Paint the Town Red with These Red Wedding Nails Inspired by the Red Nail Theory

Red alert: These red nail ideas might just prove the red nail theory is true.
Red chrome wedding nail polish
Design: Natalie Romine
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Updated Nov 27, 2023

These days, #nailtok is the place to discover all sorts of wedding nail trends for the big day. One theory that has recently taken TikTok by storm is the "Red Nail Theory," which claims that wearing red nail polish can amplify attraction and even help foster romance. And since red nails are one of the hottest wedding manicure trends of 2024, I knew I had to dive deeper into the theory.

TikTok user Robyn Delmonte, who goes by the username GirlBossTown, is credited with popularizing this theory, showcasing her experiences wearing red nail polish and its alleged impact on her romantic encounters. The video has since been viewed over 21 million times, and plenty of others have responded to back up her claims, with the hashtag #rednailtheory garnering over 225 million views and counting.

So, what better way to implement the Red Nail Theory than on a day filled with love and romance? To further explore all of the buzz, I spoke with The Knot's Senior Sex & Relationship Editor, Jamie Cuccinelli, who weighed in on the impact of wearing red nails in the dating and wedding world. Plus, we're painting the town red with a few of our favorite red nail ideas that you can

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What is the Red Nail Theory?

At the heart of the Red Nail Theory is the idea that red is a color associated with love and passion. According to Cuccinelli, the red nail theory may have some solid ground to stand on. "These responses may vary and are often affected by things like cultural background and experience, she says. "And this could be where the red nail theory has some legs."

It's important to debunk the misconception that red nails are only associated with "mommy issues," as some skeptics suggest. Instead, think back to the glamorous female characters we grew up admiring. "Just think about the love interests or glam villainesses in the media we grew up with—or perhaps your older siblings were watching," Cuccinelli says. "You have Olivia Newtown-John rocking red nails after her bad girl makeover in Grease, Goldie Hawn looking scary gorgeous (pointy red mani and all) in Death Becomes Her and Uma Thuman wearing vampy oxblood in Pulp Fiction. Plus, the Warden in Holes mixing up her own lacquer using rattlesnake venom is forever seared into all our brains."

The allure of red nails can be quite intriguing. It's the same way we might be captivated by the smell of a person's aftershave or perfume. It's all about the confidence it exudes. "And color theory be damned," Cucinelli notes. "If you're out with a fresh manicure in a bright, bold color, you're likely catching eyes just by being confident in yourself!"

Indeed, something is empowering about stepping out with freshly painted red nails. It's like donning your sexiest lingerie and feeling ready to take on the world. As Cuccinelli puts it, "You know how it feels like you could reenact Taylor Swift's chair dance from the Eras Tour when wearing your favorite, sexiest bit of lingerie? Red nails are like the SFW version of that!"

This year, we can expect to see a range of stunning red shades and wedding nail ideas gracing the fingertips of brides-to-be. Bold, classic red (like the Boston University red nails) remains a timeless choice, symbolizing love and romance. On the other hand, softer shades like blush or cranberry provide a modern twist while still capturing the essence of red. Nail art enthusiasts are also exploring intricate designs, incorporating elements like floral patterns, glitter accents and minimalistic geometric shapes, to elevate their red wedding nails to the next level.

Classic Red Nails

Hailey Bieber with red tip French manicure nails
Photo: @nailsbyzola

The trend that never goes out of style: classic red nails. While this hue is ultimately timeless, we've seen more and more brides opting for that iconic pop of red (think OPI's Big Apple Red) on their big day. Miley Cyrus stunned us all with her red wedding nails when she tied the knot with Liam Hemsworth, which perfectly complemented her silky wedding gown. Meanwhile, trendsetter Hailey Bieber has often been seen sporting perfectly polished red nails in her Instagram selfies, which look oh-so-chic.

Red French Tip Nails

Red French tip nails
Photo: @nailartbyqueenie

Who says French tip nails have to be white? Give this classic style a sizzling twist on your wedding day with a bit of red instead. French tip nails are the perfect balance between classic and trendy, making them a stunning choice for to-be-weds who want to add a pop of color to their fingertips. Just as icons like Selena Gomez have donned red French tip nails on the red carpet or Dua Lipa, who fiercely rocked the trend in her "Don't Start Now" music video.

Red Chrome Nails

Chrome red wedding nails
Photo: @overglowedit

If you're a to-be-wed who wants to add a futuristic vibe to your manicure, red chrome nails are the way to go. This ultra-shiny and reflective finish takes red nails to a whole new level of eye-catching sophistication. The mani has been spotted on the likes of Kylie Jenner, who regularly flaunts red chrome nails on social media. And who can forget Cardi B's mesmerizing chrome-red nails at the Grammy Awards? It's literally the perfect statement for the daring and fashion-forward bride.

