53 Fail-Safe Bridal and Wedding Shower Gift Ideas

We've found really good options for every budget.
Bridal shower gift ideas
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Updated Feb 16, 2023
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If there's a wedding shower in your future, you may be wondering if you need to buy a gift. Traditionally, bridal showers are gift-giving events meant to help the lovebirds stock their newlywed nest, so it's courteous to bring something for the bride or couple. A host will sometimes request no gifts, but unless that's written on the invitation, it's safe to assume you should pick out a present.

Now begs the question: What's a good wedding shower gift? To make things easier, we've rounded up the most classic and creative ideas, starting with some top picks from our editors. Keep reading for a comprehensive list of the best bridal and couple shower gifts.

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What to Get for a Bridal Shower

Don't show up empty handed! Here's what you need to know about shopping for a wedding or bridal shower gift.

What kind of gift do you buy for a bridal shower?

Home essentials and wedding-related items are go-to gift ideas for bridal and wedding showers. But how do you pick the perfect present? We always recommend starting with the couple's wedding registry, which is often created before the shower. Couples spend a lot of time curating their wedding gift wish list, making it the ultimate resource for choosing a great present. (Use our guide to find a couple's wedding website and registry on The Knot.)

Where can you find good bridal shower gifts?

When in doubt, your first stop should be the couple's wedding registry. If the couple hasn't created their wedding registry yet (or their list doesn't have any choices left for what you want to spend) no sweat—that's why we created this list. We've compiled a list of the best wedding shower gift ideas highlighting some of our all-time favorite places to shop, including traditional department stores (hello, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's), unique marketplaces (looking at you, Uncommon Goods) and our very own wedding gift store curated by The Knot.

Our Shopping Team's Top 3 Picks

Whether we've given, received or simply had to have something and thus bought it ourselves, our team has their finger on the pulse for the best gifts for any occasion. So, here's our top bridal shower gifts that we've tried, tested and approved.

Silky Sheet Set

"After sleeping with Eucalypso's sheets, I might never go back to cotton or linen. Made with 100% Tencel Lyocell fibers derived from—as the brand name suggests—(sustainable) eucalyptus fibers, the sheets are next-level soft. Plus, the luxurious fabric helps regulate body temperature and, as someone whose partner is a hot sleeper, I can confirm they really are cooling. The couple will really appreciate the gift of good sleep, especially leading up to the wedding." — Emily Rumsey, Assistant Commerce Updates Editor, Gifting & Stationery

Diptyque Baies Candle

"Even though there are lots of practical presents given at a wedding shower, I think they're actually the perfect excuse to gift those little luxuries the couple might feel are too impractical to splurge on normally. That's why this ultra-luxurious candle from iconic French brand Diptyque is one of my go-to picks. Its fragrance is super sophisticated, featuring notes of rose and hints of sea spray and blackcurrant that keep things from getting too frilly and floral. This candle is a permanent fixture on my coffee table and I will have at least three of them on my own registry, whenever it's time for that. You'll definitely stand out from the gifting pack with this one—tell those Vitamixes to get lost." — Cathryn Haight, Commerce Editor, Gifting & Stationery

Wine Preservation Stopper

"Chances are, the couple has a stash of celebratory wine given as gifts. With the help of Coravin's Pivot Wine Preservation System, they can each have a glass whenever they please—without committing to finishing the bottle. The whole thing works by way of Argon gas and a special bottle sealer. They remove the cork or screw cap, replace it with the Pivot Stopper, then pour their wine using the insertable Pivot Device. As the liquid leaves the bottle, it's replaced with the gas, preventing oxidation and preserving the flavor, color and aroma of the wine for up to four weeks. Despite being skeptical at first, I use my Coravin all the time—my fiancé and I are on our third gas capsule. In my expert opinion, it's an excellent addition to wedding planning weeknights. That's part of why it's such a cool, creative and surprisingly practical bridal shower gift." — Emily Platt, Senior Manager, Commerce Content Strategy

50 More Great Bridal Shower Gifts

From tried-and-true bridal shower gifts to trendy and creative options, these present ideas will satisfy any style of couple you're shopping for.

