The Best Men's Jewelry Brands to Step Up Your Look

Bring some shine to your next wedding fit, whether you're a guest or a groom! Men's jewelry is trending and we're here to help you dazzle it up with everything from gold to diamonds.
Best men's jewelry brands.
Photos: Allsaints, Khiry, Cartier
tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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tres dean Associate Menswear Editor
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Updated Jun 28, 2023
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We're at a point in modern menswear at which jewelry isn't only acceptable–it's encouraged. Adding a little gold to your wedding 'fit courtesy of some of the best men's jewelry brands in the business goes a long way in pulling a look together. These days there are more options than ever. . Men's jewelry isn't a monolith—you can choose from brands that draw from simple, elegant classicism and others that channel big, bold rockstar energy with chunky rings and bracelets. How you want to style your jewelry is ultimately up to you. I'm here to point you in the right direction and then send you on your way.

What follows is a selection of some of the best men's jewelry brands in the world today. They range from recent upstarts to the sort of recognizable names your significant other will probably geek over. Some skew affordable whereas others are more in the investment territory. The common ground they share is quality product and killer designs. Read on for the best places to buy men's jewelry in 2023.

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Best Men's Designer Jewelry Brands

These are some of the more recognizable names in jewelry and design, the sort that even a guy who doesn't own any jewelry has probably heard of. These brands skew on the pricey side but tend to make investment pieces that last a lifetime and can be passed on to family members from generation to generation.


Cartier designer jewelry brand for men.
Photo: Cartier

Why they make the list: Because it's Cartier! They've been one of the biggest and most influential names in jewelry for years and years thanks to classic designs and quality materials.

Our top pick: It's hard to argue with the iconic Cartier LOVE bracelet.

David Yurman

David Yurman designer jewelry brand for men.
Photo: David Yurman

Why they make the list: David Yurman's men's jewelry takes the simplicity of classic jewelry like Cartier and adds a beefy design quality to the line while applying dude-friendly iconography like skulls and eagles (though there are understated options for those looking to be a bit less showy).

Our top pick: The Beveled Band Ring is a simple, chunky wedding band with great detailing on the interior.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. designer jewelry brand for men.
Photo: Tiffany & Co.

Why they make the list: There's a good chance you're already plenty familiar with Tiffany & Co. What you should make yourself more familiar with is their excellent selection of men's jewelry. They make timeless statement pieces that will age like a fine wine.

Our top pick: The Tiffany Makers I.D. Bracelet is the sort of iconic piece of jewelry that you'll never want to take off.


Versace designer jewelry brand
Photo: Versace

Why they make the list: One of the louder brands in designer fashion makes jewelry that's just as vibrant as the rest of their line. If you're looking to channel that same larger-than-life energy, complete with iconography cribbed from Greek and Roman mythology, look no further.

Our top pick: There are subtler pieces in their arsenal but you don't go to Versace for subtle. The Medusa Greca ring is a chunky signature piece that'll look so handsome on your finger.

Greg Yuna

Gold pendant necklace by Greg Yuna.
Photo: Greg Yuna

Why they make the list: Greg Yuna makes the sort of jewelry you see NBA players and rappers rocking on red carpets. Channel that energy on your wedding day with a flashy piece of jewelry neither you nor your guests will forget any time soon.

Our top pick: Yuna's blinged-out Alexander the Great pendant will look great on a gold chain.


Gucci men's designer jewelry brand.
Photo: Gucci

Why they make the list: Speaking of designer fashion, Gucci is no slouch when it comes to men's jewelry. Nothing screams luxury like the logo of one of the finest fashion houses in the world on a piece of good jewelry.

Our top pick: The Double G Bracelet gets the Gs on your wrist for all to see.

Best Men's Jewelry Brands You've Never Heard Of

Some of the best stuff in men's jewelry is off the beaten path of designer names. A lof of these pieces are going to come with the same level of quality and craftsmanship as big-name designers but at a fraction of the price (think $1000-ish and under, and sometimes way under) Read on for some of the coolest names in the space that you need on your radar.

Clocks & Colours

Clocks & Colours funky ring for men.
Photo: Clocks & Colours

Why they make the list: Clocks & Colours makes loud-as-hell jewelry with an energy somewhere between rockstar and motorcycle gang. If you're leaning into a similar vibe with your wedding suit, this is the brand to accessorize with.

Our top pick: The Tumbleweed ring brings instant cowboy cool to any wedding look.


Khiry men's jewelry brand.
Photo: Khiry

Why they make the list: Khiry's weird and wavy designs are sure to catch the eye of anybody and every wedding guest in the room, whether you're walking down the aisle or sitting in the pews.

Our top pick: The Khartoum II ring is one of the more unique pieces I've come across in recent memory, with a stretched teardrop design made of a fine polished silver hugging your finger.

