The Top Wedding Nail Trends Brides Are Loving for 2024

These trending nail designs will have you booking your next mani ASAP.
Wedding nails
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Updated Nov 13, 2023

To-be-weds and manicure enthusiasts, I've got good news: 2024 is coming in hot with the best wedding nail trends. Whether you're a bride-to-be who plans on getting a professional manicure, a wedding guest opting for at-home polish or a bridesmaid trying on some new press-on nails, there are trending nail colors to suit every wedding vibe. As we enter a new era of weddings in 2024, it is fascinating to witness the ever-evolving world of bridal fashion and beauty, and that includes nail art.

To talk about the trends, I tapped the viral social media nail artist behind Glammed Beauty and owner of Aivy, Van Nguyen, to talk to us about these trendy nail ideas and how to re-create these looks for yourself. From delicate ballet-inspired designs to textured finishes, natural elements and futuristic chrome styles, you can't go wrong with the wedding nail design trends that we've lined up below.

2024 Wedding Nail Trends:

Just like any other aspect of fashion, nail trends are continuously evolving and influenced by fashion runways, celebrity looks and social media. And thanks to the power of influencers, celeb weddings and the accessibility of nail tutorials, the trends below are taking the bridal beauty world by storm in 2024. Like Sofia Richie's milky nude wedding nails putting barely-there manicures back into the spotlight, pearl accents and feminine adornments seem to be all over #nailtok. Let's get our hands dirty and dive right into the nail designs you'll see everywhere this year.

1. Gold French Tip

Gold French manicure wedding nail trend
Photo: @manikure_nails

Embracing the classic French manicure with a twist, the up-and-coming gold nail trend adds a mesmerizing touch of glam to your fingertips. The glimmering gold tips elevate the traditional look, making it perfect for sophisticated and elegant wedding vibes. "I feel like a lot of weddings nowadays are a bit more modern, earthy and simple, and this includes a lot of neutral colors and warm tones," Nguyen says. "The gold French ties in very well." Achieve this trend by applying a gold polish to the tips of your nails, or opt for gold foil or metallic nail wraps for a more precise and dazzling effect.

Best for: Bridesmaids, Guests

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Pink nails with gold accents
Photo: @gelsbybry
Gold sparkly French manicure wedding nail trend
Photo: @vivianmariewong

2. Balletcore

French manicure with gold bows balletcore wedding nail trend
Photo: @lulus

The balletcore nail trend takes inspiration from the graceful world of ballet and translates it into the prettiest nail art. Soft pastel shades, bow details and cute little hearts characterize this trend. Perfect for romantic and whimsical wedding themes, balletcore nails exude femininity and charm. To achieve this look, choose soft pink, lilac, or nude shades as your base color, and add delicate designs like ribbons, hearts or sparkles using nail art pens or thin brushes.

Best for: Brides/To-Be-Weds

Pink nails with heart design balletcore wedding nail trend
Photo: @glammedbeauty
Blue French manicure wedding nail trend with gold bows
Photo: @overglowedit

3. Chrome

Chrome nails wedding nail trend
Photo: @thehotblend

For a sleek and modern look, the chrome trend is still here to shine in 2024. Metallic and reflective, chrome nails make a bold and stylish statement. From Hailey Beiber's glazed donut nails to futuristic designs inspired by Beyonce's Renaissance Tour, this trend suits contemporary and minimalist vibes, adding a touch of edginess to your ensemble. Achieve the chrome effect by applying chrome nail polish or using chrome nail powder with a special top coat for a mirror-like finish.

Best for: Brides/To-Be-Weds, Bridesmaids, Guests

Chrome French manicure wedding nail trend
Photo: @marcia_nails
Chrome wedding nail trend
Photo: @nikkinailtech

4. Flowers and Nature

Flower wedding nail trend
Photo: @m.o.n.a.j

Floral designs continue to be a popular choice for nail designs in 2024, bringing a feminine and romantic feel to your wedding nails. From dainty floral patterns to bold flower accents, the options are endless. Perfect for garden or bohemian wedding themes, floral nails can be achieved with nail stickers, stamping plates or by having your nail tech hand-paint the designs using a detail brush. Choose vibrant colors or soft pastels to match your desired aesthetic.

