15 Pretty Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas

Long hair don't care? Or top knot chic?
by Andrea fowler

What's not to love about getting all dolled up with your closest friends in the name of a wedding? If you're working with a beauty stylist the day-of, all you have to do is show up with some photo inspiration and kick back. If you're doing  your hairstyle yourself, don't worry—there are plenty of do-able DIY styles!

When thinking about the style you want to bring to the beauty pro (or to replicate yourself) make sure to take the formality of the occasion into consideration, your dress neckline and venue. A slick ballerina bun may be better suited for a formal ballroom than a bohemian outdoor celebration, for example. To get you started with some hairinspo, take a look at some of our favorites bridesmaid hairstyles.

  1. 1. All-Down Glamorous Curls

    All-down bridesmaid hairstyle with glamorous curls
    Photo Love
  2. 2. All-Down Waves With a Side Braid

    Wavy bridesmaid hairstyle with a small side braid
    jay reilly
  3. 3. All-Down, Medium-Length Vintage Curls

    Bridesmaid hairstyle with vintage-style curls
    Amalie Orrange Photography
  4. 4. Curled and Sideswept Updo

    Curled bridesmaid hairstyle swept to one side
  5. 5. Messy Boho Updo

    Messy loose updo wedding hairstyle
    L Hewitt Photography
  6. 6. Pinned-In-Place Updo

    Bridesmaid hairstyle with curls pinned into an updo
    Ben Sasso
  7. 7. Simple Low Bun With a Braid

    Low bun bridesmaid hairstyle with a small braid
    Aaron and Jillian Photography
  8. 8. Chic Ballerina Bun

    Chic ballerina bun bridesmaid hairstyle
  9. 9. Formal Updo Hairstyle

    Formal bridesmaid hairstyle with a low pinned updo
    Vicki Grafton
  10. 10. Boho Updo With Flowers

    Boho bridesmaid updo hairstyle with fresh flowers and a braid
    Al Gawlick Photography
  11. 11. French Braided Updo

    Chic boho wedding hair idea with a low bun and French braid
    Ryan Zarichnak Photography
  12. 12. Half-Up, Half-Down

    Casual half-up, half-down curled wedding hairstyle
    Allie Skylar Photography
  13. 13. Half-Up Waves With a Dutch Braid

    Half-up wavy bridesmaid hairstyle with a Dutch braid
    Gracenote Photography
  14. 14. Relaxed Curls

    Erin McGinn Photography
  15. 15. Short Hairstyle With Volume

    Glamorous bridesmaid hairstyle for short hair
    Miss Motley Photography
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