Wedding Keepsake Library

Couple's showers are a great time to give gifts the lovebirds can use before and during the wedding, like this keepsake organizer. It will preserve special mementos from their engagement and the big day, like invitations, hand-written speeches, boutonnieres, hair accessories and more. Small souvenirs can be safely stored in the acid-free drawers, vertical files, fabric bags and stitched envelopes. As an added bonus, you can customize the organizer with the couple's names.

Tinted Champagne Coupes

Home essentials are traditional wedding shower gifts and, with so much to celebrate, Champagne glasses will be a kitchen staple for the couple. We're obsessed with these gorgeous coupes from Estelle Colored Glass. Pick up a set of two in one of 15 charming colorways, including Cobalt Blue, Rose and Mint Green. Or, splurge on a set of six so they can break out the playful glassware for small dinner parties.

Monogrammed Ice Bucket

If the wine glasses are already snagged from their registry, consider this unique bridal or wedding shower gift instead: a stainless steel wine chiller. This aesthetically pleasing ice bucket, which can be customized with the couple's monogram, will look exquisite on their bar cart. The insulated, double-walled curvy cylinder is perfect for long nights spent chatting over a bottle (or two) of their favorite vino.

Couple's Coaster Set

If you're looking for a small and inexpensive wedding shower gift that's still practical, look no further than custom coasters. These round coasters are crafted from marble and wood, then engraved with the couple's names and wedding year. They're a go-to bridal or couple shower gift that'll help the pair protect all of their new furniture.

Washable Silk Sleepwear

Looking for a gift just for the bride? This white two-piece lounge set includes an oversized T-shirt with a matching pair of relaxed shorts, perfect for days spent wedding planning on the couch. It's made of washable silk, too, so it's luxuriously soft, but low-maintenance. Shopping for a groom instead? Check out Lunya's menswear collection. Either way, use the code FOR-TK20 for $20 off your first order of $100 or more.

Wedding Countdown Kit

Here's another cute bridal shower gift for the bride. This week-long countdown kit gives her a small pampering goodie every day leading up to the wedding. There's hair spray, earring backs, tissues, mending kits for any situation, and many more fun bridal knickknacks.

Smart Indoor Garden

This is a particularly cool bridal shower gift that is quickly becoming a household staple. The indoor garden uses smart technology to automatically provide the right amount of light and water, so even those without a green thumb can grow herbs, veggies, fruits and flowers. In almost no time, the couple will have some fresh basil, mint or parsley (to name a few seed packets available) sprouting on their kitchen counter, making each home-cooked meal together even more flavorful.

Silver Picture Frame

You can't go wrong with a picture frame as a wedding shower gift for couples. It guarantees they'll have a place to display their favorite wedding photo immediately after their special day. The elegant lines of this timeless silver frame ensure the memory inside is the center of attention.

Luxury Throw Blanket

Just like a picture frame, a cozy blanket never goes unappreciated. This throw from Barefoot Dreams has received a lot of buzz—and for good reason. The plush microfiber blanket will be a soft and stylish addition to the couple's couch or bedroom. Best of all, it's designed to not shrink, pill or wrinkle.

Meaningful Wall Art

The odds the engaged couple already has this particular piece of home decor is slim—score! The stylish photo art uses custom street signs to honor the year the couple's lives first intersected and the date of their upcoming nuptials. It can even come framed, making it one of our all-time favorite, unique wedding shower gifts.

Compact Air Fryer

Appliances are classic bridal shower gift ideas and the couple's kitchen won't feel complete without a good air fryer. This handy tool uses hot air to cook food instead of oil, making it a healthier (but equally tasty) alternative to deep-frying. Whether they love cooking dinners from scratch or they find their favorite meals in the Trader Joe's frozen food section, an air fryer will definitely get plenty of use.

Save the couple tons of time in the kitchen by gifting them a bestselling Instant Pot. This large-capacity pressure cooker has a user-friendly panel, preset programs and advanced safety features, plus an easy-to-follow cookbook so they can begin cooking right away. It's one of the best wedding shower gifts for couples moving in together for the first time.

