Men's Wedding Ring Trends You're About to See Everywhere

The ones to watch in the year ahead.
The Biggest Men's Wedding Ring Trends of 2024
Photos, left to right: Ring Bear, Blue Nile
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated Jan 29, 2024

If you're a guy tying the knot in 2024, you've probably dedicated most of your brain's wedding ring bandwidth to the one your partner will be wearing (and understandably so). But don't forget that you'll need one for yourself as well. The good news is that men's wedding ring trends are as exciting as ever, with some of our favorite brands in the business offering simple options for guys looking to not have another wedding day decision to overthink and flashier ones for those who want a ring with a bit more pizzazz. With some help from David Schoenfeld, founder of Ring Bear, we're here to break down some of the best men's wedding ring trends for 2024.

2024 Men's Wedding Ring Trends

Thinner Bands

Thin yellow band for the best men's wedding band
Photo: Ring Bear

When you picture a classic men's wedding band in your mind, you're probably thinking of a 6mm domed ring. It's a timeless style for sure, but these days men's rings are skewing on the slightly thinner side. Where does the trend come from? "In Europe, it's more common to wear a thinner wedding band around 2mm or 3mm," explains Schoenfeld. He expects to see the style expand in the United States in a big way in 2024. A thinner band makes for a subtler ring that can also be stacked with an engagement ring (if you have one) more easily–more on that trend later.

Additionally, Schoenfeld notes that a thinner band can allow couples to get a bit more bang for their buck when shopping. "With thinner bands," he says, "Couples can get high-quality materials like 14K gold or platinum while staying on a budget."

Coordinating Rings and Watches

Coordinating your watch and your wedding ring
Watch: Swiss Watch Expo,Ring: Angara

Wedding watches are increasingly popular these days (engagement watches, too) and we're a big fan of the trend. Schoenfeld agrees, noting that more and more men are intentionally matching their wedding ring to their watch. "We expect substantially more guys this year to pick their wedding band based on what metal best complements their watch," he says.

We're inclined to agree as both accessories commemorate the same occasion and synchronicity between the two can be a special thing. It's pretty simple to pull off, too: a gold ring pairs great with a gold watch, while platinum rings are a great match for any steel sports watch. You can even pair a two-tone watch with a two-tone ring. Easy peasy.

Stacked Rings

Coordinated stackable wedding bands
Photo: Todd Studios Photography,Rings: st john jewelers

One wedding ring is good. Two wedding rings? Even better. If you've got an engagement ring to go with your wedding band, 2024 is the year to wear both and go for the full stack. Schoenfeld notes that 2024 will see the trend of men's engagement rings take off in a big way and suggests that the trend will give way to men wearing ring stacks. Thinner bands, which are also on trend, play into this. Our expert also adds that 2024 is also going to be the year to mix metals and show off the variance between your engagement ring and wedding band (which is to say you don't need to worry about making sure they're both made of the same materials).


Sustainable men's wedding rings
Photo: Blue Nile

Not every trend in men's wedding rings is aesthetic. Much like we've seen in recent years in women's wedding and engagement jewelry, there's an increasing move towards sustainability and ethically sourced materials. "Couples will choose eco-friendly options like lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold rings more than any previous year to better align their purchases with their values," Schoenfeld says. Sustainably sourced men's wedding rings are becoming more common and more accessible, making it easier for more couples to find rings that align with their values. That said, it's not all about lab-grown stones and repurposed metals. Sometimes sustainability is just using what's already in front of you, like vintage or antique rings that are already a part of your family's story.

Smart Rings

Smart rings for your wedding day
Photo: ŌURA Ring

Not every groom wants to wear their wedding ring every day. This is where daily wear rings come in, often made of comfortable silicone and able to be worn anywhere and everywhere without worrying about the risk of losing your real wedding ring. This trend has evolved a step further as smart rings have grown in popularity and it's now common for grooms to use rings as sleep trackers, step counters, and everything in between. It's not gender-specific, either and there are also smart rings that can track fertility, which are popular choices with couples looking to expand their families.

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