10 Adventurous Bachelor Party Ideas

Do you want just a bachelor party or an all-out adventure? Get the adrenaline flowing with a bachelor bash on the edge.
Elise Proulx
by Elise Proulx

What's the best way for you to bond with your buddies? Over sports, of course. From a day at the batting cages to a weekend hiking the Appalachian Trail, custom-make a bachelor party complete with your sport of choice. Here are 10 great ideas.

Surf's Up

If you and your guys know how to surf and live near the ocean, just grab your wetsuits, take a road trip to a prime beach, and jump on in. If you're surf-impaired, why not arrange some group lessons to learn to ride the waves?

Hang Gliding

If hanging 10 isn't exciting enough for you guys, why not try hang gliding? There are plenty of schools around the country where you can learn the finer points of coasting through the sky.

Take the Plunge

Does hang gliding seem a little too leisurely? Try free falling toward the earth at over 100 mph. Convince the guys to step out of a perfectly good airplane and take the groom skydiving. Taking a literal plunge seems fitting before you take the figurative plunge into marriage.

White-Water Rafting

Push those images from Deliverance out of your head -- white-water rafting is the perfect macho bachelor party activity. Plan a weekend of navigating the rapids by day and camping under the stars at night.

Day of Thunder

Have a hankering for some serious speed? Treat the groom to a day at race-car driving school. He'll be able to let out a little nervous energy by tearing around the track, and you won't have to worry about pesky cops shooting radar. Check out RacingSchools.com for more info.

Caged Heat

Looking to give the big leaguers a run for their money? Head to the batting cages armed with a few rolls of quarters (buddies, make sure you bring some extras for the groom). And what to do after such hard work in the sun (or shade)? Mosey over to your local pub to drink a few brews and catch the game on TV.

Deep Sea Fishing

Can there be a better way to bond than fishing? Charter a deep-sea fishing boat and hope the groom gets to spend the better part of an afternoon wrestling with a marlin.

Go Scuba

You guys don't even need to be near the ocean to learn to scuba dive. Any large body of water will do. If you'd rather dive in the ocean, why not swim with the sharks? Hornby Island in British Columbia might be your cup of Joe.

Do You Rock?

Is "Go climb a rock" the groom's mantra? Take him out to climb a doozy. Most cities have indoor climbing wall options, but if you can get to the big outdoors, go for it. If you're lacking experience, don't risk a difficult climb; go bouldering (scrambling over big rocks) instead.

Take a Hike

From a day hike to a weekend car-camping, beer-around-the-campfire extravaganza, just being in the great outdoors is a great bachelor party option -- and you don't even have to learn any new or dangerous sports.

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