Countertop Ice Machine

If the couple already lives together or have well-stocked kitchens, you'll need to think out of the box for kitchen appliances they don't have, but need—like a countertop ice machine. All they have to do is fill it with water and select the size of cubes they want. Then, in just six minutes, they'll have ice. Plus, it'll automatically turn off when the bucket is full—and it's self-cleaning!

Food Storage Set

Who says food storage has to be boring? This affordable bridal shower gift is not only practical but also pretty cute. The Kate Spade set comes with two rectangular glass containers with latch-on lids for an airtight seal. They're lovingly decorated with the puns "make room" and "keep a lid on it," so the couple's leftovers get put away in style.

All-In-One Vegetable Chopper

Did you know it's considered bad luck to give a knife as a wedding gift because it could cut the marriage ties? Instead, get them an equally sharp and useful kitchen essential (with no folklore association): a vegetable slicer. This multi-blade, adjustable mandoline and dicer is the only kitchen gadget they'll ever need. It can cut, shred and grate all their veggies, fruits and cheeses for easy meal prep (and no more crying chopping onions). Plus, it includes a handheld spiralizer. With over 18,000 positive reviews, you don't just have to take our word that this is a clever bridal or couple's shower gift.

Personalized Dream Together Wedding Bowl

Serving bowls are home staples; add a little twist with this artsy keepsake. This handmade ceramic bowl is painted with splashes of color and can be personalized with the couple's name and wedding date. The rim of the dish reads meaningful advice: "Love Always, Laugh Often, Forgive Quickly, Dream Together." Despite its intricacy, it's dishwasher and microwave safe.

Versatile Dessert Stand

Every host needs a few dessert stands in their repertoire. Our pick? A pedestal display that works for sweets and appetizers. This particular cake stand is handcrafted in Italy and boasts a rustic, weathered white finish. It comes in two sizes and it's dishwasher and microwave safe.

Cake Serving Set

Help them check off one of their prewedding to-dos and gift them a wedding cake cutting set. This beautiful silver-plated serving set has ornately carved handles for an elegant finish. It comes with one server and one serrated knife.

Heavy-Duty Cooler

A heavy-duty cooler is a great present idea for those who love backyard barbecues, tailgates, boating or (and) going camping. This hard cooler's large size, thick insulation and form-fitting lid will keep drinks and food cold all day. You're about to see this useful gift at all the couple's outdoor gatherings.

Picnic Basket for Two

Give the couple the gift of a classic picnic date with this cute gift set for two. This insulated wicker picnic basket includes plates, napkins, silverware, wine glasses and even salt and pepper shakers. AKA: all the supplies needed for a romantic meal at a nearby park (or even in their backyard).

Reusable Film Camera

Film photos are back in style! A point-and-shoot camera is a fun bridal shower gift that lets the couple capture their favorite moments from their wedding journey, honeymoon and beyond. Just note: film and batteries aren't included.

The Adventure Challenge

Life gets busy when you're planning your nuptials and the couple might not have as many date night ideas lined up as they'd like. That's where The Adventure Challenge comes in. This bundle set comes with their signature Couple's Edition and In Bed scratch-off books, so the pair can choose between almost a hundred unique date ideas in or out of the house. (Psst, use the code THEKNOT10 for 10% off sitewide.) Now that's a great shower gift for the couple who has everything.

Hard-Shell Carry-On Luggage

A luggage upgrade before the honeymoon? Yes, please. This hard-shell carry-on suitcase isn't just easy on the eyes. It can expand to make an extra 2.25 inches of space—perfect for the overpacker or souvenir shopper. On top of that, it offers interior organization and compression, a TSA-friendly combination lock for travel security and can be monogrammed.

Matching Luggage Tags

If you need a wedding shower gift for avid travelers, matching luggage tags is a fail-safe idea. This vegan leather luggage tag has a secure buckle and privacy flap. Plus, you can have it monogrammed with a colorful shadow print or elegant foil. It's a chic gift that'll help the couple keep track of their belongings.

Packing Cubes Set

Speaking of travel gifts, what about ever-handy (and adorable) packing cubes? This set comes with five water-resistant pouches to easily organize clothes and shoes and maximize luggage space. They come in nine colors and patterns, but our favorite is the black and cream polka dot.

