38 Curly Hairstyles for Wedding Day Inspiration

Stunning options that will highlight your beautiful texture.
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Updated Jan 02, 2024

Whether you're the bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest, all curly-haired queens should show off the natural beauty and vibrant texture of their tresses on the big day. Thankfully there are so many curly hairstyles for a wedding to choose from.

Regardless of the kind of style you prefer, our list of options covers each curl pattern, hair length, and wedding vibe. From elegant updos to boho braids or sleek jumbo curls—we have an example of every type of style you can think of.

Keep reading for real-life wedding hairstyle ideas for curly hair that you can show your stylist for inspiration or recreate yourself.

Voluminous Messy Bun

Voluminous Messy Bun curly bridal hairstyle
Photo: Sydney Thomas

Take your curls to new heights with a sky-high top knot that's perfect for a hot-weather ceremony. Leave a few ringlets out in the front to softly surround your face and make the style slightly less formal.

Cropped Curly Bob

Cropped curly bob bridal hairstyle
Photo: BreAnna Dona'e

It doesn't get cuter than these chin-length ringlets that perfectly frame this bride's face. If you have bangs, align your curly bangs to be the same length as your brows for the most flattering look.

Cascading Big Curls

Cascading big curls bridal hairstyle
Photo: Roya Falahi

You'll evoke Hollywood glamour with exaggerated waves that tumble past your shoulders. Up the wow factor by asking for extra volume on top. It will draw the eyes up and emphasize your eyes.

Elegant Half-Down Style

Half down curly bridal hairstyle
Photo: Sydney Thomas

Let your glossy tendrils pour down your back with this breathtaking half-down style. The gorgeous, waterfall-twisted top layer takes the simple look up a notch.

Boho Side Braid

Boho Side Braid curly bridal hairstyle
Photo: Rachel Riley

We love the idea of pinning baby's breath flower buds throughout a hippie-inspired, double braid. Plus, the intricate, waterfall style is a beautiful to way to keep long hair off your back.

Free-Flowing Low Chignon

Free-Flowing Low Chignon bridal hairstyle
Photo: Rachel Riley

Styling this loose bun is a breeze. Simply sweep your hair back, secure a loose bun, and let your curls do their thing. Amp it up by adding some scattered, multi-size pearl pins that will keep any wayward strands in place.

Soft Natural Curls

Soft Natural Curls bridal hairstyle
Photo: Sydnie Haag

Instead of applying heat or manipulating your curls, embrace your hair as is and let it fall naturally on your wedding day. Add some polish with a defined part, slicked baby hairs, and a hint of hair oil to add some shine.

Slicked-Down Middle Part

Slicked-Down Middle Part curly wedding hairstyle
Photo: Kimberly May

If you prefer a middle part, this easy-to-replicate style will elegantly keep your hair away from your face. Start by slicking the front sections of your hair back behind your ears to form a tiny low ponytail. Next, cover it with your curls and bedazzle the front section for an eye-catching final touch.

Volumized Pixie

Volumized Pixie curly wedding hairstyle
Photo: NuEye

Complement a high-neck dress by styling your short locks with a deep side part and some tousled curls on top. Add some vintage-esque dangly earrings to channel 1920s, pinup-inspired glamour.

Messy Long-Haired Updo

Messy Long-Haired Updo curly bridal hairstyle
Photo: Curly Camille

Longer-haired brides can emulate this free-flowing updo by gathering their curls at the crown of their head into a ponytail. Next secure a few pieces in place, at the mid-length point, and touch up any loose tendrils using a medium barrel curling iron.

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Side-Parted Spirals

Side-Parted Spirals curly bridal hairstyle
Photo: Bella Hope Bridal

Define your textured coils with an easy two-step method. Start by heat-styling your hair to achieve maximum length and bigger spirals. Next, apply hair oil and curl the hair overnight using lots of mini flex-rods. Wake up the next morning, fluff out your hair, and voila!

Starry-Eyed Pony

Star pinned curly Pony bridal hairstyle
Photo: Tracy Canzano

This intentionally messy ponytail is as dreamy as it gets. Make the work-of-art hairdo feel even more special with a few well-placed sparkly pins.

Perfectly Imperfect Chignon

Perfectly Imperfect Chignon
Photo: Charlotte Ewertz

A deconstructed low chignon is perfect for brides with medium-length locks. To emphasize your makeup, leave out some random hairs near your ears, so they don't block your face.

High-Volume Braid Out

High-Volume Braid Out curly wedding hairstyle
Photo: Courtney Tezeno

If your nuptials are outdoors and you tend to frizz up easily, consider an overnight braid out. Before sleeping, braid your hair in tiny sections and sleep with a silk scarf or bonnet. After unbraiding in the morning, your tresses will be mega-soft, and you won't have to worry about humidity or frizz ruining your curl pattern as your hair expands throughout the day.

Romantic Half-Up Curls

Romantic Half-Up Curls bridal hairstyle
Photo: Maricruz Hairstyles

Perfect for those with layered hair, this half-up look is a great way to secure bangs or shorter front strands. Instead of pulling the entire front of the hair back, just pull back a few pieces from the center of your head. Add some baby's breath for an angelic touch.

Bouncy Pony

Bouncy curly pon bridal hairstyle
Photo: Styled by Jordan

A ponytail placed at the crown of the head will show off the gorgeous texture of your hair from every angle. To ensure that your pony stays sky-high all day, add a small size claw clip just below your scrunchie and underneath the hair.

