This Is the Average Carat Size for Engagement Rings This Year

Our new study reveals exactly how engagement rings are sizing up (carat wise) across the country right now.
by Sophie Ross

While you might not know exactly how much your ring costs, you’re probably well aware of the carat size. And if you’re curious about where yours fits in with other people’s engagement bling, our 2017 Jewelry & Engagement Study surveyed more than 14,000 engaged or recently married brides and grooms across the country to find out. (And for the record: Here at The Knot, we believe if you love your engagement ring and the person who gave it to you, that’s all that matters.)

As for the carat size for a center stone, the national average is 1.2 carats. When it comes to the carat size for the total ring, it comes out to 1.8 carats.

Other interesting information we mined—get it?—includes the most popular stone cut (round, at 52 percent), the most popular ring setting (white gold, at 61 percent), and the percentage of rings with a custom design (45 percent). Yes, nearly half of all to-be-weds had their engagement rings personalized in some capacity, whether it was completely bespoke (18 percent) or simply designed to feature custom touches with the help of a jeweler (27 percent).

Given the fact that the average ring spend is up 25 percent since 2011, it doesn’t come as much surprise that the proposer is dedicating more time and effort deciding on the perfect piece of jewelry. But regardless of what carat size or cut a ring is, the majority of those surveyed have one thing in common: 72 percent reported facing challenges during their ring-shopping journey—which took an average of 3.5 months—due to a fear of getting ripped off (35 percent) and a lack of knowledge about diamond terminology (28 percent).

Moral of the story? It’s a big purchase regardless of carat size, and there’s a lot to know—so make sure you (or your partner) are studying up on your gem jargon before deciding on anything. 

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