The Average Cost of a Honeymoon and How Couples Pay For It

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Updated Feb 21, 2023

The party doesn't have to stop once your wedding is over. Plenty of couples head to a honeymoon to celebrate their marriage—and though it can be a splurge (hello, airfare and all-inclusive resorts), it's certainly deserved after planning a wedding. If you're curious to know what the the average honeymoon cost was in 2022, according to The Knot Real Weddings Study, we have the answer. Read on to see how much couples spend on their honeymoon, as well as the most popular destinations to kick off married life.

Average Honeymoon Cost

Based on an internal study of nearly 12,000 couples who got married in 2022, the average honeymoon cost is $5,100. This is in addition to the average cost of a wedding, which is $30,000. Honeymoons remain one of the most popular wedding-related events, with 73% of couples planning one in 2022. Sixty percent left for their trip within two days of the reception, and on average, couples spend 8 days on their honeymoon—27% of all honeymoons lasted more than a week.* However, mini-moons continue to be a popular vacation alternative. Last year, 13% of couples planned a shortened trip either in lieu of or prior to a traditional honeymoon.

What Influences the Honeymoon Cost

The average price of a honeymoon had been steadily increasing in the past several years. This increase in cost reflects couples' desires to go on an experiential trip. Now more than ever, newlyweds look to plan honeymoons in unique locations that offer unconventional activities. This year we saw an increase in couples traveling outside the United States for their honeymoon—53% versus 41% in 2021, but still less than 60% in 2019—but this is likely due to post-pandemic international travel not quite returning to normal and increased airfares due to inflationary fuel costs.

It's important to keep in mind that these numbers are a reflection of the national average. The cost of a honeymoon will fluctuate based on where you go, the time of year you travel, duration and any upgrades you make for your trip. Couples can spend significantly less by taking a romantic getaway within their state or a stay-cation in their hometown.

How Couples Pay For Their Honeymoons

Now that you know the national average cost, you're probably wondering how much you should spend on your honeymoon (and how you're going to pay for it). Honeymoon registry funds continue to rise in popularity, especially for couples who prefer experiences over things. Setting up a cash fund registry is a great way to make sure you actually enjoy the gifts your loved ones purchase. In 2022, 84% of couples set up at least one wedding registry—of those, 23% made a honeymoon fund to help support their trip.* However, the majority of couples (61%, to be exact) pulled from their own savings to pay for it.*

Since a honeymoon is an additional cost to your wedding, it's important to set a honeymoon budget that's realistic with what you can spend after planning your nuptials. You may want to consider working with a honeymoon travel specialist to help you plan a memorable trip. After all, it's not about taking a fancy vacation for great pictures to post on Instagram—what matters most is spending quality time with your S.O. to ring in married life together.

The Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations Right Now

According to our study, 47% of couples opted to stay in the US for their trip in 2022, with Hawaii, Florida and California being the most popular states for honeymoons. For couples who traveled abroad, Mexico and the Caribbean were the most popular regions, with Europe coming in third. Beach honeymoons still remain the most popular option, though, with 46% of couples planning a tropical getaway.*

*Based on The Knot 2022 Honeymoon Study

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