81 Beautiful Wedding Updos for Brides with Long Hair

Even Rapunzel needs an occasional break.
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Updated Jan 08, 2024

When it comes to your wedding hairstyle, you have three basic options: leave your hair down, do a half-up/half-down style, or go for a wedding updo. It's not surprising that many brides opt for the latter. Not only do these styles give off an elegant and timeless look, but they are also the most convenient. Wearing your hair off your neck and shoulders keeps you cooler, and that means you don't have to worry as much about your hair getting frizzy or falling flat.

If you have long hair, that means your options for wedding updos are endless. You can do something simple and low-maintenance, or you can choose something a bit more intricate and detailed. Braided updos can be both classic or more boho, and adding some type of hair accessory, like clips or a tiara, can instantly upgrade the look. Read on to find some of our favorite wedding updos for brides with long hair.

Elegant Wedding Hair Updos

The most elegant wedding updos are usually those that are on the more simple and classic side: think a slicked-back bun, a soft French twist, or a loose chignon. While they may not be incredibly unique, their easy minimalism still makes them a standout style.

A Piecey Bun

Pulling on pieces of hair at the crown of the head creates a piecey look that is full of volume and texture. Tuck everything into a fairly loose bun and leave some face-framing strands out for a look that appears effortlessly gorgeous.

Loose Chignon

Loose chignon wedding updo for long hair
Photo: Lucja Bridal

A tousled chignon has a much softer look to it than one pulled tight. This loose updo sits low at the nape of the neck, with strands of hair falling out all around for that effortless vibe. Some added volume at the crown of the head completes the look.

Simple Low Bun

Brides who want a very simple, low-maintenance hairstyle that doesn't get in the way will opt for a bun. A low bun is a classic option that is easy to do and perfectly complements an equally elegant gown.

Soft French Twist

A slightly mussed-up French twist feels elegant and chic and is a bit more of a modern feel than your standard French twist. Leaving out some face-framing pieces makes this look even more romantic.

Knotted Low Bun

Knotted low bun wedding updo for long hair
Photo: Lucja Bridal

A low bun has a softer and more low-maintenance look than a high, tight bun, especially when you make it looser and pull on the hair for plenty of volume. This low bun almost looks like a hair knot, which gives it a nice texture. Leave out curled pieces on either side of the face.

Party Pony

This isn't the ponytail you do when you're heading to the gym. Voluminous, fun, and full of texture, this ponytail is perfect for brides with long hair. Brushed-out curls and face-framing pieces make it feel soft and romantic.

'90s Twisted High Bun

'90's twisted high bun wedding updo for long hair
Photo: @marissagraceartistry

Opt for some trendy nostalgia while still keeping it subtle with this twisted high bun. It kind of looks like a '90s French twist and is a pretty and unique option. Leave sections of hair out in front to keep it from looking too sleek.

Low Ponytail

Another simple yet elegant look is a low ponytail. Long hair in a low ponytail can still give you that "hair down your back" feel without getting in the way of things. Start with loose curls, wrap a section of hair around the hair tie, and add some volume to the crown to make this look more dressed up.

Soft Twisted Updo

This is proof that a wedding updo can be both sleek and full of volume. This soft updo features hair gently twisted back into a high bun, with clean lines and an almost slicked back look to it. Leaving face-framing pieces out in front completes the look.

Romantic Texture Low Bun

A mix of boho and classic, this textured low bun is ideal for the bride who wants to feel ultra feminine. Curls and waves and some subtle twists keep this low bun interesting and very detailed.

Voluminous Low Ponytail

Make a low ponytail feel more special by teasing the hair at the crown of the head so that it's full of volume. Hide a ponytail elastic with a strand of hair and add curls to make the ponytail bouncy and full.

Swept Back Twist

Gently pull hair back into a very loose and more modern version of a French twist. Pull on the crown for volume and don't be afraid if some pieces fall out. This has a romantic and simple feel.

Slicked Back Low Bun

The most low-maintenance hairstyle you can do is a slicked-back bun. It keeps your hair away from your face and your shoulders, making it ideal for warm weather and even for unpredictable rain or stormy weather. It's a true classic that really doesn't need anything else – it's stunning as is.

