The World Is Your Oyster With These Pearl Engagement Rings

These aren't your grandmother's pearls.
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Updated Sep 20, 2023
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Think pearls are old fashioned? Think again. Pearlcore, the internet aesthetic that's all about pearl everything, is one of the hottest fashion trends of 2022. And while you probably know that diamonds are the most popular stone for engagement rings, if you're looking for something different, you might consider a sparkler that comes from water instead of earth. Technically considered a gem but not a stone, pearls are formed inside a shelled mollusk like an oyster or a mussel. These rare treasures of the sea have an iridescent glow and are associated with wealth, wisdom and purity—what's not to love? Below is everything you should know if you're considering a pearl engagement ring, plus editor-approved designs you can add to your cart right now.

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The Best Pearl Engagement Rings To Buy Right Now

The best pearl engagement ring is the one you fall in love with! That said, we've got a few favorites we think you should consider.

1. Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf Pearl Ring

Olive leaf design pearl engagement ring from Tiffany & Co.
Photo: Tiffany & Co.

A stunning freshwater cultured pearl is made engagement ring-worthy with a nature-inspired sterling silver olive branch setting.

2. KatKim Pearl Crescendo Ring

Coiled pearl engagement ring from KatKim
Photo: KatKim

This edgy, coiled pearl engagement ring is dainty and modern—and can even be stacked with other rings if that's your style.

3. Ashley Zang Jewelry Edwardian Pearl and Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring

Edwardian-style pearl and diamond toi et moi engagement ring
Photo: Ashley Zang

What's better than one center stone? Two. This elegant Edwardian toi et moi ring gives you both the unique glow of a pearl and the brilliance of a diamond.

4. Grace Lee Pearl Demi Globe Ring

Pearl demi globe engagement ring from Grace Lee
Photo: Grace Lee

In addition to pearlcore, maximalism is another one of the biggest trends in fashion. This gender neutral ring, with its extra-wide band and large pearl center stone, is just that.

5. Devreux Collection Daphne Pearl Ring

Three-stone pearl ring from Devreux Collection
Photo: Devreux Collection

Old souls, this one's for you. This three-stone pearl engagement ring dates back to the Edwardian Era and offers all of the detail and character a vintage-lover could possibly want.

6. Victoria Six Large Pearl Stackable Ring

Stackable pearl engagement ring from Victoria Six
Photo: Victoria Six

A unique bead pattern creates a textured look on the rose gold band of this freshwater pearl engagement ring.

7. Mindi Mond Floating Pearl Diamond Ring

Floating pearl diamond engagement ring from Mindi Mond
Photo: Mindi Mond

Looking to turn some heads? A pearl engagement ring dripping in round and marquise diamonds serve vintage-inspired flair.

8. Sauer Anel Pérola Barroca Ring

Baroque pearl engagement ring from Sauer
Photo: Sauer

The irregular shape of a large baroque pearl center stone is what makes this pearl engagement ring feel so special.

9. Mikimoto White South Sea Pearl And Diamond Ring

Pearl and diamond engagement ring from Mikimoto
Photo: J.R. Dunn

Mikimoto is known for its ultra-luxe pearls. Here, a striking South Sea pearl takes center stage, flanked by diamonds and white gold filigree.

10. Anne Sisteron Diamond Mother of Pearl Doublet Cushion Cut Cocktail Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

Freshwater pearl engagement ring from Anne Sisteron
Photo: Anne Sisteron

A unique bead pattern creates a textured look on the rose gold band of this freshwater pearl engagement ring.

11. Mason and Books Sugar and Spice Ring

Sugar and spice engagement ring from Mason and Books
Photo: Mason and Books

This freshwater pearl engagement ring features a center mabe pearl, pink opal and diamonds for added sparkle on a trendy chunky gold band.

12. Jemma Wynne Prive Double White Pearl and Diamond Ring

Toi et moi pearl engagement ring from Jemma Wynne
Photo: Jemma Wynne

Twice as nice. This Toi et Moi pearl engagement ring is equal parts timeless and trendy.

