The Newlywed Game Bridal Shower Game

by Kathleen Murray

The Idea: How well does the groom know the bride?

What You Need:
A list of questions
Time with the groom
Tape recorder (optional)
Video camera/TV/DVD player (optional)

How to Play: Before the bridal shower, ask the groom 20 questions (or so) about the bride and their relationship: Where was your first kiss? What's his most annoying habit? Which of these are you most likely to fight about: messiness, social plans, or wedding stress? At the bridal shower, ask the bride the same questions and see how many answers they have in common.

If you're tech-savvy, film the groom answering the questions (or use a tape recorder); and play back his answers for everyone to see and hear (allow for a pause between questions). But remember your audience -- don't ask questions about the first time they spent the night together if grandma is going to be there.

Bonus Round: How well do the guests know the bride? Have the groom -- whether on video, tape recorder, or listed on a sheet of paper -- ask the guests questions about the bride. “What does she say before she goes to bed?" “What is her favorite ice cream flavor?" “What is the name of her alter ego?" See who gets the most right.

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