High Bun

It's hard to go wrong with a high bun. Long hair allows you to twist it into a fun knot shape, and some pieces left out around the face are a nice touch. This is great for any season and almost any style of gown.

Twisted Knot Bun

Twisted knot bun wedding updo for long hair
Photo: Lucja Bridal

You need pretty long, thick hair to be able to do this intricate knot on the back of the head. The result is an elegant bun that is full of detail and would be beautifully photographed. Some volume and face-framing pieces keep this look soft.

A Huge Low Bun

Bigger is better when it comes to this hairstyle. Slicking back your hair is not only chic and trendy, but also makes this giant low bun look even bigger by comparison. You don't need other hair accessories with this look.

Effortless Chignon

This super loose chignon is both elegant and relaxed, and it looks low-maintenance and effortless. It features lots of face-framing pieces, and nothing about this it tight or sleek.

Simple High Bun

An elaborate hairstyle is not always better. This simple high bun features a soft look, some face-framing pieces, and a non-fussy style.

Clean Knotted Bun

Sleek and classic, this knotted bun is a traditional look that would look gorgeous with an equally traditional gown: think a strapless ball gown or sophisticated column gown. It has some volume at the crown for a little height.

Romantic Messy Bun

Romantic messy bun wedding updo for long hair
Photo: Lucja Bridal

The right type of messy bun can be the perfect wedding updo for your big day. This has an almost knotted, twisted look to it, and it comes off as something you didn't try too hard on (even if that's not the case). With plenty of volume and some loose pieces, it looks so romantic and feminine.

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'90s Updo

90's inspired wedding updo for long hair
Photo: Aubree Toupin Carter
Hair: @hairandmakeupbysteph

The middle half-part, the face-framing pieces, and the slightly slicked-back look into a messy updo all scream "'90s". Since the decade is trending right now, this is perfect for the trendsetting bride.

Textured Low Ponytail

Textured low ponytail wedding updo for long hair
Photo: @jpelario

Make a low ponytail more interesting by adding a lot of texture. Beach waves are a fun alternative to glamorous curls, especially if you're getting married in the summer. They also make for a pretty voluminous ponytail.

Wavy Low Ponytail

For a more traditional and romantic look, brush curls out into glamorous waves before pulling your hair back into a low ponytail. This looks so beautiful with long hair, especially when the front is slicked back.

Romantic Pin-Up Curls Updo

Romantic pin-curls wedding updo for long hair
Hair: @hairateasebeauty,
Photo: Aida Malik Photography

Go for a romantic, slightly vintage vibe with this semi-messy updo. It features lots of pin-up curls, ringlets, and face-framing pieces, as well as plenty of volume at the crown.

Barbie Ponytail

Barbie inspired ponytail wedding updo
Photo: @hairandmakeupbysteph

There's nothing wrong with using Barbie as your hair inspiration. This big, bouncy ponytail has height and texture and looks like it belongs on everyone's favorite doll. It's fun, formal, and a little unexpected.

Big Curly Ponytail

Tighter ringlets don't need to stay down to look perfect. Pull them back into a huge low ponytail, and add some twists or braids into it for even more texture.

Flower-Inspired Bun

A lot of little twists and s-shaped curls helped to create this gorgeous low bun. Although hair is pulled back pretty sleekly, the bun itself almost looks like a layered rose in the best way.

Tousled Twist Bun

This purposefully messy high bun has a definite '90s vibe to it that makes it both nostalgic and trendy. Let some pieces fall out and make sure to pull on it so that nothing about is defined or polished.

Natural Texture Low Bun

Natural texture low bun wedding updo for long hair
Photo: Haleigh Noffsinger
Hair: @lo.wolff_hairdesign

There's no reason to try to make your hair look sleek when you already have plenty of natural texture to play with. As evidenced by this simple low bun, it can make even a minimalist hairstyle look so much more interesting.

Textured Chignon

This effortlessly chic look features plenty of interesting texture, with hair pulled into a classic style. Face-framing pieces make it feel more romantic and whimsical.