Peyote Bird

Peyote Bird unique jewelry brand for men.
Photo: Peyote Bird

Why they make the list: With western weddings all the rage these days, accessorizing with pieces from Peyote Bird is a great call. Designed and run by a network of Indigenous artisans, each piece is a unique ode to western iconography and Native heritage. Many Peyote Bird pieces are one of a kind, so this is also a great place to shop for wedding bands or jewelry for you and your partner.

Our top pick: Artist Jesse Robbins' Golden Sun Cuff is a stunner that will last a lifetime and comes with a unique artist's story.

Jonas Studio

Jonas Studio jewelry brand for men.
Photo: Jonas Studio

Why they make the list: While their line spans all varieties of jewelry, Jonas Studio is known its bracelets and cuffs. Made from quality beads and leather, they're some of the more interesting jewelry pieces available today.

Our top pick: The Bedford Wrap is one of the brand's bestsellers, and for goodreason: it's simple, sturdy, and complements a wedding look just as well as it does a tee shirt and jeans.

Luis Morais

Luis Morais jewelry designer for men.
Photo: Luis Morais

Why they make the list: Because jewelry doesn't have to just be silver or gold. Luis Morais makes vibrant pieces from precious stones and materials that will add a pop of color to a wedding suit.

Our top pick: Why pick one gemstone when you can have them all? Try on the Multi-Gemstone Message Ball Chain Necklace to try them all out.

Martine Ali

Martine Ali jewelry brand for men.
Photo: Martine Ali

Why they make the list: Because there are few smaller-name brands out there who do silver as well as Martine Ali does. Better yet, they bring a '90s energy to their line that will have you reminiscing on days spent at the mall trying to find a copy of the new Pearl Jam record.

Our top pick: Don't overcomplicate things. The Oli Ball Chain (that's not to be confused with ball and chain) is a subtle, simple piece to add to any fit.

All Blues

All Blues gold ear cuff jewelry for men.
Photo: All Blues

Why they make the list: The Sweden-based brand makes simple essentials in gold that look good on everyone and pair brilliantly with just about everything. Trust.

Our top pick: Not ready for a permanent piercing but still want to try the look? Their gold Almost Ear Cuff is the perfect way for you to dip a toe in so to speak.

Giles and Brother

Giles and Brother jewelry brand for men.
Photo: Giles and Brother

Why they make the list: Giles and Brother specializes in metals rather than gemstones or precious metals, making for a masculine and sturdy line of killer designs. This is where you should shop if you're looking for brass and steel rather than silver and gold.

Our top pick: Their Twisted Hook Hinge I.D. Bracelet brings a touch of hearty nautical vibes to a wedding suit.


Milamore jewelry brand for men.
Photo: Milamore

Why they make the list: Milamore's forte is bringing materials like silver and gold together so that you don't have to choose between the two. For a long time there's been a general rule that you don't mix gold and silver–consider this your permission to break it.

Our top pick: The brand's Classic Duo Chain is easily the highlight of their line.

Best Affordable Men's Jewelry Brands

Some of the coolest names in men's jewelry these days come in at prices that won't break the bank–after all, you've already shelled out for a suit or a tux, accessories, and shoes! From gold chains to signet rings, here are the jewelry brands that can help you accessorize for less than the price of a tux rental.


Black and gold ring for groom from Miansai.
Photo: Miansai

Why they make the list: Miansai isn't just one of the best affordable men's jewelry brands in the world–it's one of the best, period. Their affordable takes on staples come in great materials and are stylish as hell.

Our top pick: The brand's Heritage Ring is a perfect, subdued signet ring for under $200.

Lox and Chain

Lox and Chain rings for men.
Photo: Lox and Chain

Why they make the list: Australian-based Lox and Chain specializes in signet rings with character–think cowboys, boxers, and dogs in lieu of initials or precious stones. Next level cool..

Our top pick: Tell me the brand's Cowboy ring isn't the coolest damn suiting accessory available for under $100.


Vitaly jewelry brand for men's fashion.
Photo: Vitaly

Why they make the list: Vitaly is one of the biggest names in affordable jewelry for a reason: Their stuff looks great, it lasts, and it's a perfect entryway into building a jewelry collection.

Our top pick: The brand's Kickback bracelet is a chunky chain link bracelet that pairs well next to a watch under a suit.


Mejuri box chain bracelet for men.
Photo: Mejuri

Why they make the list: With weird and wavy designs at bargain prices, Mejuri has long been a popular accessible men's jewelry brand amongst the fashion-savvy.

Our top pick: Black titanium is an underrated flex. Mejuri's box chain bracelet is hip enough to wear every day and classy enough to pair with a tux at a black-tie wedding.


AllSaints simple chain jewelry for men.
Photo: AllSaints

Why they make the list: The longtime outfitter of rock stars around the globe actually has a pretty kickass selection of affordable jewelry, ranging from showy pieces to sturdy standards.

Our top pick: The brand's sterling silver chain is perfect, not too big and not too small and the sort of piece you can wear for any wedding's dress code.

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