Red Velvet Nails

Red velvet wedding nails
Photo: @vivianmariewong

Velvet isn't just for clothing anymore. If you like the look of chrome but prefer a softer and more luxurious look, red velvet nails are the perfect choice. This trend mimics the texture and appearance of velvet, giving your nails a plush and velvety feel. Zendaya herself rocked the trend at the Met Gala—need I say more? It's the perfect way for brides who want to exude a luxurious and elegant vibe on their wedding day.

Red Heart Nails

Sabrina Carpenter with red heart nails
Photo: @nailsbyzola

Looking for cute red nail ideas? Red heart nails are the way to go. This trend features tiny red hearts painted onto the nails, adding a touch of sweetness and charm to your wedding manicure. You may have seen celebrities like Sabrina Carpenter in adorable red heart nails recently. The added touch of playfulness gives us all the heart eyes for this perfect bridal mani.

Red Wedding Nails to Inspire Your Look

Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite red nail ideas that you'll definitely want to save for your own big day With hues ranging from candy apple red to deep cranberries, these manis feature red nail designs. Think Y2K-inspired swirls, red French tip nails and even some cute cherry nail designs; there's truly a look for every aesthetic.

Glossy Red Nails

Glossy red wedding nails
Photo: @nailsbyalsn

We can't have a guide to red wedding nails without paying homage to the OG red nails. Use a signature red nail polish like OPI's Big Apple Red as one of our favorite colors for to-be-weds. You'll look classy and fashion-forward all at once with this glossy red manicure.

Red Bow Nails

Red wedding nails with gold bow details
Photo: @melanated.mani

When it comes to cute red nail ideas, these bow nails might just take the cake. We don't know what we love more about this balletcore-inspired nail design: the bold red shade or how dainty and simple the gold bow detail is. It perfectly compliments the vibrant base color. Talk about a bow-ment.

Cranberry Nails

Cranberry wedding nails
Photo: @sedjames

Lean into the fall and winter wedding vibe with cozy cranberry nails. It's a great alternative for those who don't want to wear a bright red and just prefer something a bit darker and moody. The deep red hue is sultry and sexy yet still classic enough to make this set totally wedding-worthy.

Red Pearl Nails

Red French tip wedding nails with pearl embellishments
Photo: @jadeandpolished

Yes, you can embrace the pearlcore trend and the red nail theory at the same time. Case in point: these red pearl nails. Just ask your nail tech for rounded almond nails with a red French tip and scattered pearl gemstones on top, or make it easy and simply show them this picture!

Red Heart Accent Nails

Red heart accent wedding nails
Photo: @thehotblend

Love the idea of adding hearts to your wedding manicure but don't want them to dominate the design? Consider just adding one heart accent nail, similar to the design above. It's the perfect way to show your love for love without being over the top.

Red Floral Nails

Red floral wedding nails
Photo: @thehotblend

These red acrylic nails go from simple to whimsical with the addition of flower accent nails. We're dreaming about how good this red nail design would pair with a romantic cottagecore or fairytale wedding dress.

Red Chrome Tip Nails

Red chrome French tip wedding nails
Photo: @prissyjnails

Red French tip nails are already impossibly chic, but adding chrome brings them to a whole other level, not to mention perfect for the overall winter wedding aesthetic. You can DIY this red nail design by creating the classic French tip shape and adding red chrome powder just on the tips.

Red Swirl Nails

Red swirl wedding nails
Photo: @vivianmariewong

There's no wrong way to do a red wedding manicure. For instance, we love the look of abstract swirls. The negative space and white-lined detailing make this red nail idea feel oh-so-bridal. Plus, the design will actually make your nails appear longer.

Sparkly Red Nails

Sparkly red wedding nails
Photo: @jadeandpolished

All that glitters is gold, or red in this case. And we are all about it. If you don't want to bother with an intricate red nail design, consider picking a color that adds a little (or a lot) of sparkle. Here, you can see how glitter polish adds some depth and a touch of luxury to the look.

Red Heart Tip Nails

Red heart tip wedding nails
Photo: @amyle.nails

Red French tip nails but make it hearts. It's the perfect red nail design for those who don't want obvious hearts. You can easily recreate the look with a thin striping brush to trace the heart-shaped tips, or simply show this gorgeous pic to your nail tech.

Ruby Marble Nails

Ruby marble wedding nails
Photo: @aminachelloug

Turn your red wedding nails into a work of art with this marbled design. Along with the deep berry hue, the subtle white marble adds an element of dimension and texture. Bring this photo to the nail salon for a red manicure your guests won't stop talking about.

Cherry Red Nails

Cherry red wedding nails
Photo: @sansungnails

If you like to keep it bold and flirty, then this cute red nail idea with cherry accent nails was made for you. Upgrade the timeless red French tip nails by adding accents of adorable tiny flowers and mini cherries.

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