37 Bridesmaids Nail Styles, from Trendsetting to Timeless

Nail the perfect bridal party manicure for your wedding day look.
Pink bridesmaid nails
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Updated Jan 09, 2024

The bride isn't the only one expected to look glammed on her wedding day. As members of the bridal party, bridesmaids should also look their best, which includes a fresh manicure. However, there are so many polish color and design options,that picking out the right bridesmaid nails can be downright overwhelming and lead to a ton of questions.

Should you stick to the go-to neutral wedding colors? Do you match your nail polish shade to your dress? Or can you add some fun nail art to display your personal style on your fingertips? We're here to answer all inquiries and deliver a ton of nail inspo that will take your wedding day manicure to the next level.

From simple to unique, the list below covers every type of nail style that will complement the bride's preferences and every style aesthetic. Keep reading for 37 bridesmaid nail design and color options that will make both you and the bride happy.

The Best Bridesmaid Nail Colors

Before picking a nail polish color, always consult the bride for her preference. If she has curated a specific palette or only wants classic shades, avoid bright colors and stick to neutrals, pinks, and whites. For evening weddings, deeper hues, which match the bridesmaid dress, may be acceptable since they won't steal the attention in photos.

Semi-Sheer Nude

Semi-sheer nude nail polish for bridesmaids
Photo: Melanie Graves

You can't go wrong with a translucent nude in a trendy almond shape. Not only will it visually elongate your fingers, but the soft tone complements every dress color and wedding vibe.

Square Tip French

Square tip French manicure bridesmaid nails
Photo: Ecstatic Nail Salon

Timeless doesn't have to equal boring, so modernize a typical French mani with a blunt square tip finish. Your nails will look cool and classic all at once.

Milky Brown

Milky brown bridesmaid nails
Photo: Paola

If a simple nude color is too bland for you, try a lighter shade of brown instead. This diluted version is just right.

Not-So-Basic Beige

Beige bridesmaid nails
Photo: Organic Nail Spa

If your bride is requesting beige nails, paint on a shade with a subtle pink undertone. It will be more visible in pictures and will especially pop against deeper skin tones.

Glossy Emerald

Emerald green bridesmaid nails
Photo: Melanie Graves

Match a medium to dark green dress with an equally beautiful emerald shade. The color will look especially lovely against a plush bouquet.

Creamy Peach

Peach bridesmaid nails
Photo: Ecstatic Nail Salon

Perfect for warm weather outdoor or beachside weddings, this playful peach color exudes summertime energy. While the color is timeless, it still stands out in the sunlight and will pop in photos.

Pearly White

Pearly white bridesmaid nails
Photo: Shaped by Pink

This glossy white shade is guaranteed to work with every dress color or pattern. Plus, it's clean, simple, and understated enough to please the bride.

Pretty in Pink

Pink bridesmaid nails
Photo: Onyx Studios

Does it get more girly or flattering than a sweet shade of pink? The lovely hue will look especially nice against cool-colored blue, green, or lavender dresses.

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The Best Bridesmaid Nail Designs

If your bride has given her blessing for you to rock some simple nail art, it's best to keep it low-key. Try remixing some classic designs, like adding some color to a French manicure or playing with a rainbow of shades in the same color family. Regardless of the design, always stick to muted shades that will blend into the background and overall wedding theme.

Chocolate Tips

Chocolate tips bridesmaid nails
Photo: Polished Yogi

For an edgy take on a French manicure, paint your tips a darker shade like this deep brown color. It will make a subtle style statement that won't clash with the rest of your ensemble.

Micro Glitter Line

Pink bridesmaid nails with micro glitter line
Photo: Stefanie

Add some fun to a typical coral shade with a thin line of platinum polish at your cuticle line. The reverse French style is trendy and wedding-appropriate all at once.

Garden Party Motif

Garden party bridesmaid nails
Photo: Nails by Katie Dutra

This detailed design features a botanical-themed pattern on a glittery base. It's the perfect fit for an outdoor wedding.

Pink-to-White Gradient

Pink-to-white gradient bridesmaid nails
Photo: Eva Heidelberger

Add some pizzazz to ordinary pink nails with an ombre fade-to-white design. Up the cool factor by going with a matte finish.

Jade-Tipped French

Green French tip bridesmaid nails
Photo: Sage Organic Nail Spa

Bring your French mani to life with a beige base and grass-green tips. The design will pop against a pink or coral-colored dress.

Rosy-Hued Spectrum

Pink mismatched bridesmaid nails
Photo: Nailed It Rexburg

Love pink nails? Add some edge to the sweet shade with a gradient nail design that covers every color in the rosy palette.

Glazed & Glittery Bridesmaid Nail Ideas

It doesn't get more celebratory than high-shine glazed or glittery nails that scream 'It's party time!'. Don't be afraid to incorporate some sleek nail designs that bring your sparkly color to life.

Iridescent Cool Tones

Iridescent purple bridesmaid nails
Photo: Polished Yogi

Complement a spring wedding by wearing an iridescent polish with a pastel range of colors. This blue-to-purple version would pair nicely with ice blue or lavender dresses.