Push-Pin Travel Map

How about a sentimental bridal or wedding shower gift for the adventurers? This striking blue world map comes with push pins so they can track their travels from the destination wedding, to their honeymoon, to eventual anniversary trips. Best of all, it can be personalized with their names, established date and a short message.

Plush Bathrobes

If you're looking for a good bridal shower present that'll get plenty of use, consider a set of super-plush bath robes for the future spouses. Made from Turkish cotton and available in five classic colors, these robes are oh-so-cozy. On the days the to-be-weds need a little break from wedding planning, they'll love slipping into these comfy gifts.

Monogrammed Bath Towels

Monogrammed bath towels are a foolproof bridal shower gift idea. They're just the thing to make the future newlyweds feel super posh right in their own home. This set of cotton towels with piped edges is perfect for a pair. It includes four bath towels and two hand towels. You can also add matching wash clothes.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are all the rage right now—and what's not to love? They fill a room with subtle, pleasant scents that are meant to soothe. If you're not sure what to get for the bridal shower, this deluxe diffuser will instantly boost the couple's mood. It comes in a range of trendy colors and boasts a really sleek design. Pair it with a set of popular essential oil fragrances—like calming lavender and energizing grapefruit—to alleviate any wedding-induced stress.

Video Doorbell

Are the soonlyweds moving into a new place together? Even if they're not, they'll love adding a Ring video doorbell to their home. It lets them see, hear and speak to anyone at their front door from their phone, tablet or computer for increased security and privacy.

Personalized Welcome Doormat

A sweet gift sure to be appreciated is a custom doormat with their soon-to-be shared name and wedding year on it. It'll add a cute, personal touch to their home. Plus their guests (and the mail carrier) will instantly know they're in the right spot.

Carat Globe Small Vase

Crystal is yet another classic wedding shower gift. This crystal vase will add instant class to an entryway or dining table. The unique cuts create a gorgeous sparkle that'll make the couple feel like they're living the high life whenever they walk past it.

Etched Crystal Decanter

Alternatively, upgrade their bar cart with a sleek crystal decanter. This wedding shower gift idea is great for oenophiles who take their wine tastings seriously. The wide rounded base and long narrow neck aerate wine to help reveal its fullest flavor. Don't worry, it was also elegantly designed so it won't tip over. Have it etched with the couple's first initials or soon-to-be-shared last name.

Dessert Plate Set

Tableware is a classic bridal shower gift and, if the couple plans a lot of parties, they can never have too many plates. This set of four pearl-colored stoneware plates with an embossed border design and scalloped edges will add elegance to any occasion. Plus, each piece is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Custom Cutting Board

Who wouldn't love a sleek cutting board for chopping veggies or presenting cheese and charcuterie? Crafted from maplewood, this cutting board is intricately carved with the couple's names and is a thoughtful gift for the soonlywed couple. It looks so good they might simply use it as decoration.

Domed Serving Board

Glass domes don't just offer protection from dust and pests, they're also attractive serveware. The couple can keep cakes, pies, hors d'oeuvres and more on display (and within snacking reach) with this richly grained acacia wood board with a stunning glass dome. It's a cute take on classic serveware gifts for the wedding shower.

Countertop Bread Box

Farmhouse-style black steel bread box bridal shower gift
Ty Mecham & Bobbi Lin

Speaking of stylish ways to decorate the kitchen counter, how about this quaint and super-useful bread box? Everything old is new again, as shown by the popularity of farmhouse-style housewares. If the couple has a thing for shabby chic decor, they'll get good use out of this black steel bin. We have a feeling this bridal shower gift would be Joanna Gaines-approved.

Spice Set With Storage

This bridal shower gift crosses off two home essentials in one: a spice rack and spices. The modern organizer can sit on a countertop or be mounted to a wall and comes in gunmetal, silver, white or black. The cherry on top is that it comes with 12 or 18 organic spices presented in ultra-chic, minimalist containers.

