The Trendiest Wedding Nail Designs and Ideas of 2020

Nailed it.
by Esther Lee

You already know what it’s like to have your hands become the point of focus after getting engaged, but what about the wedding day? Manicures are a form of self-expression, and can add a fresh twist to your everyday personal style, so why should your wedding nails be any different? If anything, your bridal mani can be an extension of your wedding style.

With your vision already secured (along with other key factors like the bouquet, the dress, and of course, the rings), the true challenge is making a timeless-yet-trendy personal statement with your wedding nails. “Most wedding clients want their nails polished for background purposes rather than in an overpowering way,” says Amy Ling Lin, the founder of wellness-driven manicure studio Sundays. “Consider customizing your art based on the ring based on what you have, or doing something very subtle to add personality.”

The wedding planning process is a great time to figure out what enhances your life, especially if you’re comfortable venturing beyond your typical nail polish palette. “Your wedding nails are a great way to showcase your personality and style, giving you a boost of confidence on your big day,” adds Paintbox’s Chief Creative Officer Eleanor Langston. “I would suggest glamming up neutral nails with stripes of metallics, a hint of negative space, a shiny and matte contrast, or even a soft French glitter.”

Whether it’s a clean gold line or going with the soft pink you’ve been using for decades, your wedding nails are an opportunity for you to integrate your something new (or blue) as you enter marriage. Here, we have all the wedding nail designs, ideas and inspiration to make your bridal mani perfectly yours.

  1. Less Is More With Minimalism

    minimalist manicure white nails

    "The most timeless way to go with your wedding nails is the minimalist route," says Ling Lin. "A light pink pairs well for most with different dresses, and by adding a little bit of nail art—like an effortless line—you draw slight attention to your nails."

    Other options for a minimalist manicure could include subtle moons and tiny dots on a natural base, Langston notes. A vertical line up the center of a nail is a simple way to create a slightly elevated effect to the overall bridal manicure.

  2. All Things Personalization


    Wedding nails are another tangible way to implement your color palette into your bridal look. You can include a subtle nod to your wedding monogram or a symbolic reference. Even the simplest nail art choices can showcase personality. “We have a lot of clients who do one-tone nails, who will then add a little line, dots or an eye, which is a very spiritual design,” says Ling Lin. “This could be on just one nail too, and it overall shows additional effort.”

  3. Soft Palettes

    Say hello to dusty rose, subtle blues and undertones hues. A texture-less option can be a matte manicure, which is considered an ultra-modern bridal design. Paintbox recommends going with trendy grays, pastel peaches, roses, and pale mulberries.

    Another trendy, of-the-moment 2020 wedding nail design is currently Pinterest’s most popular nail color: lavender. The subtle purple hue that is versatile and adds a feminine touch to the hands.

  4. Gold Accents


    A few flecks of gold or a light brush of glimmer can create a high-end aesthetic for your wedding nails. “Gold accents take your manicure up a notch for your big day,” says Langston. “They’ll bring out the sparkle from your ring, adding a sophisticated touch of bling.” With the range of metal types, brides can request everything from champagne to rose gold and even copper colors to accent their manicures.

    “It’s important to create harmony,” says Ling Lin. “It’s a comfortable way to see it, especially with the metals you have on your ring.”

  5. Natural Nails


    Natural nail art is an ideal option for Bohemian-style ceremonies or weddings taking place at relaxed venues like on the beach or the desert. Add organic-inspired elements like vines to your manicure or an earthy undertone color as a nod to Mother Nature.

    And sometimes, wedding nails simply come down to self care. “I definitely suggest doing a rose treatment that’s hydrating and rejuvenating to the hands before the wedding day,” says Ling Lin. “It’s like doing a facial for the hands. Having a cuticle cutting followed by rose water spray to make your hands look very moisturized. That way, your manicure will look even better.”

  6. Back to Geometry

    Have fun with all shapes and sizes. Geometric designs are particularly strong against with the use of negative space on the nails or a French tip. Sundays finds this option great for multicultural weddings that have added customization.

    “We do a range of requests depending on the couple’s culture,” says Ling Lin. “We have clients coming in for their wedding nails based on their wedding colors. We have one client who wants lines that go well with her traditional Indian wedding dress. It’s a form of self-expression especially for nontraditional brides who want to flaunt their personality and their culture.” Her advice is to make it bold. “It’s a statement… on your nails,” she notes.

  7. Something New and Neutral

    Who said it had to be just black or white? “For a fun touch to a bridal manicure, make your nails your something blue’ for your day. After reds and neutrals, soft blues are the most requested shades at [our salons]—from hydrangea to pastel cornflower to mint blue,” says Langston. “It’s subtle, sophisticated, but still unexpected for brides.” Either go with a single-tone color or mix things up with a design. 

  8. Here Comes High Shine


    Max shine is a trendy option especially if you're opting for chrome foil or metallic accents to supplement your wedding nails. Langston notes that foil combinations don’t have to be just aluminum; they can also include turquoise, gunmetal and champagne colors. In fact, she suggests matching foil colors to bridesmaid dresses for a personalized touch.

    “Whatever look you decide to pick, use your nails as a special accessory that truly reflects your personal style,” she concludes. “So that you’ll feel your best self on your wedding day.”

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