Best for: Brides/To-Be-Weds, Bridesmaids, Guests

White French manicure wedding nails with white flower design
Photo: @vivianmariewong
Floral wedding nail trend
Photo: @nikkinailtech

5. Classic Red

Red French manicure wedding nail trend
Photo: @nailsbybry

Classic red nails are making a comeback in the wedding scene, and this trend is not to be underestimated. First off, the color red represents love, passion, and prosperity. Plus, according to the Red Nail Theory, it makes you more likely to attract compliments. Red nails exude confidence and elegance, instantly elevating any bridal or guest look. This trend is perfect for anyone trying to achieve glamorous wedding vibes by adding a pop of color and sophistication to their wedding outfit.

Best for: Brides/To-Be-Weds, Guests

Red French manicure wedding nail trend with jewels
Photo: @vanityprojects
Dark red wedding nail trend
Photo: @nailsbybry

6. Barely-There But Better

Barely there wedding nail trend
Photo: @overglowedit

Less is more with the barely-there nail trend. These understated nails bring the "clean girl" aesthetic to life with an understated and elegant appearance, enhancing your natural beauty without overpowering your overall look. Ideal for classic and timeless wedding vibes, barely-there nails are achieved by applying a sheer or neutral polish with a glossy finish.

Best for: Brides/To-Be-Weds, Bridesmaids, Guests

Barely there wedding nail trend
Photo: @thehotblend
Pink barely there nail trend
Photo: @clawsbycerian

7. Pearl Accents

French manicure wedding nails with pearl accents
Photo: @vivianmariewong

Pearl accents bring a touch of timeless elegance to your wedding nails."Pearl accents are probably one of the most trendy bride nails out there, especially the white chrome-glazed nail look," says Nguyen. This trend complements traditional and romantic wedding themes beautifully. Small pearl details, whether scattered or delicately placed, add a hint of luxury and sophistication. "For a bride, I recommend using a color like soft skin or essence by Aivy and asking for daily charme magic white chrome."

Best for: Brides/To-Be-Weds

Glittery French manicure wedding nails with pearl accents
Photo: @pop_polished
Pink wedding nails with single pearl accent on each nail
Photo: @lindseysbeautylounge1

8. Butterflies

Pink wedding nails with butterfly design
Photo: @overglowedit

Bring a touch of whimsy to your wedding nails with butterfly designs. Butterflies symbolize transformation and joy, making them an ideal choice for a lighthearted and playful celebration. To achieve this trend, use nail stamping plates, nail decals or nail art brushes to create delicate butterfly patterns on your nails. Opt for colorful or iridescent shades to make your butterflies truly stand out.

Best for: Brides/To-Be-Weds, Bridesmaids, Guests

Pink glittery butterfly wedding nails
Photo: @leahcup444
Pink, green and gold butterfly wedding nails
Photo: @pop_polished

9. Velvet Nails

Sparkly velvet wedding nails
Photo: @overglowedit

Indulge in a little luxury with the velvet nail trend. The unique texture adds depth and richness to your manicure, creating a glamorous and opulent effect that pairs perfectly with many different wedding themes. "Velvet nails are very similar to white chrome nails, except the reflection is a little bit different," says Nguyen. "It can look like glitter but is very similar to velvet material; the shine is a little heavier than the white chrome nails," she explains. "Velvet nails for a wedding would be perfect in a nude or soft, natural pink color."

Best for: Brides/To-Be-Weds, Bridesmaids, Guests

Pink glittery velvet nails
Photo: @checkyesmichelle
Silver velvet glitter wedding nails
Photo: @digitzbydev
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