The Inside Scoop on Booking Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Transportation

Planning a bach? Let the pros help you get around.
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Taylor Carson - The Knot Contributor.
Taylor Carson
Taylor Carson - The Knot Contributor.
Taylor Carson
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Oct 13, 2023
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If you are a maid or matron of honor, best man, bridesmaid, groomsman, bridesman, groomswoman, sibling, best friend or family member of someone for whom you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, you likely have a lot of logistics on your plate. From where to stay, who to invite and what to do to how to handle costs, planning this final hoorah for a bride or groom is no easy feat. One item on your to-do list we can help you check off? Transportation.

In this guide, we've covered all the bachelor and bachelorette party transportation basics you need to know—including the types of transportation available, how to find transportation in the area you're traveling to, how much it costs, who pays and how to plan for transportation during your loved one's bach weekend.

What You Need to Know About Bach Party Transportation:

  • Types | How to Find | Cost | Who Pays | How to Plan

Types of Bach Party Transportation

Bachelor or bachelorette party transportation 101 starts with the types of transportation available to you and your crew. Four common options for group transportation include ride apps, party buses, limos and school buses.

Ride Apps

These days, Uber, Lyft and other ride apps are so common that attendees of the bachelor or bachelorette party you're planning likely won't bat an eye if you plan to utilize the apps' ride-hailing services for all your transportation needs. The benefits of both include relatively affordable prices (especially when split among a group of four or more) and the ease with which you can call a ride. During the bach weekend, order a ride on demand or schedule it ahead of time!

Party Bus

If your bachelorette or bachelor party has a far-away excursion or a day of bar hopping on the itinerary, a party bus could be a very fun method of transportation for your travels. You can find party bus rental companies in most major cities, and the buses are usually retrofitted with fun features like comfy seats, neon lights, built-in bars and music systems.


This list would not be complete without limousines—the method of transportation most synonymous with extravagance and fun. Many companies that rent out party buses also specialize in limo rentals, including both traditional limousines and sprinter limos. If you want to surprise the guest of honor with a next-level way to get around, consider renting a limo for a special night during the bach weekend.

School Bus

A fourth transportation option for groups is a school bus. School buses provide an affordable, nostalgic and fun option for getting from point A to point B, especially for larger bachelor or bachelorette parties with a longer commute to their destination.

How to Find Bach Party Transportation

In the age of the internet, finding transportation for your bachelor or bachelorette party doesn't have to be complicated. Calling an Uber or a Lyft is just a few clicks away on your phone and requires no advance planning at all. If you're instead opting for a more formal transportation plan, many party bus, shuttle and limo transportation companies are at your disposal online.

The Knot Marketplace can serve as your resource for discovering transportation companies that service the area you'll be celebrating in. You can read reviews from real customers, learn more about the companies at a high level and view cost ratings (inexpensive, affordable, moderate or luxury).

You can also utilize CharterUP, a website that partners with over 600 professionally licensed transportation providers across the U.S., to book your bach party transportation quickly and efficiently. "Easily filtered results (by group size, rating or amenities) help planners solve all the transportation needs in one swoop," says Stephen Sanna, Director of Affiliate and Outreach at CharterUP.

Benefits of booking with CharterUP include the ability to fit all party attendees in the same vehicle (and a vehicle that matches your party preferences), the safety of having a professional driver, cost efficiency, onboard amenities, and less coordination for the host and bridal party. Plus, CharterUP has accessible transportation available.

A third option is Swoop, a transportation provider through which you can book insured, GPS-tracked and sustainable vehicles that come with screened, experienced and qualified drivers.

How Much Is Bach Party Transportation?

We get it—bach parties these days are notorious for their cost. So you likely want to save money where you can, and shelling out top dollar for transportation may not be ideal for you, your guest of honor or your group.

Luckily, bachelor or bachelorette party transportation options can range from affordable to luxury; it really just depends on what you're looking for. Uber and Lyft, for example, are relatively affordable options for getting around, especially when you are splitting the cost between several other riders. Pricing for a party bus service can vary by location and by vehicle type, but many companies range from $100 to several hundred dollars per hour of service.

Utilizing a resource like The Knot Marketplace or CharterUP will allow you to view and compare costs at a high level to ensure you're making the most financially sound decision for your group. Swoop, on the other hand, allows you to "tailor your journey to fit your budget."

Who Pays for Bach Party Transportation?

When it comes to who pays for the transportation costs during a bachelorette or bachelor party, like other costs associated with your trip, these costs are typically split evenly between the guests in attendance—minus the guest of honor. However, if the bride or groom you're celebrating wants to help pay for transportation, they absolutely can, but your instinct should be to exclude them from these costs unless they tell you otherwise.

How to Plan Bach Party Transportation

Now that you know the basics, it's time to book your transportation. Below, CharterUP's Sanna and Swoop CEO Ramin Schultz share their expert advice for planning this portion of the bach party.

Who Books the Transportation?

Typically, logistics like transportation are figured out by the maid of honor, matron of honor or best man. However, they may choose to delegate this responsibility to another member of the wedding party if they need help.

Regardless of who does the booking, Sanna has a few points to keep in mind. First, determine the group headcount. "Know exactly how many partygoers you have," he shares. When selecting your mode of transportation, "ensure there's room for everyone without going overboard on seats."

If you go the route of a charter company, after booking, you'll want to share your itinerary with them. "They need to know where you're headed and when to make sure you get the most accurate price," Sanna shares. Additionally, be sure to communicate details like departure times with your guests before and during the bach party to ensure everyone stays on schedule.

What Activities Do You Need Transportation For?

Well-thought-out transportation is an essential element of nearly every bachelor or bachelorette party activity—from winery tours to nice dinners and beyond—especially if there's drinking involved.

"If there's intoxication of any kind going on, it's always better to outsource the driving to a reliable, sober professional," Sanna says. "If your bach party is taking place at multiple locations, it's important for everyone's safety that you plan ahead to minimize people's options of putting themselves in danger."

Additionally, if you're traveling out of town for a celebration, don't forget to plan for transportation to and from the airport.

What Should You Keep in Mind for Your Travels?

Schultz notes three important areas to be mindful of when it comes to party buses: food, drinks and bathrooms. "You can bring drinks and food, but cleaning fees may increase the price," he notes. What's more, "party buses usually don't have bathrooms on board." If you plan to eat and drink on board, you may want to remind the group of how far your drive is and when they'll have access to a restroom.

How Far in Advance Should You Book Transportation?

According to Sanna, it pays to be ahead of the game when booking transportation. "Start your party preparations early, especially during peak wedding season," he says. "The most amenity-laden buses tend to get booked first, so if you really want to dial up your experience, it's best to plan ahead."

On a similar note, Schultz recommends double-checking with the company about the vehicle you'll be getting. "Sometimes a party bus will look different than what is shown on the website," he says. " Make sure to confirm in advance if a specific party bus is wanted by the group."

Sanna's final piece of advice echoes Schultz's: "Just before the big day, double-check all the arrangements with the company to ensure a hassle-free journey."

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