Wedding Style: How Formal Should Our Wedding Be?


My fiance designs surfboards, I work in finance. In our case, opposites definitely attract! The problem is that we can't agree on a level of formality for our wedding. I envision a black-tie affair, he wants to wear khakis and go barefoot. Help!


No problem, dudes! Sit down together and make a list of the "dream wedding" details each of you have your heart set on. Then each grab one end of the olive branch and try to meet in the middle: Instead of a tux, perhaps he could wear a navy or charcoal suit and you could wear a ball gown-style dress with just a touch of tulle, for example. If something can't be changed to satisfy both of you, concede some of your items in exchange for things he really cares about, and vice versa. Perhaps he will wear a tux or a stroller coat, which is a semiformal jacket cut like a tuxedo, if you agree to have the wedding outdoors with a clambake menu? Remember that compromise is key at this juncture to cement his interest in helping to plan the wedding (besides being a good skill to practice for your imminent wedlock)!

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