Tight Twisted Bun

Go for elegant and classic vibes with this low bun. It features clean lines, and while not tightly slicked back, there's also not a strand out of place. Twisting the hair into a knot makes it stand out.

Undone Bun

Undone bun wedding updo for long hair
Photo: @hairandmakeupbysteph

This purposefully tousled and mussed up high bun is the perfect example of a great messy bun. It has volume, some face-framing pieces, and a little texture, and is just right on its own.

Glamorous Low Ponytail

Glamorous low ponytail wedding updo for long hair
Hair: @chialimengartistry,
Photo: Kurt Boomer Photography

Before pulling your hair back into a low pony, use large curlers to create big waves. This has an Old Hollywood effect that is so glamorous and beautiful, even in a ponytail.

Twisted Loose Bun

Lots of twists make for interesting detail and texture with a low bun. Pull on the pieces to add volume and let some fall out for a romantic, almost bohemian feel.

Simple Bun

If you want all eyes to be on your gown, then keep your hair simple. An updo like this one is the perfect example: pull your hair back into a bun, keep your natural texture, and add a face-framing piece on just one side.

Curly Updo

When you have lots of natural ringlet curls like these, you don't need to do much to your hair to make it stand out. Pull it back into a loose low-bun for the definition of an effortless updo.

Wedding Updos With Braids

Braided wedding updos are typically thought of as more of a boho vibe, and while that is often the case, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the style differently. Braids add just enough texture and can make an updo a little more playful. Tight braids will look more sophisticated, while loose braids will appear a bit more tousled.

Tiny Braid Accent

Wedding updo with tiny braid accent for long hair
Photo: Lucja Bridal

Your entire updo doesn't have to be braided if you don't want it to be. In this look, a classic slicked-back low bun is made more interesting with a mini braid half hidden on the side of the head. This little braid instantly makes this updo more unique without being too overbearing.

Flowers Peeking Through

Wedding updo with flowers for long hair
Photo: @reneemarieacademy

Make any braid feel instantly more romantic and feminine by adding fresh or faux flowers. This voluminous Dutch braid is even prettier with the addition of large pink flowers, but use any that match the florals in your bouquet.

Embellished Bubble Braid

Embellished wedding bubble braid for long hair
Photo: Lucja Bridal

Go for all of the Disney princess vibes with this romantic bubble braid. Voluminous, just loose enough, and full of interesting detail, this braid is gorgeous enough on its own. Adding floral clips makes it look worthy of a Rapunzel movie.

Stacked Fishtail Bun

Interesting and impressively complex, this updo features a fishtail braid that has been twisted and arranged so that it almost looks like a tiered bun. It's beyond cool and is something that's going to get guests talking.

Infinity Braid Messy Bun

This very tousled and loose low bun looks less messy and more purposeful when you notice the braids. There's one regular three-strand braid, and then a small infinity braid that acts as a really pretty and unique accent.

Diamond Braid Accents

Give your wedding gown a run for its money as the star of the show with this unique hairstyle. This bubble ponytail is made even more beautiful with small diamond braids in between. Adding pearl accents or other hair accessories just makes this feel more special.

French Braid Updo

French braid wedding updo for long hair
Photo: @hairateasebeauty

French braids are a classic, but there are still some twists you can try that make it look more modern and unique. This updo is one of them: a lightly mussed-up French braid leads into a large bun, with sparkling hair clips for added embellishment.

Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braids are ideal for long, thick hair. This helps give a more voluminous braid, especially if you pull on the pieces a little bit. Leave some face-framing strands out, and to keep it looking too structured, leave some flyaways out as well.

Textured Braid Crown

This stunning look is created by making two textured braids (pulling on each and every strand gives lots of volume and texture), and then pinning them up so they create a voluminous braid crown. You can leave it as is or add little floral clips or tiny flowers for more drama.

Braided Low Bun with Accessories

Braided low bun with accessories wedding updo for long hair
Hair: @chialimengartistry,
Photo: Trini Mai Photography

Make a low braid look so much more interesting by first braiding the hair. A long braid can be wrapped into a tight bun that will stay put no matter what. Add some floral accessories for some added pretty detail.

