17 Fun Bachelorette Party Wigs That Add Some Color To Your Look

The bolder, the better.
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Updated May 15, 2023
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When you're part of a bachelorette party group, whether you're the bride-to-be or a guest, it can be fun to opt for some sort of matching look that lets everyone else know what you're celebrating. One way to elevate your look into a statement outfit and to show off a level of camaraderie is to have everyone wear bright bachelorette party wigs. Colorful wigs are a recent bachelorette trend that are fun and not supposed to be realistic: in this case, you want a really bright color.

There are plenty of different colors and styles to choose from, whether you want everyone to opt for a cropped bob or long, flowing waves. You can wear these types of wigs for any bachelorette party theme, but they fit better with some than others, like mermaid, retro '80s, bride's last disco, groovy and boozy, dazed and engaged, and candy themes. Everyone can pick a different color, and you can all wear them out (or in) one night or all weekend.

Below is a selection of some affordable and cute wigs that will make your bachelorette party that much more fun.

Why Do Bachelorette Parties Wear Wigs?

If you ever go out in popular bachelorette party cities, you've probably noticed at least one group of girls all wearing matching colorful wigs with their party outfits. Bachelorette party wigs are a recent trend that seem to be taking over, and it's not hard to see why. They feel fun and festive, making them perfect for this type of event, and they offer a matching look that lets everyone else know you're celebrating something. They also bring a certain level of anonymity to a bachelorette party that can allow everyone to really let loose.

1. KUUQA Neon Short Wigs Set

KUUQA Neon Short Wigs Set from Amazon for your bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

The least expensive way to buy wigs for a larger group of girls is to buy a matching pack. This set comes with eight different neon colored wigs, as well as matching sunglasses, all for just about $30. The wigs come in a multitude of bright shades and are cut into neat bobs with bangs for a classic bachelorette look.

Length: Short | Wig Count: 8

2. xo, Fetti Pretty In Pink Wig

Light pink wig from xo Fetti for your bachelorette party ideas
Photo: xo Fetti

If you're looking for a slightly higher quality wig, spending a bit more may be worth it. This pastel pink wig comes in a medium, shoulder-length cut and has soft waves for a beachy vibe. Between the color and the waves, this would be a perfect pick for a mermaid or beach themed bachelorette party.

Length: Medium

3. Shop Stag and Hen Neon Pastel Wig

Colorful wigs from shopstagandhen on Etsy for your fun bachelorette party
Photo: shopstagandhen

Can't choose between pastels and neon? Opt for this perfect mix, which features bright pastels in a wide range of colors (three different pinks, blue, green, purple, and white for the bride). Each wig features a medium length with bangs and adjustable netting to make it as comfortable as possible.

Length: Medium

4. Red Long Glam Wig

Red long glam wig from Party City for your bachelorette party fun
Photo: Party City

Shorter wigs are a popular choice for bachelorette parties, but long wigs have a little extra glam to them. This long wig falls past the shoulders and comes in eight different colors, although the bright red is probably going to stand out the most. Curls at the bottom give this style extra volume.

Length: Long

5. Elecland Party Wigs Set

Elecland Party Wigs Set from Amazon for your bachelorette celebrations
Photo: Amazon

Reach peak anonymity with wigs and matching sunglasses. This set of seven brightly colored long wigs comes with heart-shaped sunglasses that make the hair even more cute. These colors are bright and bold, and the wigs feature long curls for a look that definitely cannot be ignored.

Length: Long | Wig Count: 7

6. xo, Fetti Icy Blue Wig

Pale blue wig from xo Fetti for the best bachelorette party wigs
Photo: xo Fetti

Bangs and a shoulder-length cut make this long bob look a popular option. This wig is stick straight and has bangs cut straight across rather than swept off to the side. The light blue color is really pretty and kind of unique, making this one a fun choice for a space cowgirl theme or a mermaid/beach theme.

