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You pull out all the stops to make your wedding day unforgettable--you buy your dream dress, you book the grandest venue, and you plan the most superb menu. But to truly and permanently etch your special day in memory, you'll need someone who can masterfully recreate it in pictures for you to relive over and over again--a wedding photographer. In Albuquerque, you'll find a range of wedding photographers to help you make your nuptials a truly memorable affair. Feel free to browse our listings so you can pinpoint the one that matches your requirements perfectly. To start your search, here are a few tips. First, what style of wedding photography do you prefer? The one that's all the rage right now is the photojournalistic style, where the wedding photographer takes candid shots of your big day, capturing all the emotions at their rawest. But if you'd rather be perfectly poised than candid, the ideal option for you would be a traditional wedding photographer, whose specialty is scripted shots. Next, take a look at their packages. Some Albuquerque wedding photographers might appear pricey at first, but if you study their packages closely, you might just find some great deals thrown in, like free engagement sessions and black-and-white or sepia copies at no extra cost!