Loose Braided Chignon

A chignon is sophisticated and elegant all on its own, but it's also easy to make it feel softer and more romantic. This look features loose braids that almost look like twists into a loose chignon. Leave some pieces out to complete the style.

Sleek Rope Braid Bun

Want to ensure your hair is nowhere near your shoulders or neck? Try this style. A slicked-back bun is made even better by putting the hair into a tightrope braid for added texture.

Classic Braided Updo

This is about as classic as it gets when it comes to a braided bun. A simple three-strand braid is twisted into a low messy bun for a look that is bohemian and cool and would work great for a beach wedding.

Wedding Updos With Veil

Even if you're only wearing your veil for a short amount of time, you want it to work well with your hairstyle. Keep your veil in mind when picking something: you need somewhere to slide the clip in, and the style needs to look just as perfect when the veil is removed.

Classic Low Bun

Go for all of the traditional vibes with a low bun like this one. It's simple and minimalist and looks perfect with a long, flowing veil. Be sure to leave out some face-framing pieces for a more romantic feel.

Twisted Bun

A bun that sits on the lower side of the middle of your head is perfect for a veil. You can easily place the veil beneath the bun, and when you remove it, you won't even be able to tell it's missing. Add another floral hair accessory to the top of the bun for more detail.

Voluminous Low Bun

A low bun is another perfect hairstyle for a veil. You can easily place the veil underneath the bun so that it still shows off your hair and hair accessories, or you can place it on top of the bun for a more traditional look.

Messy High Bun

Messy high bun wedding updo for long hair
Photo: @laniemaxhair

You can make an artfully messy high bun look even more chic and formal with the addition of a veil. Placing the veil directly under the bun makes the hairstyle look great with or without the veil – bonus points if your veil also features a large bow.

Sleek Low Knot

Sometimes the messy look works, and other times you want something just a little more sophisticated. This sleek low bun features a stylish knot and looks beautiful on its own, but you can also clip a veil in right above it during the ceremony.

Polished Bun

Polished bun wedding updo for long hair
Photo: Emmy Jean Photography
Hair: @theupdodarling

While not super sleek, this perfect ballerina bun has a polished and sophisticated look. A tiny pin in it adds something subtle. You can clip a veil in over or under this bun as needed.

Wedding Updos With Accessories

Almost any wedding updo becomes instantly more interesting with a hair accessory. This could mean a delicate headband, a bejeweled bobby pin, a floral embellished hair clip, or some real (or fake) flowers tucked in. Hair accessories can make an otherwise simple updo more fun, and you can also choose one that pulls in elements of your dress for a more cohesive look.

Sleek Low Bun

A slicked-back bun is a timeless option that is especially great for humid summer weddings. This one sits low on the neck and looks even more special with a simple and minimalist hair accessory added.

Naturally Curly Bun

Naturally curly bun wedding updo for long hair
Photo: Lucja Bridal

Natural curls this bouncy and fun should be embraced and not hidden. Pull them into a loose tousled bun. While this is beautiful on its own, the addition of a clip, especially one as delicate as this, makes it even better.

High Twist Bun

Trendy and cool, this high bun is ideal for the bride who wants all of her hair completely off her shoulders. It features a fun twist and plenty of volume. Adding small clips or pins on the side, like these pearls, is a great way to tie it into your gown.

Messy High Bun

This high bun, featuring plenty of volume, twists, and loose pieces, is the perfect messy bun. You can add some floral pins to make this whole style look more purposeful.

Low Loop Bun

Sweep all of your long strands into a low bun that sits delicately at the nape of your neck. This one features a pretty twist and loop, and while it would be gorgeous on its own, delicate and subtle clips are a great way to make it look even better.

Curly Low Bun

Play up your natural texture, especially if you have naturally curly hair. You can style your hair differently from an everyday look by pulling it into a low, loose bun. Add an embellished hair clip for a more formal feel.

Embellished Twisted Updo

This twisted updo is made even more special with a large hair accessory. While smaller accessories are sometimes the way to go for a more delicate look, big pieces like this can be perfect with a more simple gown.

