The Engagement Ring Trends We're Loving for 2024

Our data and our editorial crystal ball predict the year's biggest hits to come.
Oval Wave Diamond Ring, 2024 engagement ring trend
Photo: Jessica McCormack
Naomi Rougeau
Naomi Rougeau
Naomi Rougeau
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Updated Jan 09, 2024
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Fortunately for those getting engaged in 2024, we are living in the era of the "vibe." Gone are the days when engagement ring trends were relegated to largely traditional offerings with one's only hope of finding a unique ring being to go the custom route. These days, retailers (many of them online) are catering to a spectrum of tastes, and independent designers are carving out a name for themselves with innovative visions. While each step of the journey to the aisle should reflect the "personal" style of the to-be-wed, the influence of celebrity brides and continually updating newsfeeds cannot be discounted. No matter where you gather inspiration, we hope to help in the right direction. And be sure to click the "Shop the Trend" button for editor-curated options at any price point.

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East-West Engagement Rings

Blue sapphire East-West Engagement Ring, 2024 engagement ring trend
Photo: Jessica McCormack

Much like the setting, the orientation of a stone can do wonders for its appearance from optimizing the amount of light that hits the facets to creating the illusion of a higher carat weight and longer fingers. Most commonly seen on single, center-fixed stones, the 90-degree rotation is the perfect option for those looking for an engagement ring that is at once timely and timeless. Case in point: Jessica McCormack's Georgian-cut sapphire set in 18kt blackened white gold for a slight edge.

Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings

Art deco emerald engagement ring, Vintage and Antique 2024 Engagement Ring trend
Photo: Jack Weir & Sons

Your vows should stand the of time so why not kick things off with a ring that already has? Vintage-inspired designs are commonplace but actual vintage? Talk about a needle in a haystack. Rings with a bit of history are becoming a popular choice among not only vintage-loving to-be-weds but also eco-conscious consumers. Just be sure to do your research should you decide to go the retro route and choose a reputable dealer such as Jack Weir and Sons in Beverly Hills. The firm specializes in vintage and antique baubles and while this French Art Deco number was created more than a century ago, its target design feels thoroughly of the moment.

Hidden Detail Engagement Rings

Hidden Halo Round Brilliant Engagement Ring, Hidden detail 2024 engagement ring trend
Photo: Vrai

Whether it's a petite diamond or a deeply personal inscription on the inside of a band, small details can go a long way toward making your engagement ring even more special. Among the most popular and widely available is the hidden halo, which is most commonly seen alongside oval, circle, and cushion-cut stones. One note of caution: Given the size micropave diamonds and the placement of hidden halos (under the setting), stones can be particularly susceptible to falling out. Sleep easy by choosing one of our trusted Knot vendors and of course, by insuring your ring.

Modernist Engagement Rings

Seed Signet Diamond Ring, Modernist 2024 Engagement Ring tREND
Photo: Nak Armstrong

If Constantin Brancusi had designed an engagement ring, it may very well have looked something like this. Minimalist styles have been around the bridal sphere for a minute but as we move into the new year, the now evergreen "trend" takes on a more sophisticated, sculptural look that's worthy of any gallery. Make sure yours stands out from the crowd by paying attention to each angle and profile while trying it on. A bonus of more substantial bands and settings: extra secure stones and less wear and tear. NB: According to The Knot's study, the popularity of yellow gold is on the rise, having surged +26% since 2015 when our tracking began.

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Trend
Photo: Grown Brilliance

White diamonds remain numero uno as the most desired engagement ring stone. Given the state of the world, the economy, and the rise of a more environmentally conscious consumer, it should come as no surprise that The Knot's 2023 Engagement and Jewelry Study also revealed a +17% increase (since 2019) in couples favoring lab-grown diamonds. Our additional findings surrounding the increase in the size of center stones could go some way toward explaining the continued growth in this category as well.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite 2024 Engagement Ring
Photo: Charles & Colvard

In search of an ice skating rink-sized stone (we see you, Sofia Richie) without the price tag to match? Look no further than moissanite. You won't be alone. According to The Knot's 2023 Engagement and Jewelry Study, the diamond alternative is moving steadily up the charts. While only 1 in 10 surveyed are opting for non-diamond gemstones, 3 in 10 of those who are choose moissanite. This represents a +10% increase since 2019. Could it be the lingering Kylie Jenner effect? We can't say for sure but we can recommend a plethora of retailers specializing in the clear stone.

Whimsical Engagement Rings

Whimsical 2024 Engagement Ring Trend
Photo: Selim Mouzannar

Whimsical engagement rings often take their inspiration from the natural world and for designer Selim Mouzanar, that rings true. That said, you'll find no dainty twig and vine motifs among the Beirut-based talent's offerings. Instead, Mouzannar and other designers embracing the trend are going for bold. The combination of rose gold with blue sapphires and diamonds is amplified thanks to not one but three clustered floral motifs.

Bold Color Engagement Rings

Green solitaire ring, Bold Color 2024 Engagement Ring Trend
Photo: Nak Armstrong

First came the sapphires, spurred by the engagement of Kate Middleton to Prince William and all the nostalgia conjured by that union. Then came Blake Lively with her mammoth blush-tone oval stone. The message: a colored stone engagement ring can be as demure or as bold as you like. For those in the second camp, few designers embrace the full ROYGBIV spectrum quite as brilliantly as Nak Armstrong, who boasts a booming custom business thanks to their seemingly limitless creativity.

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