Gourmet Olive Oils and Vinegars

While we're on the topic of food, how about a set of high-quality olive oils and vinegars? This pack of four comes with two extra-virgin olive oils—one bold and one smooth—and two vinegars—one Balsamic and one Champagne—to instantly upgrade the couple's cooking. They'll be a tasty and beautiful addition to their pantry.

Craft Cocktail Kit

Pantry essentials aren't the only edible gift ideas for a wedding shower. Consider giving the couple a fun experience to help them make the most of their engagement period. If they enjoy cocktails over wine or beer, they'll love this creative bridal shower gift box idea. Shaker & Spoon sells specialty craft cocktail kits that include everything but the liquor to make artisanal drinks right from the comfort of home. They might even discover their signature drink for the wedding.

Margarita Glasses

If the basic drinkware is already snagged from their registry, explore some creative cocktail glasses the couple will love to have, but might not think to buy for themselves. Our favorite pick: margarita glasses, especially ones cheekily designed to look like cactuses. We suggest gifting this set of four with rimming salt!

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Timer

It's important that the bride's jewelry is in its sparkliest form on the wedding day (and every day after that). So, how about a jewelry cleaner? This gift is completely mobile and can purify items, like earrings and necklaces, at home for years to come.

Wedding Getting-Ready Robe

ICYMI, what the bride wears before the wedding is almost as important as what she wears at the wedding. Stylish getting-ready robes are worth every penny and we especially love this elegant option from Robed With Love, which features lace illusion sleeves with romantic bell cuffs. The best part is that this bridal shower gift comes with multiple goodies in one purchase. In addition to the robe itself, you'll also get an embroidered mesh bag for storage, a greeting card and a donation to a US-based non-profit that benefits women.

Custom Etched Wine Bottle

While wine is a common bridal shower gift (though no one can have too much celebratory vino, in our opinion), you can make yours extra special by having the bottle custom etched. This bottle of California cabernet sauvignon is personalized with the couple's names and upcoming wedding date inside a confetti circle.

Glass Flower Ring Holder

Wedding jewelry deserves special storage, which is why a ring dish is a cute and useful bridal shower gift. We couldn't be more in awe of this flower-shaped ring dish made from stunning opalescent glass petals. You can even add a ring holder attachment, so their band stands up in the center as the flower's pistil. They'll not only use it to keep the ring safe, but as a wedding-worthy display for detail shots on the big day.

Luxury Hand Soap Set

Here's an unexpected gift for a bridal or wedding shower that the couple will love. This bathroom duo from Aēsop comes with their aromatique hand wash and balm for a clean and hydrated finish. Best of all, all their products are cruelty-free and vegan and come in eco-friendly packaging. (Psst, this gift idea is editor tested and approved!)

Colorful Kettle

Nothing turns a house into a home quite like a stovetop kettle. This stylish option has a locking, heat-resistant handle and a whistle to let them safely pour the water once it's hot. Pick it up in fiery orange or one of Le Creuset's other coveted colors.

Cold Brew Maker

Cold brew maker unique bridal shower gift idea

Do they prefer coffee to tea? Then you can't go wrong with a cold brew coffee maker. This fancy device will let them enjoy smooth, low-acid coffee concentrate without any of the mess. Pair it with their favorite coffee grounds so they can start steeping delicious brews right away.

Personalized Mug Set

No matter what their drink of choice is, make sure they sip it in style. This set of handmade porcelain mugs looks like heart-carved trees. They're painted with the couple's initials and upcoming wedding date on a cute faux-bois design. They'll want to use these every morning.

Wooden Serving Tray

Whether they use it to serve drinks or hors d'oeuvres at a house party or surprise each other with breakfast in bed, this extra-large round serving tray will be the first thing they reach for. Crafted from acacia wood with a blonde or warm brown stain, it has carved handles for a rustic, yet modern design.

Multipurpose Pan

Last, but certainly not least, the ever-trendy Always Pan makes a great bridal or wedding shower gift. It isn't your average pan; it serves as a non-stick sauté pan, fry pan, skillet, saucier, saucepan and more. On top of all that, it comes with a beechwood spatula (with an integrated spoon rest) and a stainless steel steamer basket for maximum multitasking. The icing on the cake? The five modern colorway options.

Sarah Hanlon contributed to this article.

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