13. Szeki Studio Curved Shaped Pearl Engagement Ring in 14K Rose Gold

Szeki Studio Curved Shaped Pearl Engagement Ring in 14K Rose Gold
Photo: Szeki Studio

Here's a bridal look with a modern twist that gives us all the mermaid vibes. Even with the updated shape, this pair stays elegant.

14. Mindi Mond South Sea Baroque Pearl Diamond Ring

Baroque pearl and diamond engagement ring from Mindi Mond
Photo: Mindi Mond

Eschew tradition and set your own trend with this contemporary domed design by Mindi Mond.

15. Jennie Kwon Pearl Baguette Equilibrium Ring

Pearl baguette engagement ring from Jennie Kwon
Photo: Catbird

We're just a teensy bit obsessed with this unconventional look by Jennie Kwon: three pearls flanked by diamond baguettes and round diamonds.

16. Natasha Schweitzer Double Band Pearl Ring

Natasha Schweitzer Double Band Pearl Ring
Photo: Natasha Schweitzer

A freshwater pearl with a double-banded setting is an unconventional choice for an engagement ring, but it is oh so gorgeous.

17. Effy Jewelry Diamond and Tahitian Pearl Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

Diamond and Tahitian pearl engagement ring from Effy Jewelry
Photo: Effy Jewelry

For an extra flattering look, opt for the mesmerizing dark hue of a Tahitian pearl set in yellow gold.

18. Ashley Zang Giverny Pearl Ring

Akoya pearl engagement ring from Ashley Zhang
Photo: Ashley Zhang

Isn't it romantic? This Akoya pearl engagement ring is accented with a cluster of diamonds for added interest.

19. Debutante Cultured Pearl and Diamond Cocktail Ring

Cultured pearl and diamond cocktail engagement ring from Brilliant Earth
Photo: Brilliant Earth

Thanks to glittering pavé diamonds accenting a large cultured pearl, this yellow gold ring offers the best of both worlds.

20. Sauer Anel Solitário Pérola Negra Ring

Black pearl engagement ring from Sauer
Photo: Sauer

Looking for a pearl engagement ring that stands out even more? The gorgeous dark luster of this black pearl will set your bling apart.

21. Cultured Pearl, Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

Pearl, aquamarine and diamond engagement ring from Kay Jewelers
Kay Jewelers

One word: Mermazing. Worthy of being worn by a mermaid princess, this silver pearl ring with a oceanic-inspired setting makes a nautical statement.

22. Le Vian Cultured Freshwater Pearl Ring in 14K Strawberry Gold

Strawberry gold and freshwater pearl engagement ring from La Vian
Photo: Jared

On our ring fingers, we wear pink. Just like this freshwater pearl flanked by La Vian's irresistible nude accent diamonds.

22. LUNA Caviar Pearl Statement Ring

Silver and gold pearl engagement ring from Lagos
Photo: Lagos

If you love both silver and gold, this two-tone pearl ring with an elaborate setting is an apt choice.

23. Pearl Trio Beaded Stacker Ring

Beaded pearl engagement ring from Mejuri
Photo: Mejuri

Three dainty cultured freshwater pearls on a gold beaded wedding band provide a chic accent to this pearl engagement ring.

24. Melissa Joy Manning Recycled 14K Gold Pearl Ring

Recycled gold pearl engagement ring from Melissa Joy Manning
Photo: Net-a-Porter

Made of 100% recycled gold, this pearl engagement ring is both gorgeous and green. Count us in.

25. Jennie Kwon Pearl Sandwich Ring

Pearl sandwich engagement ring from Jennie Kwon
Photo: David Yurman

Made of 100% recycled gold, this pearl engagement ring is both gorgeous and green. Count us in.

26. DY Madison® Pearl Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with Pavé Diamonds

Pearl engagement ring in 18k yellow gold from DY Madison®
Photo: David Yurman

The trendy chain-inspired detail of this chunky engagement ring adds unique detail to this freshwater pearl stunner from David Yurman.

27. Laurie Fleming Moondew Signet Ring

Minimalist pearl signet engagement ring from Laurie Fleming
Photo: Catbird

A simple take on a classic signet ring, this nontraditional pearl engagement ring will appeal to any modern minimalist.

