How to Write a Bridal Shower Speech For Your Friend

Giving a speech at your bestie's shower? Here's everything you should include in your speech.
Anna Hecht - The Knot Contributor.
Anna Hecht
Anna Hecht - The Knot Contributor.
Anna Hecht
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Updated Sep 16, 2021

When your best friend gets married, it's an exciting time in which you and others get to shower your friend with love. Whether you're the maid of honor, one of the bridesmaids or simply a close friend of the bride, you might have been asked to give a bridal shower speech.

If you're not experienced with public speaking and want to make sure your wedding toast goes over well, this can feel like a lot of pressure. After all, several family members, wedding guests and the bridal party will likely all be in attendance. But with a little guidance, you'll have everything you need to make sure the bride-to-be and her new partner (if they attend the wedding shower) love your speech.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about giving the ultimate speech at your friend's bridal shower, from how long your speech should be to tips on what you should never say when toasting your BFF.

How Long Should a Bridal Shower Speech From a Friend Be?

Your bridal shower speech should be shorter than the maid of honor speech at the wedding, but still long enough to say something heartfelt. According to Emily Bonenfant, owner of Luna & Charlie Events, you should "always keep it simple." Your speech should be no longer than three minutes, she says.

This might seem short, but if you choose the right words and you're extra selective about what to say, you'll be right on track. Remember: There are likely going to be other speeches at the bridal shower. For example, it's customary for the sister of the bride, maid of honor and/or the mother of the bride to toast the newlyweds. Keeping your speech brief is the thoughtful thing to do.

As for when you should give your speech, Anne Chertoff, chief operating officer at Beaumont Etiquette, says it can be given at the beginning of the shower, at the end of the shower or while guests are eating.

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How to Write a Bridal Shower Speech as the Bride's Best Friend

Before sitting down to write your speech, think about your relationship with the bride. What are some of your favorite memories together? What has she taught you? Why do you appreciate having her as a friend? These are all good questions to ask yourself when deciding what to say.

As you write, focus on things that will make the bride feel appreciated, special and excited for her upcoming wedding day. "The purpose of a friend speaking is simply to show love and affection for the guest of honor," Chertoff says.

Friend of the Bride Speech Template

When writing your toast, it can be helpful to pull inspiration from speech templates. Diane Gottsman, an international etiquette expert and founder of The Protocol School of Texas, offers this one:

My name is [your name], and I have been friends with [bride's name] for [number] years. We have had several fun adventures together, from [activity] to [activity], and we've always managed to have a great time. If you were to ask me to describe [bride's name] in three words, I would say she's [character trait], [character trait] and [character trait]. I am so happy to be able to wish [bride] and [bride's future spouse] congratulations on their upcoming wedding. I know you all share my sentiment in wishing all the best to [bride] and [bride's future spouse] on this wonderful journey.

This template is meant to provide a starting point for you. Feel free to adjust it and make it longer, shorter, less formal or more formal—it all depends on your relationship with the bride.

Who Does the Friend Thank in Her Bridal Shower Speech?

The most important people to thank are the hosts of the event—showing appreciation for those who contributed is a must. "Thank the host of the event, and if you were the host or co-host, you should thank anyone else who helped organize or execute the celebration," Chertoff says.

How to Give a Bridal Shower Speech as the Bride's Friend

Wondering whether it's OK to tell jokes or looking for an example of a real speech? We've got you covered.

Bridal Shower Speech From a Friend Jokes

Should you make a funny wedding speech at your friend's bridal shower? It really depends on your type of humor, whether it's appropriate, and how you deliver your jokes.
Bonenfant recommends staying away from malicious jokes. "They never work for showers or weddings," she says.

Chertoff says it's OK to use humor in your speech so long as you avoid inside jokes that only you and the guest of honor will understand. If you do bring up an inside joke, be sure to explain the joke so the rest of the attendees can be in on the fun.

Friend of the Bride Speech Examples

Need inspiration for writing your speech? These two bridal shower toast examples will help you get started.

  • Hi everyone. First of all, thank you to Ellie's bridal party for throwing such a nice shower. My name is Lucy, and I have been friends with Ellie for 20 years. We've been together through thick and thin, from class plays in elementary school to karaoke contests in college. If you asked me to describe Ellie in three words, I would say: loyal, kind and, above all else, funny. As a matter of fact, that's how we met her fiancé, Jeremy. Ellie's love of comedy and laughter led us to a comedy club one evening, and that's where we met Jeremy and his friends. Jeremy and Ellie immediately hit it off. I could see the stars in her eyes from the moment they met. He was funny and very kind. Through the years, he has proved to be a loyal partner with great character. I am so happy for you, Ellie, and I am looking forward to making more memories together with you and Jeremy. Cheers to the happy couple. (Example courtesy of Gottsman.)
  • Hello everyone. Thank you for coming, and thank you Susan and Wendy for hosting such a beautiful event. For those of you I haven't met, my name is Sarah and I've been friends with the bride-to-be, Melissa, since we were kids. As many of you may know, Melissa and Sadie are high school sweethearts. So I've known them both for a long time—and it's rare to see a love like theirs. For the past 10 years, these two have been the example of what love and happiness should look like. Those in our friend group very much look up to both of you and the relationship you have built. I'm honored to be a part of your big day, and I can't wait to stand beside you on the day you say "I do." In closing, if everyone could raise their glass with me for a toast. To the happy couple. Cheers!

How to End the Bridal Shower Speech From a Friend

How should you wrap up your speech? It's simple. "Thanking everyone for coming or raising a glass are always appropriate endings to a speech," Chertoff says.

Bonenfant agrees. "A simple cheers is always the best way to end the speech," she says. "just remember to bring a drink with you."

What NOT to Say in Your Bridal Shower Speech

When you give your bridal shower speech, there are some topics you should avoid. "Don't talk about the cost of the event, past significant others or any drama," Bonenfant says.
Avoid sharing any anecdotes that might embarrass the bride in front of her mother, grandmother, in-laws or other guests, Chertoff says. If something you're considering saying feels risky, it probably is. Don't say anything that could potentially upset the bride or any of the guests—your speech should be sweet, heartfelt and sincere.

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