Barbie Pink Chrome

Barbie pink chrome bridesmaid nails
Photo: Karin

This high-voltage pink style is surprisingly versatile. Since the pink is so pale, it will mesh well with almost any type of dress material or color.

Sparkle & Shine

Stiletto bridesmaid nails with pink glitter and chrome
Photo: Vivian Marie Wong

For a fresh take, pair a razor-sharp stiletto-shaped nail with this rosy chrome-meets-glittery style. To make the mismatched nails even more interesting, add some barely-there swirls to the sparkly finger.

Elongated Glitter French

Burnt orange ombre bridesmaid nails with gold glitter tips
Photo: Maylee Ruelas

Go for the unexpected by enhancing burnt orange, ombre nails with a thin gold metallic border. The eye-catching duo will look amazing against deep, jewel-tone dresses like oxblood or plum.

Pumped Up Pink

Pink glitter bridesmaid nails
Photo: Michelle Nguyen

Inject some of your personal style into your mani by swapping classic pale pink for a glittery, more vibrant version. For even more oomph, add crazy long nail extensions.

Electric Gold

Short gold bridesmaid nails
Photo: Sage Organic Nail Spa

Perfect for winter weddings, these gilded nails have some seriously festive vibes. Plus, they'll pair nicely with heavier fabrics, like velvet or brocade.

Mirrored Metallics

Jewel tone chrome bridesmaid nails
Photo: PC Glosshouse

If the wedding theme is gothic, a jewel-tone chrome nail will blend seamlessly into the dark palette. It also works well for evening weddings, since the mirrored polish has an edgy look.

Something Blue

Blue metallic bridesmaid nails
Photo: Nails by Thalia

Incorporate something bold and blue into your wedding day ensemble. This color has an intense, glassy shine that's downright mesmerizing.

Rainbow-Colored Glaze

Rainbow colored chrome bridesmaid nails
Photo: Amauri Ventis

If you're in a tropical destination wedding, let your nails reflect the vibrancy of the beachy setting. To make the look feel cohesive, use one hand for warm tones, use the other for cooler icy tones, and match your thumb colors.

Cute Bridesmaid Nail Design Ideas

Both simple and sweet, these adorable designs will make you smile every time you look down at your hands.

Mismatched Neon Lines

Mismatched neon lines bridesmaid nails
Photo: Nails by Thalia

If your gown is neon, these bright swirls will punch up the vividness of the fabric. However, the nude base tones it down so it won't steal the spotlight in photos.

Checkerboard Nails

Green checkerboard bridesmaid nails
Photo: Stefanie

An unconventional wedding calls for a quirky design, like this whimsical checkered pattern. Bring it to life with a sunny shade of green or an equally cheery color.

Minimalist French

Lavender French tip bridesmaid nails
Photo: Viviana

This minimal yet impactful French manicure is personalized with a soft lavender shade and extended tip. Make it work for you by matching it to the exact color of your dress.

Sweetheart Pattern

Bridesmaid nails with pink heart design
Photo: Melanie Graves

Show the newlyweds some love with this Valentine's Day-themed mani. The adorable pink pattern is both beautiful and romantic—two adjectives that should describe a wedding day.

Cool Blue French

Blue French manicure bridesmaid nails
Photo: Melanie Graves

This has all of the elements of a classic French manicure with a monochrome twist. This airy blue version will be photographed beautifully for a ceremony near the water.

Wavy Accent Finger

Pink wavy design bridesmaid nails
Photo: Olivia

If you're not ready to take the plunge with a full-on design, try this color-blocking technique. It contains elements of a French manicure mixed with bold linear shapes.

Unique Bridesmaid Nail Designs

If the bride gives you carte blanche to have a little bit more fun with your nail art, go all the way with a quirky design that is distinct to your style. The creative masterpieces below range from eccentric to playful.

Easter Egg Nails

Pastel swirl bridesmaid nails
Photo: Nailed It Rexburg

This one is for spring weddings. Channel the colors of the season with Easter egg-inspired, pastel swirls.

Studded Elongated French

Studded French bridesmaid nails
Photo: Baddie Nails

Metallic stud decals are the perfect way to add some excitement to an understated color. To recreate the look at home, just use gold press-on stickers, which are super easy to apply.

Bejeweled Ombre

Bejeweled ombre bridesmaid nails
Photo: Polished Galore

Balance razor-sharp talons with a dreamy sorbet palette. For a touch of glimmer, add tiny gemstones to each finger along your cuticle line.

3D Add-Ons

Bridesmaid nails with 3D add-ons
Photo: Nails by Marissa

Treat your nails like an art project by picking out a cute theme and decorating them with symbolic embellishments. This ultra-girly manicure has sugary symbols like bows, strawberries, and ladylike pearls.

Tortoiseshell Tips

Tortoiseshell tip bridesmaid nails
Photo: Michelle Nguyen

If you're looking for autumnal nail ideas, these textured tortoiseshell-printed tips may be the answer. Plus, the earthy brown hue works with just about any dress color.

Starry-Night Sparkle

Cosmic bridesmaid nails
Photo: Aiste

Celestial nail art is trending, and this cosmic-inspired design replicates the magic of the galaxy. To make your nails look next-level ethereal, use a shimmery base color to imitate a starry backdrop.

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