28. Mikimoto Cherry Blossom Pearl & Diamond Flower Bypass Ring

Pearl and diamond cherry blossom flower engagement ring from Mikimoto
Photo: J.R. Dunn

A huge South Sea pearl and a cherry blossom flower made of diamonds by Mikimoto? It's a match made in jewelry heaven.

29. Cotillion Cultured Pearl and Diamond Cocktail Ring

Two words: Botanical chic. Sleek lines form together to create a dynamic floral design, making this pearl-and-diamond ring perfect for a natural beauty.

30. NyFineJewelry Akoya Pearl Vintage Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Vintage pearl and diamond cluster engagement ring from NyFineJewelry
Photo: NyFineJewelry

This pearl engagement ring brings all of the whimsy. Pretty marquise diamonds form a vine that wraps around a lovely Akoya pearl.

FAQs About Pearl Engagement Rings

Before you say yes to a pearl engagement ring, you might have a few Q's, and luckily I have a few A's to help you determine if this gemstone is right for you.

Are Pearls Good For Engagement Rings?

Pearls offer a classic look that suits weddings and engagements well, but you should really think twice before choosing a pearl engagement ring. That's because pearls aren't exactly hardy compared to diamonds and other precious gemstones.

According to jewelry designer Ritani, pearls only have a hardness of 2.5 to 3 on the Moh's scale. Diamonds rate a whopping 10 out of 10. Pearls are more likely to get scratched, chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged and won't hold up as well to everyday wear as diamonds and some other precious gemstones will.

That said, if you're willing to take good care of your engagement ring—take it off when doing activities where it could get bumped or scraped and keep it away from chemicals and acids—then go ahead with a pearl engagement ring. Just know that you may need to replace the pearl (or pearls) in the future. Thankfully, pearls tend to be much less expensive than diamonds, so replacing a pearl engagement ring probably won't break the bank.

What Is A Pearl?

Pearls symbolize grace and luxury, according to the International Gem Society. They're often associated with weddings, though not necessarily engagement rings. When people think of pearls, they often think of beauty, purity and grace. Pearls are thought of as rare and valuable, and they're a June birthstone, so they're often meaningful to people born in June.

What Are The Different Types Of Pearl Engagement Rings?

Pearls come in a variety of different colors, depending on the type of pearl. There are four major types of cultured pearls.

Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are probably what you picture when you think of a classic pearl—they're usually white or cream colored but can sometimes be found in pink, blue, silver or gold.

South Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls are available in various white and off-white tones, including cream, silver and gold. They also tend to be larger than other types.

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are dark in color—usually black, gray or brown and can sometimes have tinges of blue, green, pink or purple to them.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are available in a wide range of pastel hues, including white, pink, lavender, blue, green, orange and yellow. They can vary widely in size and shape and are available at lower price points than the other varieties

How Much Does A Pearl Engagement Ring Cost?

The short answer: It depends. Pearls are available at a variety of price points. Freshwater pearls, for example, tend to be the most affordable since they're more abundant than the other varieties. South Sea pearls are priced higher because they're much rarer. Pearls are also graded on their luster, shape, surface regularity, size and color. The grading can greatly affect a pearl's cost. When you purchase a pearl, ask to see how it's been graded and valued.

How To Care For A Pearl Engagement Ring?

As mentioned above, pearls are a super delicate gemstone, so it's important to take extra good care of them. According to Jeweler's Mutual, you should wipe your pearls clean with a soft cloth after each wear to prevent the buildup of oils and dirt throughout the day. Damp cloths should only be used as needed. In this case, dip a soft cleaning cloth into a mix of lukewarm water and mild dish soap and gently wipe the pearls. Always let them dry completely before storing. And don't forget to take them to your local jeweler for a professional cleaning at least once a year.

Celebrities With Pearl Engagement Rings

While diamonds tend to be the most popular engagement ring stone of choice among celebrities and regular folks alike, there are a few celebs who sport pearl engagement rings. Michelle Williams sports a silver-tone band with a large pearl to signify her engagement to director Thomas Kail. Emma Stone received a pearl surrounded by diamonds in a snowflake motif from her then-fiancé, SNL cast member Dave McCary. Ariana Grande also rocks a pearl toi et moi ring from her husband, Dalton Gomez, featuring a pearl she inherited from her grandmother.

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