This Is the Bachelorette Party Game Your Group Will Actually Want to Play

It's super non-lame—we promise.
What Do You Meme? For the Girls game
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Ivy Jacobson
ivy jacobson the knot wedding planning and bridal fashion expert
Ivy Jacobson
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Updated May 26, 2020
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Maybe you're not into the idea of playing traditional bachelorette party games at your bash—and hey, that's totally fine. Not everyone wants a forced guessing game of who bought you which piece of lingerie. But when you're making batches of margaritas or lounging poolside, sometimes it's fun to have a little something on hand for people to pick up—which leads us to a new, must-play game from the creators of the Insta-popular What Do You Meme? card game that's perfect for your bachelorette.

For the Girls is an "adult party game" that includes prompts for basically everything you'll probably end up joking about over tequila shots anyway, conveniently written out for you. The game includes 100 "Truth or Dare" cards, 100 "Never Have I Ever" cards, 100 "Rapid Fire" cards, 100 "Best of the Best" cards, 100 "Most Likely To" cards, and one die. It's super easy to pick up and put down throughout the weekend and is actually really fun to play. For the Girls can also create some hilarious moments and inside jokes to make your party extra memorable—and is especially great for bonding or breaking the ice if you have people in your bachelorette crew who don't know each other. After playing this, they'll have no other choice than to be BFFL.

What Do You Meme? For the Girls party game, $25,

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