Shoulder-Length Bob

Shoulder-Length Bob curly wedding hairstyle
Photo: NuEye

Equal parts sexy and sophisticated, this blunt bob grazes this bride's shoulders perfectly to draw eyes to the asymmetrical cut on her chic mesh dress. Thanks to the extra volume in the front, her stunning makeup takes center stage.

Tousled Top Knot

Tousled Top Knot curly bridal hairstyle
Photo: Parallel 33 Photography

Consider this style the cool-girl remix to the classic ballerina bun. It's just as graceful with a lot more personality and looks effortless.

Dramatic Fishtail Braid

Curly Fishtail Braid bridal hairstyle
Photo: Stephanie Brinkerhoff

You'll exude Disney princess energy with this ethereal, textured fishtail. To pump up the plait, tease or backcomb the hair before braiding.

Shaggy Curls

Shaggy curls bridal hairstyle
Photo: Victoria

Give a layered cut the formal treatment by scrunching up your natural curls and creating a soft side part. It will give the style body and perfectly frame your face.

Roaring '20s Jumbo Curls

Roaring '20s Jumbo Curls bridal hairstyle
Photo: Roya Falahi

Tap into the decadence of decades past with Gatsby-era sleek curls. This bride balanced her bangs with a side part and added some oomph with extra height at the forefront.

Pinned To One Side

Pinned curly hair bridal hairstyle
Photo: Lala

Use an adorned comb to push back one section of your hair and give your style some shape. Select a pin with an interesting motif, like this floral clip that gives this bridal look instant pizzazz.

Coquettish Half-Updo

Half up curly bow bridal hairstyle
Photo: Stephanie Gardner

One way to liven up a half-up and-down style is with a textured bun at the crown of your head. Add a girly bow as the cherry on top.

Super Curly Low-do

Curly low bun bridal hairstyle
Photo: Charlotte Ewertz

To add some dimension to your bun, curl your hair into ringlets before pinning it back. As a result, it will make the style look magnificent in every direction.

Floral Decorated Curls

Floral decorated curls bridal hairstyle
Photo: Shakhzoda Tapilova

Planning a bohemian, outdoor ceremony? Lean into the botanical surroundings and enhance your natural mane with an array of colorful blooms and pretty butterflies.

Accessorized Twist Out

Twist out bridal hairstyle
Photo: Brianna Talford

Add some flair to a traditional twist with a hint of baby's breath flowers tucked into your hair. If you have bangs, pin the flower near your temples to draw attention to your eyes.

Textured French Twist

Curly french twist bridal hairsyle
Photo: Charlotte Ewertz

Play up your natural texture with this modern take on a cliché wedding hairstyle. The effortlessly chic look is the perfect way to give some life to a simple gown.

Pearled Perfection

Pearl embellished curly bridal hairstyle
Photo: Tracy Canzano

Hello, drama! This bride is bringing the fun by accessorizing her curly lob with dazzling pearls and rhinestones. To make the style even more interesting, only embellish one side of your head.

Ruffled Ringlets

Ruffled Ringlets bridal hairstyle
Photo: Vanessa

If your aesthetic is more rockstar than romantic, try roughing up your curls a bit for an intentionally tousled look. To achieve the ideal round shape, add in some clip-on extensions to fill out any gaps.

Vintage Pin Curls

Vintage pin curls bridal hairstyle
Photo: Tracy Canzano

These luxurious side-parted curls let your tresses flow freely with a hint of glamour thanks to the jumbo barrette. This red-carpet-worthy style is perfect for a black-tie wedding.

Fierce Fauxhawk

Curly fauxhawk bridal hairstyle
Photo: Christin Brown

Let your natural curls take center stage with a mohawk-inspired style and bold side part. The edgy style allows for more flexibility for placement and size when adding your wedding hair accessory, like this fresh leafy flower.

French-Meets-Fishtail Braid

French fishtail briad curly bridal hairstyle
Photo: Kaedi Leamon

There's something slightly relaxed yet elevated about a classic fishtail style. We love that this bride turned hers into a voluminous French braid.

Half Up Crown Braid

Half crown curly braid bridal hairstyle
Photo: Jay Kay Braids & Bridal

Take your half-up style to the next level with a subtle crown braid encircling your head. For a hint of whimsical elegance, weave in some fresh symmetrical flowers.

Dimensional Low Ponytail

Dimensional Low Ponytail curly bridal hairstyle
Photo: Charlotte Ewertz

Show off your balayage with this braided pony that displays the dimensional color of your tresses. Bring the look together with some delicate pearl embellishments.

Bun With a Barrette

Curly bun with barrette bridal hairstyle
Photo: Jay Kay Braids & Bridal

For a hot weather or outdoor ceremony, this messy bun is an easy way to keep coils off your back. Simply, sweep your hair back without brushing out any of your curls. Then, add a hair clip and earrings to match the theme of your wedding.

Whimsical Chignon

Whimsical Chignon curly bridal hairstyle
Photo: Styled by Jordan

If your wedding theme is rustic, make a romantic chignon feel extra special by entwining some fresh flowers into your hair. To create the ethereal look, gather your hair loosely at the nape of your neck while allowing a few sections to playfully escape and frame your face.

Lustrous Crowned Curls

Lustrous Crowned Curls bridal hairstyle
Photo: Jacqui Davis

Create the appearance of a regal tiara using a studded, barely-there headband that will prevent the bride's face from being covered with too much hair. Use a high-shine hair oil to keep your strands looking glossy.

Asymmetric Defined Curls

Asymmetric Defined Curls wedding hairstyle
Photo: Charlotte Vaughn

Long flowing ringlets look especially ravishing when pulled loosely to one side. Accent the look with hints of greenery for a free-spirited vibe.

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