tenoverten Washington
Photo: Tenoverten

White is a bridal classic, obviously, but it's also a color that looks really great in the middle of the winter (especially if it's a snowy night). Pure white can be a bit severe sometimes, but this is a translucent white that feels a bit more subtle. It has a glossy finish that isn't totally opaque and has a very smooth look to it.

Chanel Tuxedo

Chanel Tuxedo nail color
Photo: Macy's

There's something about the cooler months that go so well with a shimmering gold color like this one. This metallic shade is very subtle and not too glittery, and it would be perfect for a wedding around the holiday season.

CND Cashmere Wrap

CND Cashmere Wrap nail color
Photo: CND

This warm neutral color is a versatile pick for any season, but the name makes it feel especially appropriate for the fall and winter. This is a basic that will pair well with any other shade and will keep your rings center stage in any photos you take. You can also use this as a base for a more glittery color if you want.

The Best Spring and Summer Wedding Nail Colors

Feel free to do something playful and fun with your nails if you're getting married in the spring or the summer, especially if you have a destination wedding in a tropical location planned. Brighter pinks or corals will go great with your dress, but you can also do something like a blue for a unique option – and your "something blue."

Gucci Peggy Sunburn

Gucci Peggy Sunburn nail color
Photo: Sephora

This fun coral shade is perfect for a wedding that takes place outside or during the day. It's bright and pretty, and it looks especially great with darker skin tones. As a bonus, the Gucci nail polish bottles are just really adorable and would make for a great addition to a details photo.

Olive & June Honest and True

Olive & June Honest and True nail color
Photo: Olive & June

Who says your nail polish can't be your "something blue?" This pretty blue color is so feminine and flirty and is the best option for a floral theme or an outdoor daytime wedding. It will look like such a pretty pop of color against your gown and has a really nice gel-like finish.

Emilie Heathe Emma

Emilie Heathe Emma nail color
Photo: Emilie Heathe

Opt for something really different with this stand-out purple color, which is described as "a precocious periwinkle with a sprinkle of fairy dust." It has a metallic shine, and just the right amount of sparkle, and is going to look amazing in photos.

Nails Inc. That Tan Life

Nails Inc. That Tan Life nail color
Photo: Nails Inc.

Heading somewhere tropical for your wedding? This shimmering gold nail polish mimics the color of the sand on the beach or the color of the sky right around golden hour. It's versatile enough to wear year-round, and it offers just enough sparkle without feeling overwhelming.

Butter London Dearie Me

Butter London Dearie Me nail color
Photo: Anthropologie

Playful and flirty, this rose pink shade is a great option for a bright nail polish look. This would look beautiful next to a bouquet of flowers with a similar shade in it and it would also work nicely with either white or ivory. We love this as a standout shade.

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