Length: Medium

7. eNilecor Purple Wig

eNilecor Purple Wig from Amazon for the most glamorous bachelorette wigs
Photo: Amazon

Soft beach waves and bangs make this wig a really pretty option. The soft purple color is more realistic than some of the more neon options out there, so if you want something a little less bold, this works. It comes in a few other colors as well, and it features straps to keep it neatly in place all day and night long.

Length: Medium

8. SWACC Blue-Pink Ombre Wig

SWACC Blue-Pink Ombre Wig from Amazon for your bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

Go for something even more unique with an ombre style wig. This option comes in either a short bob or a more medium shoulder-length cut. It has some pretty severe bangs and comes in several different colors, so if you like the cut but want a solid color, you can probably find it. It's also heat friendly, so you can use hot tools to give it a different style if you want.

Length: Short

9. Glamorous Long Blue Wig

Glam long blue wig from Party City for your bachelorette party
Photo: Party City

Another long option is this bright blue wig. It has a little bit of a soft wave at the bottom, along with side swept bangs. These features give it a glamorous, almost old Hollywood vibe. If you don't love blue, it comes in a few other colors, including a really fun and bright rainbow option.

Length: Long

10. Wig Party Box Red Hot Box

Wig Party Box Red Hot Box for your bachelorette party
Photo: Wig Party

Want everyone in the group to wear the same color but different styles? Purchase one of these wig boxes. This one comes with four different wigs in a bright red shade. There's a short bob, a a medium-length, a long wig, and an afro style. These are a fun way to give everyone a little bit of a different personality, and the color is beautiful.

Length: Variety | Wig Count: 4

11. Lancaini Short Bob Wigs

Lancaini Short Bob Wigs from Amazon for your bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

This medium-length wig features bangs and a wavy style. It comes in a wide variety of different colors, from more realistic options like ash blonde to colorful choices like rainbow or bright blue. You can buy everyone a different shade or just match colors. These are heat resistant and can be styled differently if you'd like.

Length: Medium

12. Vumini Long Curly Baby Pink Wig

Long pink wig from Vumini on Amazon for your bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

This long curly wig has some serious Barbie vibes to it: not only is the hair pretty long, but it also comes in a bright baby pink color that is impossible to ignore. The soft waves throughout give it some movement and it features straight across bangs. This is such a pretty wig that you may just want to wear it every day.

Length: Long

13. AGPTEK Curly Rainbow Wig

AGPTEK Curly Rainbow Wig for your bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

A curly rainbow wig is the right choice if you simply can't decide on one color. This one is super long, with glamorous curls and tons of different hues in there. It's such a fun pick and would be perfect for a mermaid bachelorette party. It's good for the bride-to-be, especially if everyone else is wearing different colors.

Length: Long

14. PLULON Neon Short Wig Set

PLULON Neon Short Wig Set from Amazon for your bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

This set of 10 different neon wigs is ideal for a larger group. Each wig comes with a pair of matching sunglasses, and there is even a white wig in there for the bride-to-be. The style is the popular short bob with bangs, and this will look great on everyone.

Length: Short | Wig Count: 10

15. HIPO Tinsel Bob Wig

HIPO Tinsel Bob Wig from Walmart for your bachelorette party
Photo: Walmart

For some extra sparkle, opt for this tinsel bob wig. It's glittery and shimmery, and fits a space or disco theme really well. The silver is really cute, but it comes in some other metallic shades if you'd prefer gold. These are a good choice for anyone who isn't into the neon or pastel trend.

Length: Short

16. Magenta Bob Wig

Magenta bob wig from Halloween Costumes for your bachelorette party
Photo: Halloween Costumes

This bright magenta color is one that isn't often seen in the bachelorette wig packs, so it's definitely going to stand out a lot. The color is so pretty and this one comes in a short bob. There's also a cool teal color available too if you're more into that.

Length: Short

17. Tinsel Midnight Blue Long Bob Wig

Blue tinsel wig from Halloween Costumes for your engagement party
Photo: Halloween Costumes

Go for a good mix of sparkle and color with this midnight blue bob wig. It includes strands of glittering tinsel that make it perfect for a disco theme and really make it stand out under glowing lights if you're going dancing.

Length: Medium

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