With Fresh Flowers

Incorporate some of the florals used in bouquets and centerpieces into your hair. This long twisted ponytail looks even more special with the addition of delicate baby's breath throughout. It's also used as a crown around the base of the ponytail.

Hair Vines Throughout

To create a romantic, detailed hairstyle, take advantage of delicate hair accessories. Hair vines can be intertwined through twists and knots for a look that seems much more elaborate than it is.

Small Pearls Throughout

Sometimes more hair accessories are better than just one – especially in this case. A romantic textured updo looks even more elegant when you scatter different-sized pearl clips throughout. They peek through the hair in a really pretty way.

Bouncy High Ponytail

A high ponytail with lots of volume and some curl to it is fun, flirty, and a little unexpected for your wedding day. You can make it look more dressed up by adding some feminine hair accessories around the base of the ponytail – pearls are a great choice.

Low Twisted Bun

The addition of some stylish gold bobby pins or clips can instantly make even a drab updo feel more exciting. This twisted bun has layers, and using mismatched clips is a fun way to spice things up.

S-Wave Updo

This vintage-inspired look features a swooping S-wave updo that offers some movement and a really elegant vibe. Adding a sparkling headpiece is the perfect way to accentuate the style.

Low Bun and Pearls

A low bun is made instantly more interesting with the addition of a hair accessory… or two. Some pearl-embellished bobby pins or clips are so easy to put in near the bun and make the hairstyle feel much more elevated.

Soft Textured Bun

This soft textured low bun features some twists and face-framing pieces that make it feel romantic and feminine. You can play that up by adding either fresh flowers or floral clips peeking out from under the hair.

A Floral Crown

Floral crown wedding updo for long hair
Photo: Anya Kernes
Hair: @chialimengartistry

Use real flowers to create a flower crown around a low bun. This looks beautiful with any type of hair, but especially a natural texture, like these soft curls. It just really adds something without too much effort.

Voluminous High Bun

Have your hairstylist use lots of volumizing powder and light layers to create this high bun that is full of volume. It's a trendy take on a classic staple, and all of the height almost gives it a hint of a vintage vibe. Add tiny hair accessories on the side to make it feel more elevated.

Wispy Bun with Flowers

Wispy bun wedding updo with flowers for long hair
Photo: Natalie Folchi
Hair: @lo.wolff_hairdesign

Another way to incorporate flowers into your hair is to tuck them into a wispy, loose bun. It adds a level of romance and detail that is hard to beat. You just need soft white flowers like these, or even floral clips.

Twisted Chignon

A tighter, more traditional chignon can sometimes feel a little too formal. Try this softer version, which features some twists and a much more loose feel. Tuck some embellished hair accessories in there to elevate the look.

3-Dimensional Bun

If you're looking for something very unique, you can't go wrong with a 3D style like this one. Shaped to perfection, it's beyond interesting. Adding multi-sized pearls is a perfect complement.

Sleek Chignon

If you're planning on using an elaborate hair accessory, you may want to keep the rest of the style simple. This sleek chignon is chic and elegant, and the addition of a large hair accessory makes it more fun.

Romantic Low Ponytail

Romantic low ponytail wedding updo for long hair
Photo: Arielle Peters
Hair: @lo.wolff_hairdesign

Play up your hair's natural wavy texture with this low ponytail. Waves and brushed-out curls create volume and texture, and pulling it back into a soft low ponytail is so pretty. Add a bow hair tie or a velvet hair tie to make it look more romantic.

Tight Low Bun

A tight low bun is an absolute classic for a bride. It's traditional but doesn't feel old-fashioned, and it's a low-maintenance style that shows off your dress and jewelry. This tight bun is even more special with the addition of a floral clip.

Sparkling High Bun

Pile all of your long hair up on top of your head into a tousled high bun that looks cool on its own. You can instantly elevate it with a sparkling hair clip on the side.

Modern Low Knot

Structured and sleek, this intricate knot has a modern feel to it that will look beautiful with a more simple gown. Adding an equally modern gold hair accessory is a great finishing touch.

High Messy Updo

High updos are trending right now, so take advantage of that and try this tousled look. There's volume, some pieces falling out, and the perfectly messy bun. Add some flower clips for decoration.

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