5 Major Perks of Choosing an All-Inclusive Honeymoon Trip

The obvious financial benefits are just the beginning.
by Sophie Ross

With all that goes into wedding planning, you might already feel drained of both resources and energy when it comes to planning your honeymoon too. (We don’t blame you.)

Well, we have just the solution for you—and you might have already considered it. All-inclusive honeymoons are a viable and amazing option for any couple looking for an extra-convenient trip (and price tag). Just read these five major perks of all-inclusive vacays if you still need convincing.

1. You’ll save money (duh).

Financially speaking, you’ll save significantly by doing an all-inclusive vacation due to the fact that—as the name implies—everything is included (except airfare and departure taxes). It’ll certainly depend where you’re going (you’ll get major savings if you head to the Caribbean, according to Price of Travel) and when you’re going, as “high season” and “low season” rates will vary. But typically, you’ll save big-time (up to 25 percent off the cost of a regular vacation) by going the all-inclusive route—especially if you choose a location with reasonably priced flights too.

2. You won’t have any surprise fees—or reasons to take out your wallet.

That’s the beautiful thing about an all-inclusive vacay: You just know what you’re going to get upfront. There shouldn’t be any surprise fees or even reasons to whip out your wallet at the swim-up bar or beyond—all you’ll need to worry about is eating, drinking and being merry with your new spouse. Now that’s a perfect way to unwind after your wedding.

3. You’ll get to try tons of (complimentary) activities that you probably wouldn’t normally consider.

Free adventures? Yes, please. Tons of resorts offer complimentary activities like wind-surfing, sailing, snorkeling and more—so it’ll give you and your partner a convenient (and inexpensive) reason to try things out that you normally wouldn’t. And that should make for an absolutely unforgettable honeymoon, guaranteed.

4. You can easily make a honeymoon registry.

Since an all-inclusive resort will have a cut-and-dry price, you can easily add it to your registry via The Knot Newlywed Fund without feeling weird (you shouldn’t either way), or coming up with an arbitrary ballpark price that might not get the job done.

5. Having a destination wedding too? This route makes it super easy.

If you book a certain package at an all-inclusive resort, you can potentially get your wedding for free (yes, really). Also, lots of resorts have on-site wedding coordinators to make everything as simple and smooth as possible since you’ll likely be doing a lot of the planning from afar.

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