35 Wedding Hairstyles to Show Off Your Curly Hair

Embrace your gorgeous natural texture.
curly wedding hairstyles
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Updated Apr 01, 2021

While many to-be-weds need products and hot tools (and loads of hair spray) for a bombshell blowout, naturally curly-haired to-be-weds don't. Use your gorgeous texture to your advantage by rocking a stunning curly wedding hairstyle on the big day. There are so many different ways to wear your curls on your wedding day: Wrap your tresses up into a pretty low bun or let your waves run wild. Whatever you decide, work with a professional hairstylist to ensure your hair stays put all day long. They'll know all the best products to use to prep your hair so it remains smooth and frizz-free. Plus, they'll expertly pin your curls in place so you can enjoy the day without worry.

Curling your straight hair for the wedding? We have styles to inspire your look too! Check out our 35 favorite ways to style curly (or curled!) hair.

Long Curly Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Let your long locks shine. Use your length to your advantage by rocking one of these 16 long curly hairstyles for your wedding.

Since your hair is naturally textured, it's more likely to hold curls better. Use an oversized curling wand to achieve loose waves, and then accessorize with a beaded headband.

If you're hoping to wear a wedding updo, consider this chic style. Create a center part and then sweep your natural curls back into a sleek low bun.

curly wedding hairstyles high ponytail

Show off your length and hair texture with this unique curly wedding hairstyle. Twist your hair up into a side ponytail and top it off with a sparkly hairpiece.

curly wedding hairstyles pinned back with clips

For an on-trend curly wedding hairstyle, pin the sides of your hair back with sparkly clips. Finish off the look by running oil through the ends for extra shine.

This curly wedding updo will show off your gorgeous wedding eye makeup. Accessorize with a sparkly hair pin and a veil for an extra-romantic vibe.

curly wedding hairstyles slick ponytail

We love this curly wedding hairstyle because it's pretty and practical. Slicking your hair into a ponytail means you won't have to worry about frizz or pesky flyaways.

curly wedding hairstyles beach waves

You don't need to have perfectly-polished curls for your wedding day. In fact, slightly messy waves look effortlessly gorgeous.

Your natural curls will add texture to any updo, but especially this one. Roll your curls up and over into a pretty twist.

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If you have naturally wavy hair, lean into that. Blow your hair out into big, loose curls for a stunning curly wedding hairstyle.

We love this style because you can achieve it with or without hot tools. Braid the top half of your hair back and let your curls shine.

Dreaming of a vintage wedding hairstyle? Rock gorgeous S-shaped curls for a retro look.

Draw extra attention to your hair with a bright hair color. Work with your hairstylist to ensure your hair's hue is picture-perfect by the wedding.

Rock your ringlets, but add a touch of romance. Pin half of your long hair back (leaving two pieces out in front) and add a sparkly hair barrette in the back.

curly wedding hairstyles down to the side

Curly hair is so naturally gorgeous, you don't need to do much to it. Pin it to one side and top with a veil for a simple, elegant style.

Or, simply let your curls flow freely. For a laid-back look, create a center part and add a veil.

curly wedding hairstyles pinned back

Calling all Bridgerton fans. Pin half of your hair back with a sparkly barrette for a regency-inspired style. Psst: Get the look with our shoppable guide of wedding hairpieces.

Curly Wedding Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair

If you have medium-length curls, your wedding hairstyle options are endless. Go for an elegant updo or rock a boho-inspired flower crown.

curly wedding hairstyles flower crown

Let your curls steal the spotlight. Top your natural curls with a delicate flower crown made of greens for a fresh take on the popular trend.

Twist your hair back into a classic updo. Add bright flowers for a fun pop of color.

For an effortlessly chic vibe, pull your natural waves back into a low, loose ponytail.

curly wedding hairstyles center part

We love this curly wedding hairstyle because it's the perfect combination of classic and modern. Part your hair down the middle, tuck the fronts behind your ears and then top with a veil.

curly wedding hairstyles side swept

We're swooning over this romantic curly wedding hairstyle. Use rollers or a hot tool to create oversized ringlets, and then sweep the front over to one side.

curly wedding hairstyles waves with flower crown

For the ultimate boho curly wedding hairstyle, rock loose waves and a flower crown.

Prefer to keep it simple? Elevate your natural waves with a bit of smoothing serum for an effortlessly gorgeous look.

curly wedding hairstyles curled topknot

Use your curls to create a textured topknot that will look stunning with any wedding day outfit.

curly wedding hairstyles loose braid with sparkles

Loosely braid your curls, and then add sparkly hair pins for a curly wedding hairstyle that's equal parts boho and glam.

curly wedding hairstyles natural waves

Elevate your natural hair by styling a few pieces with a curling iron. Then, brush it all out with your fingers and pin back one side.

Short Curly Wedding Hair

Just because you have short hair doesn't mean your wedding hairstyle options are limited. You can still wear your hair down, half-up or all the way up.

curly wedding hairstyles updo with flower crown

Twist your tresses up into a low side bun and top with a unique flower crown (like this one made of greens and wildflowers).

curly wedding hairstyles short waves

Show off your laid-back personality with these loose waves. Add a slight side part for a romantic touch.

curly wedding hairstyles 70s inspired

Seventies-inspired hairstyles are a massive wedding hair trend of 2021. Get the look by parting your hair down the middle and creating extra-large, brushed out curls.

curly wedding hairstyle natural with veil

Flaunt your natural beauty on your wedding day. Top your curls with a veil for a low-maintenance wedding style that's absolutely gorgeous.

curly wedding hairstyles half up with braid

You can still rock a braided half-up style with short, curly hair. Case in point: This stunning hairdo we're obsessed with.

curly wedding hairstyles

Pin the sides of your hair back for extra volume (read: extra drama) on top.

curly wedding hairstyles braided updo

We love this creative wedding hairstyle. Braid the bottom of your hair into a curly updo. Add flowers for a sweet touch.

curly wedding hairstyles retro curls with headband

We love this retro curly wedding hairstyle. Have your stylist create s-shaped curls and then top them with a delicate headband.

curly wedding hairstyles half up

This braided half-up hairstyle is perfect for free-spirited to-be-weds. Add in wildflowers and greens for a boho-chic wedding look.

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